Italian Catholics See Through Francis


Boy, I can’t see that mug anymore…

This here is Politico, therefore the entire article is disgustingly biased. However, even Libtards do not manage to escape the contact with facts, at least every now and then. 

In this case, the facts are impossible to ignore: Italians simply do not care a straw of what Francis says and thinks, and prefer to follow a man that is, by all his flaws, infinitely more Catholic than him: Matteo Salvini, the Italian Trump, currently Making Italy Great Again.

Francis, being a damn Argentinian Commie, does not get the nature of the Italians, one of whose more evident traits is a robust pragmatism and avoidance of bigotry. The shockingly anti-Catholic message of the Evil Clown has been ignored even before his descent to Pope Francis the Heretic. Now, that there is an extremely stark contrast between political and papal approach, they are clearly choosing sanity and common sense.

The article recognises another important fact: the opposition to Francis and the support for the Lega comes, exactly, from the strata of the population which more closely identify (at least culturally) with Catholicism. This again gives the full measure of Francis’ failure. It is not that he carries the shrinking Catholic part of the Country, but fails to make inroads among the indifferent, the tepid and the Atheists. Quite the contrary is the case!  

What a sad destiny for man too stupid to understand that he has broken the toy that the Papacy has put in his hands. Had he been more nuanced, moderate, or “between the lines”, he could have JP IIed through his Pontificate, playing the conservative guy as he sabotaged the Church one little step at a time. But this is not Francis. Francis is too arrogant, too boorish, and too damn stupid to understand simple things.  In the meantime, Salvini has announced the end of the madness of “Parent 1” and “Parent 2”, and is (together with his excellent Family Minister, Fontana) moving against homo adoption. Can’t remember the Pope expressing himself with the same energy and asking the same decisive action. And he is, well, the Pope.

We are now to the point that it is reasonable to state that Francis’ rants actually help Salvini get the Catholic vote.

Yes, this is the Papacy of Francis.

Just as incompetent as a South American military dictatorship. With the addition of sodomy.




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  1. Thank you for this analysis. After the “Italian Family” cathoic periodical compared Salvini to Satan I was worried. Now I recognize it for the rag it is. And robust Truth seekers are not buying it. Now, if we could get Truth aligned with the One True Faith the restoration will proceed briskly. Smash Vatican II!

  2. This is how it is in the states with Trump. Did we dare hope there were enough Americans with good old common sense left to put the man in office? We hardly dared hope, the biggest mouths belong to the Democrat Left, but, in God’s providence he was elected, and we thank Him a million times for it.

    Expect an increase in ugly resistance. Demons are empowered, and once given so much power, they shriek like banshees when it is threatened, or their agenda is in peril. President Trump is the biggest threat to the globalists, and anything good or pro-family is going to be abhorrent to these types. The media will carry their water. Give Mr. Salvini lots of support, this is the time to come out from hiding, write many letters of support, thank him where you can, talk to others. Once people realize it is OK to support the man, they will gather in others. People need to be LED. These men are great leaders. It is shameful that whenever these great men are acknowledged, some bring up their past. Who among us is so spotlessly clean we have no skeletons in our closet? Yet these men are always “disclaimed”, their divorces or other errors in life forever listed, and this is by those who thank them! I don’t understand that phenomenon. No saints are running for office, and these men are courageous and principled. We owe these men everything, because they have a singular set of characteristics that make them excellent for our time. To me it is the biggest indicator God is not entirely through with us, that he has provided such leaders. I could care less about any mistakes President Trump has made in the past. I have my own to concern me. He is a superb president, a man among mice, and the man for our time. God bless him, and God bless Mr. Salvini as well. These great men are changing the world.

  3. Great out come. Who would have guessed that this would happen?

  4. Too bad they couldn’t see through JPII’s antics.

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