This is What The “Aggiornamento” Led To

Nichols Dublin

This shocking photograph is from the big, fat, nuCatholic FrancisCircus called the “world meeting of families”.

No less than a Cardinal is giving no less than the keynote address.

Look for yourselves.

This is where the “dialogue with the world” ends. This is what happens when “aggiornamento” means allowing homos to enter the Seminaries. This is the unavoidable outcome when families decide that the best thing to do for them is to stay away from clergymen of every colour. This is the result when rabid pro-homo speakers, themselves wearing the habit, are invited to speak to such events.

Burn, FrancisChurch, burn.

We, the Catholics, will look at your destruction and stoke up the fire that consumes you.

Because we know that the Church is Indefectible, and when the thick strata of mud of almost 60 years of V II (now topped by the stinking manure that is the current pontificate) is removed we will see again the radiant, wonderful, Church that Christ established below it. As hard and as beautiful as a diamond, One and Holy as She has always been and will ever be, ultimately untouched by all the strata of mud (or manure) that evil men may throw over Her, as they have done often in the past and will do at times in the future, until time ends.

This stupid bunch of homos think they can persuade us that the Church has changed, that the diamond is now a vulgar stone painted in rainbow colours.

Let the picture above tell the story of what fools they are.





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  1. the good thing Mundabor, the crowd is sparse! Let us pray that fewer and fewer people attend.

  2. Looks like any typical NO Mass – sparsely attended by mostly women 50+ years old.

  3. His predecessor Cormac Murphy O’Connor was a key Sankt Gallen mafioso, both by strange co-incidence a protector of homosexual abusers and a supporter of Bergoglio. A Promeathean Neo-Pelagian might see Francis as a Manchurian candidate of the homosexual clique in the Conciliar ‘Church’, that tumour which infests the Catholic Church.

  4. Kathleen O'Regan

    AMEN to this! And burn down it absolutely must! As weekly Holy Mass attendees, who love the Catholic faith and always has, as well as the church, we say the only way to reclaim our Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, is to light this thing. Don’t support in any way this church, push for the end of Resettlement money to Bishops, ask your state attorney general to investigate criminal operations in your state, and AG Jeff Sessions to consider a RICO investigation.

    It is likely only divine intervention that is going to turn this around, but we can do something while we are here, and there is no way we should be helping or supporting this apostate sodomite church any longer.
    I even have a slogan, LET IT BURN, WHILE THEY SQUIRM.

  5. Church of Bergoglio is going up in flames, as it is a false church. If Pope Benedict would grow a set and take charge, he could fix this mess, but because he shuffled/covered for perverts, he won’t. He has too much pride, easy to black mail.

  6. The ‘FrancisChurch’ is burning faster than the speed of light. Francis himself now fingered for knowing all about McCarrick and bringing him out of ‘suspended from ministry’ state that Benedict enacted on him. Arch. Vigano the retired U.S. Nuncio tells all….fingers MANY, says Francis KNEW because he also reported to him on McCarrick. Pray for him….he must have a bunker somewhere that he’s hiding out in.

  7. ‘Tis to be expected. When the snakes return to Ireland the prudent stay away. Next may we see the heel crush the head…

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