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Benedict Is Every Bit Part Of This Mess

Not for the first time, I read around of oh poor Benedict being the victim in the situation he himself contributed to create. Let me open some people’s big, blue eyes to reality.

Benedict, always the man for half measures, orders McCarrick to retire to a life of prayer and penance, but he is not man enough to have the fact widely known. It is difficult both to retire to a life of penance in secret, and to enforce such an outlandish order. It is also not surprising that such “orders” are then regularly disobeyed, as there cannot be much discipline when the one in charge has no guts to enforce it. But seriously: one who orders a punishment he does not want the world to know is clearly not ordering, but meowing. Particularly so, when it is well known how weak the man is at enforcing everything, from Summorum Pontificum to loyalty in his own domestics.

Benedict is, albeit without the evil intent of a Francis, every bit a part of the problem. The very thought that a Cardinal with a decades-long history of predatory homosexual behaviour should not be made an example in front of the entire world, setting the tone for how things are done, gives you the measure of the lack of effectiveness – nay: sheer lack of balls – of the man.

Also, if we want to talk about those who “knew and did nothing”, let us reflect on this: when Benedict received the famous 300 pages report on homosexuality – a report whose importance we begin only now to fully grasp – he was pretty much the most informed man of the entire Church about the homosexual scourge ravaging it.

What he did then was, actually, worse than nothing: he fled his post knowing – because he had read the report and was way more informed than everyone of us – that his successor would likely be either one of the homo mafia or one of their puppets. Then he lavished praise on the man they elected.

Please stop defending the man just because he looks so defenceless and is not an evil guy by character: the events now unfolding under our eyes make very clear that Benedict knew the entire scale of the homosexual evil going on around him, and the only things he could oppose to it was “secret punishments” or outright flight.

Benedict in indefensible, and the only good aspect of his situation is that, having validly resigned, he cannot be reinstalled on the papal throne, thus allowing him to make more damage out of sheer weakness and very German gregarious spirit.

Benedict, too, should use the time remaining to him to retire to a life of prayer and penance, and no damn Francis-praising interviews; reflecting on the huge evil his cowardice has inflicted on all of us and on the Church of Christ.


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