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Argentina Obsesses About Abortion

The Argentinian Senate has rejected a proposal to legalise abortion in the first 14 weeks. Boy, they do “obsess about abortion”over there, don’t they?

I will go out on a limb now and state what many others think: on the balance, Pope Francis would have preferred that the law had been approved.

Whilst the man emits, every now and then, some noises in defence of the unborn, they always sound like lip service: too little, too late, too faint. Way less than the minimum that can be expected by a Pope. This, obviously, from a man capable of criticising Catholics for “obsessing about abortion”. I don’t know you, but I think there are robust dots to be connected here.

We enjoy this victory today, and prepare for more battles to come. Battles which, in these astonishing times of ours, will be fought without the Pope.


Lock Them Up!!



Bishops vs Chilean Police is not going to end well.

After the Chilean police reacted to the usual… stonewalling (pun is intended) of the local bishops, they started to raid chanceries.

Boy, how the times have changed! There’s no respect for paedoabetters anymore! Where will it end?

The president of the local Bishops’ conference manages to give another example of the incompetence and stupidity (or worse) of these people, and art this point I suspect that unless you are deviant or stupid your probability of becoming a bishop are slim.  First he says that the collaboration with the police must be total; then he says that on that basis he wants to “reach an agreement”. It’s like saying: “I accept unconditional surrender; now let’s negotiate”.

Look, man. If you have criminals in your midst you should actually encourage the police to raid whenever they want, wherever they want, and offer your full support, period. The wish to reach an “agreement” clearly implies that the bishop thinks that a special treatment is in order, and they should discuss with the police on how to do this. This is almost as stupid as Cardinal Wuerl suggesting that bishops investigate why bishops are bad. I hope he fails.

Please think this: a wide-ranging investigation over paedophiles is bound to unearth a vast net of sodomites. This was, I am sure, in the mind of Bishop Silva as he tried to steer the investigation and shape the collection of the evidence in a way that does not damage the bishops… too much. Imagine the dirt an investigation of vast proportions would cause to emerge! I expect dildos, rent boys, cocaine and trannies galore.

As one commenter of the linked article said, “lock them up!” is the appropriate attitude here. I hope the Chilean Police go Pinochet on these bastards. 

Bishops have lost their right to get any privileged treatment whatsoever, and apologies are too little and too late now.

It is ironic to think that the major force able (God willing) to make the Church in Chile great again is… the police.




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