Hagan Lio!!! Archbishop Vigano’ Calls For Francis’ Abdication



I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. 

Archbishop Vigano’ asks for the Pope’s abdication, together with the resignation of: 

Cardinal Wuerl

Cardinal Maradiaga

Cardinal Cupich 

Cardinal Coccopalmerio 

Archbishop Paglia 

Cardinal Bertone

This is not an interview. This is an eleven page affidavit, that is: a declaration given under oath. 

The Archbishop’s  revelations are so explosive that not even the adjective “explosive” is sufficient to describe them. They are very detailed, up to the date when the Archbishop informed Francis of McCarrick’s long history of abuse (in 2013!! Nowhere to hide, Frankie boy!). 

Read the article. Then read it again. Cardinal Bertone is also hit by a maverick, but he is now, as McCarrick, emeritus at age 83; though I hope he will be punished strongly anyway. 

I can easily imagine that other Prelates will now speak. The fact is, Francis has now been outed, and the “smoking gun” that is the accusation of no less than an Archbishop, based on his personal experience with Francis, and given under oath, makes a defence of Francis very, very difficult to mount. 

Also, imagine the level of scrutiny that will be unleashed on every Cardinal and Archbishop daring to accuse the whistleblower(s) of damaging the Church and all that rubbish we have heard too often in the past. 

Finally, finally, f.i.n.a.l.l.y. a member of the higher echelons has moved; and, cowards as they all are, I can easily imagine that he is the first one of a handful who will now accuse him one by one, and make his position more and more difficult. Actually, I can not imagine that the Archbishop has not agreed with others to keep the pressure up, in a sort of #metoo movement. We will see in the next days and weeks whether the Archbishop acted alone (perhaps fearing of being poisoned, and I say this in jest but not too much) or is the first one of a Demolition Brigade awaited for too long. 

My dear readers, tell everyone you know that Francis must go. Scream it from the rooftops. Let you cry be heard on the Moon.

Hagan lio!!!! 

This pontificate must be incinerated. 

And it will still nothing compared to the punishment awaiting this guy and his accomplices unless he, and they, repent. 


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  1. Vincent Fitzpatrick

    The “ò” in “Viganò” is made with ALT+149.

  2. mortimer zilch

    it only further cements my opinion that Francis was not validly elected. McCarrick’s pre-conclave machinations combined with the lib pro-gay cardinalate of Germany, and Belgium formed a pact to vote en bloc for Francis…though automatically excommunicated for not following Pope John Paul II’s rules prohibiting such a pre-conclave pact. A Pope cannot be validly elected by a plurality of illicit votes. He’s not Pope! Cardinal Muller must act in conscience now to break his vow of silence for a greater moral good…and spill the beans on this illicit gay cabal that elected Bergoglio. That’s the next shoe that must fall SOON!

    • This is a non sequitur. Machinations always existed and we all knew this. and the scandal concern Francis’ behaviour after he was elected Pope. Pope JP II’s rules would, if interpreted the way you do, be used to question every papal election. If Pope Pius XIII had been elected by the same Conclave, would you call for his resignation?
      As to Benedict, this is the guy who praised Francis to the skies, and only he and Francis read the homosexuality report. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. johnfkennedy63

    While this news is very good about an evil group, until the other Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals begin speaking out, I won’t raise my hopes for this nightmare to end. Let’s hear from the Two Kittens first.

    • I honestly don’t think the real issue is whether he resigns or not. The real news is that his pontificate is destroyed, and the pressure will mount to elect a different man as his successor. In the end, if he decides to stay it is highly improbable that the Cardinals will depose him.

  4. God always works in, and waits for, the fullness of time.

    The evil deeds have all been fully exposed. The evildoers have all chosen sides and are exposed.

    Now is the time for vengeance. Whether the Church rises up and stands with Him or not, God will have his vengeance now.

    Well down, hero of the Faith Archbishop Viganò. You will be duly noted in eternity and our own history.

  5. M, let’s suppose Francis resigns as Pope and Benedict decides to remain retired. What then?

  6. Priest is sent to bear witness of the truth. “The one thing that matters to me is to bring the truth to the surface, so that a purification can begin. At the point that we have reached, there is no other way.” Archbishop Vigano.

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