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Back To Basics

I read around of people who oppose the most recent FrancisHeresy about the Capital Punishment whilst still being factually opposed to it in a somewhat lesser way.

Let us make something clear: the problem with the word “inadmissible” is nothing to do with whether this lack of legitimacy is proclaimed for all situations or not. Rather, it is to do with the rejection of its fundamental legitimacy.

Pope Francis denies that the Capital Punishment is legitimate in principle; in which, I think, lies a heresy as big as the Leonine Walls, and which would have been recognised immediately and without hesitation by everyone in past Christian times. But it really isn’t much helped if one says that he opposes Francis for declaring the Capital Punishment an Evil, whilst still thinking that it should have no place in modern societies. There is simply no way this can be reconciled with Catholic doctrine.

To state that modern psychology or reeducation methods make Capital Punishment superfluous is tantamount to saying that modern, worldly remedies reach parts of the human nature that Christianity could never reach and taught were non-existent. It also sends a clear message that not only Capital Punishment, but every other teaching of the Church can be sabotaged because modern psychology gas allowed us a deeper insight into human nature, as can be easily applied to, say, suicide, gluttony, or adultery.

Honestly, I don’t care much for supposed defences of orthodoxy that are deeply embedded in V II thinking, which undermines this orthodoxy in the first place. Francis’ disgraceful pontificate must serve as an encouragement to recover the real roots of Catholic thinking, not merely to walk a couple of step back in what is and remains the wrong direction.

The solution to blatant heresy is the truth of all times, not the veiled heresy of past decades. Enough with the poison of V II. We need to go back to basics and accept them without compromises.


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