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Pennsylvania And Us


The Grand Jury report about the abuses in Pennsylvania was released yesterday, and it makes you sick.  It makes you, literally, ashamed of being in the same Church as the dozen of bishops and other Church personnel whose complicity or utter incompetence was absolutely necessary for evil on such a scale to happen.

Some tidbits:

In Erie, a 7-year-old boy was sexually abused by a priest who then told him he should go to confession and confess his “sins” to that same priest.

Another boy was repeatedly raped from ages 13 to 15 by a priest who bore down so hard on the boy’s back that it caused severe spine injuries. He became addicted to painkillers and later died of an overdose.

One victim in Pittsburgh was forced to pose naked as Christ on the cross while priests photographed him with a Polaroid camera. Priests gave the boy and others gold cross necklaces to mark them as being “groomed” for abuse.

What can one say. Breathtakingly evil. In our midst. Perpetrated by priests, acted out by consecrated hands.

Their Bishops have become Cardinals.

Do not be, for a moment, deceived by the fact that the oldest of the abuses appear to have been perpetrated during the Age of Sanity. The Age of Sanity was not the Garden of Eden, either, nor is any intelligent person going to claim with you that we went from perfection to Vatican II. However, every sane person will recognise the profound difference between occasional evil acts in a sane Church, and the explosion of evil that must follow the infiltration of the Church through an obviously great number of homosexuals. 

Hopefully, heads will roll on this, albeit prosecution will be rare in the cases exposed (which, is you ask me, isn’t wrong: if a man of 83 says were to say he has been abused after having shut up all his life, including decades of rabid anti-Catholic propaganda and lots of money to be made with lawsuits, I for myself would take it with three pinches of salt).

However, to us the bigger problem is not the abuses allegedly perpetrated in 1941, or 1957, and never denounced up to now. It is the presence of homosexual clergy at all levels of the Hierarchy.

Until we realise that this demonic infestation is at the root of the problem, the problem will never go away.



It is to us, the faithful, to reclaim that our priest be decent straight guys as it used to be until the Age of Insanity. Then the vast part of this and many other problems will be eliminated; then every homosexual priest, paedophile or not, is and must be at war with the Church in many other issues, and become a social justice warrior, enemy of capital punishment and foe of the sacrament as he tries to recycle himself into a half decent being in the eyes of the world, well-knowing the scumbag he is in the eyes of the Lord.

It is also to us, the faithful, to educate those around us about the obvious connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. Decades of priest abuse statistics have shown beyond any doubt that not all homosexuals are paedophiles, but most paedophiles are homosexual. Search the first John Jay Report if you have any doubt (the second doesn’t count, as we were already in the age of rampant political correctness and no priest was identified as homosexual who did not identify himself as such; go figure).

This, the homosexuality within the clergy, is the elephant in the room. When the elephant is dealt with, things will improve. Until this is done, things will remain the same.


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