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Kavanaugh Forever

Boy, what a man we are hopefully going to have at the SCOTUS.

On the day the American Institutions touched their absolute nadir, a man arose to show everyone what great men the Country still produces. May the Lord reward both him and his family richly.

I have an urgent request as I cannot wait today’s committee vote: do I remember correctly, that the Committee vote is not binding and Kavanaugh’s appointment can be put to a general vote even if there is no recommendation from the commitee?

I have at this point no doubts about at least 50 Republican votes in the general vote, which would give Kavanaugh (and Trump) a glorious victory. But I fear Senator Flake flaking and preventing a majority in the Commitee.

Please someone confirm to me Flake cannot block the process all by himself. If it gets to the general vote, I think it’s solidly in the bag.


Archbishop Vigano’ Doubles Down

What shall I say: Santo subito!

Archbishop Vigano’s brutal second round of accusations not only confirms his charges on the Evil Clown; he also explicitly indicates Cardinal Ouellet as the man in charge of documents that can utterly destroy him.

This is the end for Ouellet, a man once indicated as a trustworthy conservative (when Benedict was Pope there were a lot of Cardinals and Archbishops playing “conservative”) and now exposed from an extremely reliable source as the Cover Up Guy In Chief.

I can’t manage to even hope that he will avoid jail.

Meanwhile, look at how smart Vigano’ is. He is living in an undisclosed location, away from Francis’ paws and from the long, carefully manicured nails of all the clerical bitches screeching against him. From there, he keeps doing God’s work, and may He reward the man richly when his hour comes.

I have said many times, and repeat today, that Francis and his effeminate helpers will not succeed in making this go away. They remind me of children thinking they can halt the tide with their sand barriers. Fools.

The unhappily deceased Cardinal Murphy O’Connor is another very heavy stone thrown at the Evil Clown, Pope Jackass The Heretic. This will be fun to watch.

Thanks, Archbishop Vigano’.

You are the best the Church has to offer, a beacon of integrity in these disgraceful times.


Even More Absurd And Pathetic

Forgive me if I am not interested, in these fateful days, in the latest aeroplane rant of that cretin in white. What I am interested in is Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation; which, if you think the implications to the end, would have for us Christians the same consequence as the election of an, actually, Catholic Pope. There is, in fact, no doubt that a conservative majority in the Supreme Court would have at least such an impact as a recovered Catholicism in a Pope.

I understood Mr Grassley’s initial strategy: to take a little time and allow the Democrat leadership to out themselves as the bastard, Alinskite sons of a whore they actually are. However, the hysteria has now become such that I do not think Mr Grassley should allow this to go on any longer. The Democraps are clearly betting all their chips on a total war of the most unimaginable slander and libel; possibly not thinking of the possible consequences in November, and certainly trying to get brownie points with their now completely demented grassroots. But the fact remains that they are, to a man, sons of a whore, brutally allowing a slander to go on that they know to be perfectly wrong; to the point of trying to associate a young man who went out of college a virgin with gang rape. Beyond contempt, and beyond sanity in any country other than the US.

Please, Mr Grassley and McConnell, go nuclear on the bastards, today! Gather the troops, proceed to the Committee vote and then go for immediate vote in the Senate: and let the entire Country see, today, who is in favour of decency and who wants every future appointment to become a circus of skunks accusing virgins of going to those party they themselves went to, knowing what – allegedly – happened there. Skanks all of them, and those who are their accomplices.

This cannot be allowed to work. It would be the end of any decent candidature in the US. Which decent person would, after this, risk such a lynching and labelling fest?

Please, Mr Grassley and McConnell. Put an end to this circus today. And then let the Democrats be punished in November for their forgetfulness of the most elementary sense of decency.


Journalists Who Shut Up

We were just given another example of how sheepish and easily controllable mainstream press is.

On his return flight from the Baltic Republic, Pope Francis simply ordered that questions about Vigano ‘ and his shameless silence about his accusations be avoided.

Journos all complied, obviously in order to avoid not being invited on the next occasion. Journalists who shut up on demand are no journalists.

The mainstream press has become a bunch of order takers, and they are surprised that their credibility and readership is in free fall.

The only acceptable behaviour for any decent outlet would have been to refuse to have journalists on the plane on such conditions, making clear that there is a huge elephant in the room and they will be interested in hearing what the Pope has to say when he addresses the issue of the huge elephant, and not before.

This way, they all help Francis in his (stupid) attempt to make the issue go away.

