The Summer Of 1989 Is Here Again.

I admit that I have forgotten my crystal ball home today; however, what is happening reminds me a lot of the Summer of 1989 in, say, the German Democratic Republic.

Old, discredited member of the Communist hierarchy went on condemning the hysterics of the unwashed peasants, and seeing conspiracies everywhere. Meanwhile, it was clear that the problem was out, and it was not possible to make it disappear.

The Evil Clown and his Evil Minions are behaving in the same way now. Stupid, inordinate attacks against Archbishop Vigano’ have only consolidated his prestige and reputation, and those bishops and Cardinals now rallying around Pope Francis The Heretic are clearly desperately trying to save themselves, as they know that their career – in some cases, their very habit – is now in danger.

This will not go away, and it is somewhere between stupid and retarded (which is: in the region of Francis’ IQ) to think that the end of summer will bring this away with some new event or controversy.

Even if the entire leftist press were to let this fall – and I doubt it very much, as for many of them anticlericalism is not a strategic choice, but a reflex – the conservative press and the almost entire Catholic blogdom would keep pounding on this like there is no tomorrow. Breitbart alone is enough to keep this going forever and believe me, they are not going to give Francis any respite for as long as he is Pope.

Yes, this reminds me of the Summer of 1989 as the dynamic in play is the same; but it is impossible to predict the outcome, and I for myself think it improbable that Francis will be persuaded to abdicate.

What we must work towards is the incineration, the thermonuclear destruction of this disgraceful Pontificate; doing, in this way, all we can to encourage the Cardinals to give us one in the mould of Vigano’ (or as much as one can be found) as our next Pontiff when the time comes. How ironic, by the way, that the Evil Clown was said to have been chosen to fight against corruption in the Vatican!

God works in mysterious ways. Things are happening now that would not have been realistically imagined six months ago.

We are already on the winning side. But the fight must be fought nevertheless.

Let us nuke this Pontificate and have it remembered in infamy in one thousand years.

If Francis does not resign, show him what fun it is for him to stay.


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  1. Vincent Fitzpatrick

    The ò is Viganò is made by holding down ALT and typing 149. Then release the ALT key.

  2. Michael E. Dowd

    Agree. Egregious Pope Francis will not go quietly. We should be pleased if this happens as it will provide more time to have the fullness of truth about the Church filter out such as the terrible damage caused by the creators and promulgators of the evil Vatican II council along with the failure by Pope John XXIII not to release the 3rd secret of Fatima and the result of not doing so, e.g., the terrible state of the Church today.

  3. I saw a YouTube video of Francis’s general audience in Rome today. At the end of his speech, the crowd broke into a chant, and it sounded like “Vigano! Vigano!” You’re Italian, can you listen and see if that’s what they’re saying? Pretty bad if it’s true, and it wasn’t just 1 or 2 people, it sounded like a decent number. It’s at 1:04:30, right at the very end.

  4. Anthony Phillips

    So it’s 1989 again…but is it really like the GDR, or will it be more like Tienanmen Square? Don’t underestimate the staying power of these guys.

  5. Mundabor, FrZ has posted the following on his blog, wondering if the crowds at the end of Francis’ general audience are chanting Vigano…

    What say you?

    I think it is brilliant way of keeping the matter in front of Pope Francis…if indeed they are chanting Vigano.

  6. Can he be forced out, “impeached”? Is there a process?

    • He can be deposed for heresy with mechanisms that are certainly existent though unclear in the details, search this blog on how to depose a heretical Pope. There are no mechanisms to depose a Pope for criminal offences.

  7. The time is ripe for cleaning up. Evil Clown and his gang are so disappointing, frustrating and enraging, very soon will plunge themselves deeper into the fire and all hierarchical sodomites, flocks of vultures will be tattered and sinking into the earth, bottom pit. God is invincible and accept no less than wining. His mercy is endless and inexhaustible that envelops the Church. Ora pro nobis, sancta Dei Genitrix.

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