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We Have A Battle Cry: “Vigano’!!”

I have listened very attentively to the video posted on Father Z’s blog.

I have no doubt about what the people are chanting:


I needed to listen to it many times and I am persuaded that:

The first letter is a “v”

The accent is clearly on the last syllable.

“Italo” (a beautiful Baptism name, beloved of Right-wing Italians btw) would never have the accent at the end (the accent is on the first vowel, unlike Italia which has it on the second). Besides, the v seems audible enough to me.

Then let’s go thinking about this rationally: there is simply no reason why the faithful would start to chant the first name of the bishop of Lucca, beautiful as Lucca is, days after Vigano’ s name is being repeated around the world. Even that would be a huge slight to the Pontiff, but it just does not make sense.

The only thing that makes sense is that the Roman people, never known for timidity or Papolatry, have had enough.

“Vigano’ ” is way more effective than words like “abdicazione” or “dimissioni”. It is a spontaneous battle cry everyone immediately relates to. It is impossible to miscontrue its meaning. And it’s so damn Catholic no one chanting it can be confused with the atheist crowd.

We have our battle cry.

I hope it will resound by every public gathering where a Bishop or a Cardinal speaks to the sheep. Let it resound by every public function and blabla talk, cameras or no cameras.

The sheep are fed up with being fleeced by perverts, predators and their willing accomplices.


Cowardinals In (In)Action

You can read on Church Militant that two “terrified Cardinals” have anonymously confirmed to them that Vigano’ s allegations are entirely true.

I read the article and I was terrified. Really, our Cowardinals are such pussies that, even in the middle of a raging scandal and with many bishops asking for hard measures, they don’t have the guts to openly denounce Francis even if they perfectly well know that the accusations against him are true.

This explains a lot: from the drug fuelled homosexual orgies to the decades long cover up of paedophile protection, besides the countless heresies Francis was allowed to spit out of his lewd mouth in all these years.

This also explains why Francis, in another typical action of his, had the gut to appear in front of journalists and say, in so many words, “now you behave like good boys and make this disappear”. A Pope afraid of consequences from his own Cardinals would never say such things. Cardinals who have been able to shut up in front of his heresies will clearly not find the guts to speak and accuse him of aiding paedos.

This is the state we are in.

I have no doubt that those two Cowardinals who have contacted Church Militant even think that they are being courageous, of sort, and that they will avoid hell because they said anonymously to a press outlet how atrocious the situation is, instead of actually acting to put an end to it. May God forgive them their astonishing betrayal. This is like the policeman witnessing a rape in front of his eyes and doing nothing, and then sending an anonymous letter to a newspaper saying that rapes occur in his precinct.

It is, literally, the job of the Cardinals to act in this situation. They have, literally, no other job.

Cardinal is now officially synonymous of “useless coward, scrounger of church money, and good for nothing”.


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