The decay of democratic institutions all over the West is perfectly exemplified by the decay of a press choosing not to pose the hard questions.

The alternative media are the future. The mainstream printed press will go the way of the dodo, deserving every step of it.


Absurd And Patethic

Even with my year long experience of the worst of British politics, I never thought I would see the like of what we are experiencing now in the matter of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

After the first fantasy accuser (Dr. Ford) was exposed as, well, a drunken slut, another friend of the bottle, a Ms Ramirez, comes out after the eleventh hour and claims that, around 34 years ago, when he was, like, 18, Kavanaugh might , at a drunken party, have “exposed himself”. Apart from the fact that this story is being debunked with even bigger speed than the first, if this is the moral standard I suspect 100% of the Democratic senators, members of the house and federal judges should resign yesterday.

It is utterly unreal. At this point it is just the dems throwing excrement around and hoping that something, something at all might stick. Absurd and pathetic, and I hope that the Dems will actually lose votes in November over exactly this.

The last “witness” has consulted for 6 days with a Dems friendly lawyer before speaking out, at the end of which she still is afraid of making an overt accusation. Basically, it boils down to “it was a third of a century ago, I was so drunk I can’t even remember, but I will do all I can to smear the man, short of losing my house”.


In the meantime, dozen of women vouch for the total integrity of the man. Can’t wait for the vote to come and please, no more delays. Let every Senator, including the ones facing re-election in November, say where they are on this to the entire nation.

And in future, let us hold every Democratic candidate to the same standard they want applied to Kavanaugh. This is the party which still honours Bill Clinton. Unbelievable.


The Justice, The Yearbook And The Slut

parents out

Way more where this comes from…


Rabid pussy hat feminist accuses excellent future Supreme Court Justice of having  – at some point, she does actually not remember when, and for some reason never told anyone for 30 years – kinda, sorta have tried to force himself upon her. 

This should be, apparently, reason enough to postpone a vote until people who have just said they are not interested in this rubbish (read = the FBI) have made a complete, “Mueller-long” investigation on the matter. Interesting concept of democracy, these Democrats.  

The accuser – or, as some Democrats hilariously has said, “survivor” – was, at the time of the accused “assault”, not exactly a shy wallflower. 

Rather, she appears to have been – and this is only limiting ourselves to the image she accepted to have published of herself – a drunken, racist slut and sexual predator of younger boys.  

Oh my, that makes for some reading. The arrogance, the entitlement, the casual racism, the drunkenness to the point of unconsciousness celebrated as a cool trait of the rich, white girls, the “exploration” of male schools for male prey (no doubt, no difficult to get; but every sluts know that very well) and the celebration of the unavoidable successes really give a vivid, realistic picture of what kind of girl the “survivor” was at the time of the alleged assault to her virginal innocence. 

Not quite surprising, rich entitled slut ended up marrying one of those emasculated feminist idiots comfortable with being (let us say a number at random; apologies if I am being cautious) the twenty-second prick she invited in the very popular space between her legs; and, in the course of those counselling marriage session these people normally have before divorcing, appeared to remember, out of the fog of nights of drunkenness to the point of unconsciousness, that a successful judge had, once, at some point, kinda sorta, tried to abuse her. 

More than five dozen other women confirm the integrity of the man. But hey, a feminist pussy hat slut must count more than them, and destroy a man’s reputation based on her drunken fog allegations. 

Congratulations, Senator Feinstein & Co. You have managed to make Venezuela look  like a country of impeccable political costumes. 

We are now informed that the slut will (surprise!) not appear in front of the Senate to avoid complete and utter demolition in front of the entire nation. The vote will go on next Thursday without further delay and the outcome is now, if I am an accurate judge of the situation,  more predictable than it was before.

I hope Kavanaugh sues this woman for her last dime.

Her “White privilege” has gone on for long enough.




Pope Boor The Asinine


Pope Francis, official portrait,  2018. 

The American Catholic has a short article telling it like it is about the current Pontiff, disgracefully reigning.  telling it like it is about the current Pontiff, disgracefully reigning.  

Yours truly has been saying for years what very few people either noticed or dared to write: Francis is a petty, petty man; unintelligent, stubborn, vindictive, boorish, frightfully incompetent, and extremely shallow in everything he does.

I remember comparing him – when no one else did – to those old peasants in the village – every village has his –  who think themselves smart and go on pontificating and ranting against everything and everyone, and pitied by the entire village as the old dumb wannabe smart guy. Francis was, I wrote, just one like that, who has chanced to become Pope.  

