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Capital Punishment: A Catholic Take

Read this instead of Francis’ heresies.

Cardinal Wuerl Made The Funniest Proposal

“No Homo!”

Cardinal Wuerl has made the funniest proposals, that US Bishops should be investigated by… US Bishops in order to see whether, by chance, after years of extremely careful deliberation, any of them might have done something suboptimal, making the creation if another committee of US Bishops – in charge with proposing changes to the current practice – practically unavoidable.

If I didn’t know better, I would truly think that Cardinal Wuerl is a compromised sodomite, accomplice and enabler of sodomites and paedophiles, terrified of any serious, independent investigation on his own private ĺife and conduct in office. But this clearly cannot be, because the man wears a red hat; and is therefore, or so I was told, entitled to our unquestioning trust in his own saintliness.

The author of this little effort has a different proposal on how to deal with the scandal. It involves the police, a very public prosecution of the culprits and their enablers and, whenever appropriate, harsh jail sentences for this bunch of criminals. No retirement in “prayer” in some obscure monastery. No assignment to a parish in the boonies. A cold, hard jail cell, for everyone to see, and please throw away the key.

As I am there, I will wonder why the likes of Rudolph Hess could remain in jail until a very old age, but a monster like McCarrick, whose degree of evil vastly, vastly surpasses Hess’, should be spared indictment, trial and jail sentence, if the abuse of minor is – as we all bloody well know would be – proved in court. Why should a man like McCarrick, who has abused the Church of Christ in the most atrocious way, be allowed to escape an exemplary punishment because of the prestige his position affords? Let the bastard rot in a jail. It would still be a very late, and very mild, punishment.

We are done with stupid committees from perverted bishops. Let it be known, all over the Catholic world, that the words “Bishop” and “Cardinal” have become – with the rare exception – byword for faithless cowards, sodomites, paedophiles or enablers of them.

The Church will start to recover when we realise that we have been led by a bunch of unspeakable scoundrels, either because or action or of omission, for several decades now. So no, Cardinal Wuerl. No damn bishop committee to save your, if the allegations are true,very sorry ass.


Time For Francis To Resign

Pope Francis has been requested to “act” in the matter of homopaedoclergy.

It really made me laugh.

Francis is not part of the solution. He is part of the problem.

Remember the famous 300 page report about the sodomite infiltration within the Church prepared for Benedict? What has become of that? How can anyone have any confidence that Francis may have any desire to deal with HomopaedoChurch?

Francis’ Papacy is deeply embedded in sodomitical behaviour an cover up of the worst indecencies, and it needs to go down together with it.

Catholic outlets should start to realise, and to tell their readers, that never has a fish stunk so much from the head as this one; and that Francis needs to resign instead of being called to be the one who solves a problem he has helped to fester every day of his indecent pontificate.

If you notice a problem of Communist infiltration within your army, do you call Josef Stalin to deal with it?

Francis always stresses that he feels like a simple bishop. Let him handle like one, then, and step aside.

He can still go back to Argentina, to his dear cobbler, and finish his day as a priest in some Argentinean slum; stinking of sheep, as he does already.


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