“Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis”: First Reflections On The Present Scandal



As I am, like everyone, digesting the scope of the events, I would like to offer some reflections about some issues related to Archbishop Vigano’s historic j’accuse: 1. why now, 2. what now and 3. why this, and not the rest, has become an existential threat for Francis’ Pontificate. 

Why now 

Archbishop Vigano’ was the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016. He had more information than most. He might have been approached by the police, or he might have been advised to release an affidavit in anticipation of such an approach. It is easy to think that he was abundantly disgusted by Francis’ behaviour, but did not find the strength (remember: Archbishop = coward) to either go public with this or, more likely, leak the story outside; something, by the way, which would not have had anywhere near the devastating effect it will have now. 

My first take (and we will likely know more in the near future) is that the man got so enraged when he read the latest, hypocritical Francis’ statement that he decided that enough is enough and he would blow the whistle. However, the very fact that this is a declaration under oath leads me to think that this is, again, a move meant either to react or to anticipate questions that have been, or would be posed to him as a person informed about the facts. 

I am pleased to see that the man has some basic decency, albeit I notice that the current scandal allows him to attack with the minimum of danger to his own position. Still, as my estimation of the current average archbishop goes, this one seems to score above average. 

What now 

I think one of the two has happened: either the Archbishop (who, methinks, lives in Rome and is in any way certainly not isolated and in contact with many of his colleagues) has informed others of his intentions and knows of others who will follow up on his accusations (not unlikely, if you reflect about the amount of credible allegations of cover up for his friends and allies that a man so stupid and so arrogant like Francis must have left around in five and a half year of Pontificate); or he has decided to go with this alone and allow event to unfold as they may, again knowing that his speaking out loud, without warning and without the time to even threaten or demote him, is way less dangerous now than it would have been years ago. It boggles the mind that the Vatican leaks like a sieve, and explosive information like this one does not find its way to, say,  Breitbart or even (if you really want to play it hard) an anti-clerical outlet like, say, the “New Yorker”.   

Why this    

This is the depressing part of the whole story: Francis has been offending Christ, the Church and Her Sacraments in every possible way for years, and no Archbishop besides the retired Gracida called for his deposition; besides, Gracida himself called for his deposition as invalidly elected, not because of his actions as a Pope.

This tells me that in today’s Church Christ is of so little consequence, and the world of such great importance, that a Pope who has offended Christ in a way infinitely more grave than every offence made to man (we need to repeat this, lest we lose all perspective) might be brought down not by his countless heretical statements, but by his inability to comply with the standards of the world. The fact, I add, that the standard of the world in matter of paedophilia are quite OK (those in matter of homosexuality, which is at the root of the issue, clearly aren’t) does not make the consideration less sad. 

If Francis resigns on this (his pontificate is, by now, destroyed anyway) history will remember that a Pope able to stun the Catholic world with years of constant heretical statements was brought down by… his cover-up of sexual scandals. 

It seems that the world Francis loves so much wants to kill him with its own weapon. 

God works in mysterious ways.

Francis might now abdicate, or not. Cardinals and Archbishops might finally find the courage to ask him to step aside, or not. 

But make no mistake: this Pontificate is now officially nuked. Francis might decide to preside over the heap of ashes until he croaks, but his ability to damage the Church in the eyes of every decent Catholic is now damaged beyond repair. There is no way to recover from this, though I think he is so stupid he does not get it.   

Be gone, Francis; and if not, be your pontificate totally incinerated. To you we say, as (allegedly) that great Pope of the past said to other heretics: 

 Ab Illo Benedicaris In Cuius Honore Cremaberis

“Be blessed by him in whose honour you shall be burned”





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  1. Help me understand. I don’t think “resignation” is the answer so much as him finally being deposed as an anti-pope. This, I feel, is necessary for everyone who was gloating or protecting or remaining silent over his words and actions over the past 5 years to finally deem them as UN-CATHOLIC and strike every word of his from memory.