And the shallowness, the astonishing nothingness of his every thought; the inability to go beyond platitudes cooked one thousand times, coupled with the desire that all the world sees him spouting his platitudes as if they were pearls of wisdom. 

It is a pleasure to me to see that mainstream Catholic outlets now frankly, openly write the same. By the by, I have received no message blaming me for berating the Pope for years now. 

A petty, petty man.



Incompetent to the point of tragedy.

Addicted to power. 

Very stupid.

Persuaded of his own greatness as he shows that forced, public, fake humility that only betrays his own deceit. 

This is, by the way, why the Evil Clown has been used, on this blog, somewhat less and the familiar donkey way more frequently: by insisting on his program of demolition of the Church he hates, Francis has gone against the most elementary common sense. Subtlety is not for him, because he is stupid. Course corrections are not for him, because he is stupid. He had to throw out the mask and show his blank, violent hatred for the Church. Because he is stupid.  

On the rare occasions when he reacts (Barros, Wuerl) it is always too little and too late; and it is followed by such a hurricane of acrimony – publicly declared in extremely thinly veiled terms, and reiterated often so that everyone sees what an ass he is – that he must perforce lose the sympathy of even his most clerical supporters. 

No, I don’t think he will resign. But he will keep digging himself into an ever bigger hole, because he is too dumb to do anything else. 

The man has now come to the point of comparing himself to Jesus who chose to remain silent. Words fail. This is what happens when an arrogant, stupid old man becomes, out of rage and spite, totally unhinged.

Keep ranting, Frankie dear. Destroy your Pontificate to the ground. Show the world what an arrogant, dumb boor you are. Even if you are not deposed, you have become the best cure against a successor just like you. 

And oh, I almost forgot: 

Die soon. Repentant if you can and God gives you the grace (I wish even you that, and I wish it with all my heart, because your soul has infinite dignity and value) and unrepentant if God takes you by your word. I always have this image of huge boring machines now working overtime in hell, preparing a fitting abode for you; because you can be seriously unprecedented among the human guests of that horrible abode.

Keep digging, Frankie dear. 

You have become the best antidote to your own heresies and deceit. 






Episcopalis Communio is The Next FrancisFraud


Will he be invited to the next synods? 


Pretending that nothing is happening, Francis has released a new Apostolic Constitution regulating the way synods work. The new Papal Excrementation is called Episcopalis Communion. (EC)  

As is to be expected in the case of a tool like the disgracefully reigning Pontiff, it is a subversive document 

The most important aspect (and, again, typical of Francis’ arrogance) is the idea that a synodal document, once released and published, should now be considered part of the Ordinary Magisterium. In a word, Francis is trying to confer more authority to the heretical blather that is sure to come out of the two next synods.

The problem with that is that no heresy can ever, pace Pope Francis, be part of the Ordinary Magisterium. The man is basically ordering the Catholic world to believe that 2+2=5  once he has published the new addition on the Osservatore Romano

The thinking reflects the same attitude we see in everything Francis does: ignore the criticisms, pretend everything is fine and go on full steam towards the wall. 

It will not fly.

One small obstacle for Francis is that EC introduces a new, dangerous element in the next papal heresies, and no Cowardinals a’ la Burke will be able to say that the new document is only a private reflection of the Pope without any demand that magisterial value be assigned to it. This will require of Burke and Co. to invent new excuses for their unavoidable, practically already guaranteed inaction. I am sure they are already working on it, and I trust they will find something the Pollyannas who still support them will be only too happy to believe. 

A much bigger obstacle is the fact that as Francis goes deeper into obvious heretical territory, he makes is more likely that his “teaching” will be blatantly ignored by most bishops, and rapidly put aside when he (please, Lord!) finally croaks. The fact is, you can’t just impose heresy on one billion Catholics and thousands of bishops. They will be too weak to oppose him, but they never be strong (or interested) enough to enforce obvious heresy. I am, I am sure, not the only one who notices that the current Pope seems to be the most ignored in the V II era in the homilies at mass, with every half decent priest busily trying to make you forget who is the current Pope. 

The biggest obstacle, though, will not come from the inside of the Church. It will come from the small army of prosecutors about to reduce this Pontificate into very finely chopped mincemeat. When the synods take place, the outcry from the current investigations will completely drown any heretical cacophony coming from the Evil Clown and his cohort of demonised homoprelates. 

Only an incompetent ass like Francis can believe that the current scandal is soon going to die. What will happen is that it will gather even more strength in the months to come, creating a tidal wave that will cover this pontificate in mud in such a way that this will be the only thing seven billion people think whenever they hear the words “Pope Francis”. 

