Daily Archives: August 20, 2018

At The Head Of The Movement

And so the secular press and people are likely trying to capitalise on the newest scandals to attack not the criminal behaviour of single individuals, but the Church as an Institution.

Let them. That’s all they know, and all they always do.

We, however, must not be deceived into thinking that we must, for this reason, run to the defence of the bishops. We must, like a martial arts fighter, use the energy of the adversary for our purpose.

Let the calls for full enquiries and imprisonment of the culprit spread aĺl over the West. Let us, actually, help and amplify the call. It will show to honest people the world over that the problem is not the Church qua Church, but some evil individuals we ourselves, as we first of all, want to get rid of.

Get this: we have nothing to fear from the movement if we put ourselves at its head. It will be the great crusade for the cleansing of the Church, Her enemies will be but helpers and spectators.

And always, always, relentlessly, without cease, insist on this: the paedophilia crisis is a crisis of homosexual infiltration in the first place. Get rid of homo priests, get rid of paedo scandals. Simple as that.

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