    • You can’t depose a Pope because of a coverup scandal. Heresy would do, but again the Cardinals have not taken any initiative on this. This is the great tragedy: no one moves for the heresies, huge noise for what concerns the world.

  2. What a sobering thought. So even if the best result everyone hopes for is realized and the gay mob is exorcised from the Church, we’re still left with a bunch of powerful false ecumenists, religious libertines, and nervous disordo company men. You’re right, let’s keep things in perspective.

  3. Agree, Mundy. It saddened me that it took covering up sex abuse to get calls for resignation to even happen rather than the numerous heresies coming out of that poor pope’s mouth. I don’t see Satan lying over and taking this well. There will be blow back and if this is truly from heaven, the source of the rot i.e. V2 will soon come to light:+)

    Although I truly rejoiced when I saw the date this letter was published i.e. Feast of the Immaculate Heart (old rite). Our Lady is crushing the serpents head and giving us the gift her Son probably gave her for 100 years of Fatima:+)

    God bless~

  4. Ross Douthat casted the following doubt on Nuntio Vigano’s testimony. In a twitter message he said: “The best reason to doubt its contents is right here: Whatever supposed sanctions were placed on Cardinal McCarrick by Benedict XVI, they did not prevent him from giving homilies in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral”. According to Vigano these sanctions included leaving the seminary where he (McCarrick) was living, the prohibition to celebrate Mass in public, to participate in public meetings, to give lectures, to travel, together with the obligation of dedicating himself to a life of prayer and penance. If the sanctions were imposed in 2009 or 2010, as Vigano says, then how could McCarrick celebrate Mass and give a homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (NY) at the Maryknoll Brothers & Sisters Centennial, on October 30, 2011? Although I’m personally strongly inclined to believe the revelations of the nuntio, Douthat seems to have pointed to an inconsistency.

    • This is a non sequitur. It i snot unusual for Popes to be disobeyed, and it i snot in Benedict’s style to intervene implacably when he is disobeyed. The point is this: **Vigano’ had informed Francis of McCarrick’s nature and activity**. That Benedict is a weak enforcer is not really news.

  5. I believe Benedict’s authority as Pope was completely usurped by an ongoing systemic mutiny, developed over decades, at every level of the Catholic Church. He *appeared* as Pope. His ability to *act* as Pope was usurped by mutineers at all levels of the Church.

    The job of Pope is difficult, leading a worldwide Church of billions and associated infrastructure to carry it out when he has faithful, submissive followers to carry out his authority as Christ’s Vicar. The ship is massive and he is one man.

    What then when those followers throughout the world, and especially his lieutenants within his Vatican, are replaced by devious, duplicitous mutineers who subvert his authority while pretending to be loyal? He says right, they go left. He says stop, they pretend not to hear. They honor their Captain publically, while privately they dismiss or countermand every directive. He is the public face. They control the tiller.

    I do believe that these hidden but real mutineers are at the heart of the strange, unprecedented 2013 resignation; and even stranger “partial” abdication leaving him as a contemplative in White. He thereby connected the invisible to the public realities: the mutineers were publically given the control of the ship while the old Captain went below. And by so doing made the Church, all 1 Billion of us, fully aware of what was until then hidden. The mutineers are no longer down below. They are on deck and we all see where they are taking us; and we see it is no longer heaven. And now we have a part to play.

  6. Kathleen O'Regan

    Ronald Sevenster, and why would McCarrick have said to Abp. Vigano “The pope has received me. I am going to China!”. That would be odd if not as a mocking kind of reminder to Vigano he is fully reconciled with the pope. And apparently it is not unusual for a rogue to just disobey, probably more in a “friendly” diocese like New York, that has it’s huge share of skeletons jest waitin’ for that closet do’ to open. These men do as they please. That’s how we know they aren’t going to just go, they’ve had power, and like American Democrats, they will aim to keep it at any cost, Christ or the church or the faith or the flock be damned.

  7. During the most critical times of the Church there’s always many martyrs arise.

  8. Francis is NOT stupid. He is arrogant and sees himself as an elitist.

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