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The Grand Jury report about the abuses in Pennsylvania was released yesterday, and it makes you sick.  It makes you, literally, ashamed of being in the same Church as the dozen of bishops and other Church personnel whose complicity or utter incompetence was absolutely necessary for evil on such a scale to happen.

Some tidbits:

In Erie, a 7-year-old boy was sexually abused by a priest who then told him he should go to confession and confess his “sins” to that same priest.

Another boy was repeatedly raped from ages 13 to 15 by a priest who bore down so hard on the boy’s back that it caused severe spine injuries. He became addicted to painkillers and later died of an overdose.

One victim in Pittsburgh was forced to pose naked as Christ on the cross while priests photographed him with a Polaroid camera. Priests gave the boy and others gold cross necklaces to mark them as being “groomed” for abuse.

What can one say. Breathtakingly evil. In our midst. Perpetrated by priests, acted out by consecrated hands.

Their Bishops have become Cardinals.

Do not be, for a moment, deceived by the fact that the oldest of the abuses appear to have been perpetrated during the Age of Sanity. The Age of Sanity was not the Garden of Eden, either, nor is any intelligent person going to claim with you that we went from perfection to Vatican II. However, every sane person will recognise the profound difference between occasional evil acts in a sane Church, and the explosion of evil that must follow the infiltration of the Church through an obviously great number of homosexuals. 

Hopefully, heads will roll on this, albeit prosecution will be rare in the cases exposed (which, is you ask me, isn’t wrong: if a man of 83 says were to say he has been abused after having shut up all his life, including decades of rabid anti-Catholic propaganda and lots of money to be made with lawsuits, I for myself would take it with three pinches of salt).

However, to us the bigger problem is not the abuses allegedly perpetrated in 1941, or 1957, and never denounced up to now. It is the presence of homosexual clergy at all levels of the Hierarchy.

Until we realise that this demonic infestation is at the root of the problem, the problem will never go away.



It is to us, the faithful, to reclaim that our priest be decent straight guys as it used to be until the Age of Insanity. Then the vast part of this and many other problems will be eliminated; then every homosexual priest, paedophile or not, is and must be at war with the Church in many other issues, and become a social justice warrior, enemy of capital punishment and foe of the sacrament as he tries to recycle himself into a half decent being in the eyes of the world, well-knowing the scumbag he is in the eyes of the Lord.

It is also to us, the faithful, to educate those around us about the obvious connection between homosexuality and paedophilia. Decades of priest abuse statistics have shown beyond any doubt that not all homosexuals are paedophiles, but most paedophiles are homosexual. Search the first John Jay Report if you have any doubt (the second doesn’t count, as we were already in the age of rampant political correctness and no priest was identified as homosexual who did not identify himself as such; go figure).

This, the homosexuality within the clergy, is the elephant in the room. When the elephant is dealt with, things will improve. Until this is done, things will remain the same.


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  1. I suspect my NO PP is gay. I feel icky going to Confession to him. Do I stop going to Confession?

    • No. Go to confession elsewhere. However, the sacrament is not invalidated by the personal faults of the priest. Still, I would not want to be around one like that.

  2. With sodomites pronouncing on other sodomites, how can the CC be elevated from this Satanic mire? There must be civil retribution, i.e. prison for these deviants & public excommunication. Semi-pope PF must be denounced but with the entire Hierarchy either actively behind him or so fearful to the extent of complicity, I can’t see justice taking place from within. Divine intervention must be close to hand.

  3. Mundabor-Keep on keepin’ on . . we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg the full scope of the nationwide clerical metasteses of evil. I wrote: “The faithful outside looked from priest to pedophile, from pedophile to bishop, from bishop to pederast, from pederast to archbishop, from archbishop to pervert, and then from pervert to cardinal; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” ( Soon the whole USA network will be exposed. We must look to the future – these Party Of Democrat Death shills will still come out soon – implying that they are still on moral high ground and not in the muck of the pedophile and pederast priestly sewer – and tel us you can in good conscience vote for those who, like them, advocate and promote intrinsic evil. Tell them: I laugh to think that soon some of these perverts and their enabling prelates will be telling us “good Catholics are not single issue voters.” Makes me retch to know that now Card. Wuerl and his private personal assistant priest have a personal chef at his mansion. Guy McClung, Texas

  4. I am not ashamed by the actions of these demons from hell who infect the Priesthood. They are demons, and demons do here what demons also do in hell. I expect nothing more or less from a demon. I am not ashamed of them, but I do hate them.

    I am ashamed by the lack of action from those who are not demons from hell but still do nothing; who have never done anything for decades. Who blithely accept this evil before their very eyes. Modernism has overthrown Tradition. Good fruit is replaced by evil.

    The fruit of the tree of modernism is a II V Council that eviscerates Tradition; a legitimate “Emeritus” Pope serving alongside an Active heretical Pope; and a paedophilia culture of sexual perversion infecting the holiest of holy places in God’s Temple and the destruction of children’s body and souls by God’s Priests, Bishops, Cardinals. In the face of Modernist overthrow of Tradition; in the face of all this evidence of the evil of Modernism in Christ’s Bride, those who should know better do nothing. They wait for some future day when *someone else* will make it all right again. They are not outraged, but at peace. And so, the sin falls on them.

    It must start now. The II V Council was bad. Say it. The Church is infected with bad liturgy, theology and sin amongst its Clerics. Say it. Act on it. Not around the edges, but at the core of evil which is the II V Council revolution and its Catechism. Overthrow it. Return to Tradition and unity with Christ and all who came before us. Let the SSPX be our guide. Return to the Liturgy and Law of our patrimony. We have lost all that was good, bequeathed to us by Christ. Repent; return.

    “Zeal for Thy House hast consumed me; and the insults of those who insult Thee have fallen on me” (Ps 69:10).

  5. I agree that not all homosexuals are pedophiles but ALL male homosexuals have a predilection to pederasty. And ALL homosexuals are a clear and present danger to children. Ann Barnhardt had a good post on this:

    God bless~

  6. Absolutely! There are no other issues to deal with until that one is kicked to the curb (or kerb 😉 ). Then a restoration can begin. I pray that many voices will join on this, and not relent.

  7. M, this evil has infected the Church at least since 1049, the year St. Peter Damian published “Liber Gomorrahianus.” Then you have the papal pornocracy for the previous three or four centuries.The Church never dealt with it adequately then, when it should have.

    • The church was obviously infested before then, as when St Peter Damian published his book the infestation was already advanced. I can easily imagine several generations of sodomite priests, like today. And yes, of course the problem was dealt with effectively.

  8. Only way to deal with this sodomitical infestation in the Church is to purging from the top down like Jesus has started with USCCB. Wrath of God’s vengeance has poured down on these corrupting, traitorous, sexual perverting priests who are so demonic that mutilating, torturing God’s children is sexual pleasure for them. Domine Jesu Christe, miserere nobis.

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