Time For Francis To Resign

Pope Francis has been requested to “act” in the matter of homopaedoclergy.

It really made me laugh.

Francis is not part of the solution. He is part of the problem.

Remember the famous 300 page report about the sodomite infiltration within the Church prepared for Benedict? What has become of that? How can anyone have any confidence that Francis may have any desire to deal with HomopaedoChurch?

Francis’ Papacy is deeply embedded in sodomitical behaviour an cover up of the worst indecencies, and it needs to go down together with it.

Catholic outlets should start to realise, and to tell their readers, that never has a fish stunk so much from the head as this one; and that Francis needs to resign instead of being called to be the one who solves a problem he has helped to fester every day of his indecent pontificate.

If you notice a problem of Communist infiltration within your army, do you call Josef Stalin to deal with it?

Francis always stresses that he feels like a simple bishop. Let him handle like one, then, and step aside.

He can still go back to Argentina, to his dear cobbler, and finish his day as a priest in some Argentinean slum; stinking of sheep, as he does already.


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  1. PF is a false shepherd who cares nothing for the sheepfold & has brought ignominy on the Papal Office into which he was propelled by a dissident, anti-Catholic, Masonic, Marxist Sankt Gallen Mafia who gloated on his election. He (& they) must be denounced by a general council – resignation is not a suitable admonishment of his ‘papacy’.

  2. Thank M for bring it up and make it well known that means many will follow your steps to put more pressure on this heretic, Satanic, Illuminated tyrant for resigning. The problem is Freemason still has power to control Vatican and Catholic Church. By the way to be grateful since this is a tremendous blessing to the Church from merciful God who has exposed all evil traitors from top down to bottom to the light of truth in order to rescue his people and His RCC from those Lucifer’s agents. God is invincible. Deo gratias.

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