The man has put himself squarely against every true Catholic on the planet and almost all anticlerical forces in the press. Some will try to minimise his troubles, but there is no way they will resist the outcry caused by the violation of the last taboo (paedophilia) coupled with the greatest temptation for the press (attacking the Church). 

If Francis had a properly functioning brain, he would reflect that the world press hated Trump to a man, and still could not avoid giving him a huge resonance box. There is no way Francis can escape the tsunami, and it does not matter how much he pretends that all is fine. 





Dumb And Francis

Francis dear went to Palermo and told us that Clericalism is a “perversion”.

Er, no.

The word perversion, in the contest used by Francis, is exclusively reserved to sexual deviancy . Sexual deviancy is exactly what has demolished this disgraceful Pontificate.

The pathetic attempt of this stupid man to persuade us that homosexuality is just a problem like any other, and homosexuality on a par with Clericalism, fails – like so much of what Francis says – the “seven years old” test. It’s just extremely dumb blabber assuming he talks with five years old children.

To my knowledge, no one of the journalists present asked His Asinineness whether he puts Clericalism on par with homosexuality, whether he thinks that Clericalism calls to Heaven for vengeance, or whether he thinks that clerical priests should be defrocked. Perhaps the questions weren’t allowed, but I would not be surprised if they were and no one addressed the new elephant in the room.

Francis has sycophantic journalists listening to him, and thinks that all the planet is just as servile as they are. In this is, I think, one of the keys to understanding the glorious failure of this Pontificate.

Keep making an ass of yourself, Frankie dear. No one will ask you uncomfortable questions on the spot; but the world will most certainly notice what a fraud you are, and what a dumb one at that.


300 Pages Report (Or Its Most Succulent Parts) About To Be Released

Oh, the irony!

I have written only yesterday about the fact that a decent Francis would now give full disclosure concerning the famous 300 pages report, and I am now informed that an Italian newspaper obtained if not the whole documents, at least the most important bits: who are the prelates accused of homosexuality and what is the evidence against them.

If really published, this will be another huge blow to Francis, as it will become unavoidably clear that the man protected and promoted for years a net of people he knew to be rotten.

At times I think that with the news appearing now almost every day, the biggest danger for Francis’ Pontificate is not the endless string of scandals. It is the danger of a stroke or heart attack following one of his notorious outbursts of rage; something very unhealthy at his age, and with this frequency.

Isn’t it grand that we, the humble pewsitter, are given a clear, unimpeded view of all the dirt this man decided to cover up?

Glorious days ahead.

Keep pounding of the heretical FrancisPontificate. Pulverise, disintegrate, atomise it! When the dirt is removed, the Church will shine again below it. One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic as it never ceased to be, not for one second.


Pope Francis The Deranged

He had already done it two or three days ago, accusing those who accuse Bishops and unearth scandals to make the work of the devil. It did not get huge traction as not many people now care for the rambling of the guy in the midst of much more momentous news braking daily.

Yesterday Francis did it again, and this time Breitbart gave it bigger relevance. It is, in fact, huge.

What we have here is a man who is so imbued with the worst sort of cleticalism that to him, wanting to expose extremely sinful criminal behaviour is the work of the devil. This is at the sane time clericalist, more than vaguely deranged, satanical and suicidal at the same time. The man is embarrassing himself so much that, soon, even his Argentinian cobbler will deny ever knowing him.

Note a pattern I have highlighted very often: an incompetent, not very intelligent man reacts to a crisis with more incompetent and stupud behaviour. The tragedies of the countless victims are not in the least on his mind, and every lip service he pays to them is contradicted immediately thereafter. The astonishing accusation that to unearth filth would be a satanical activity turns upside down every concept of Christian behaviour, showing that the man never knew where the most basic morality even begins.

The man is so incompetent, so stupid, so obviously panicking, so out of his depth, so arrogant and, last but not least, so satanically evil that it is a pure joy seeing him dig the grave of his Pontificate day after day, with an increasingly more erratic behaviour. This is Elon Musk on steroids, but without the billions and with way more accusations of criminal behaviour about to go down on him like several tons of bricks.

And the best fun is that the crisis does not impact a cool thinking, intelligent, rational man. It impact a cretin of such planetary dimensions that you can count on him to always do the absolutely worst he could do in the situation. It started with Bishop Barros and it went on with the refusal to comment on Vigano’ on the aeroplane. Then we had the embarrassing appeal for the oceans whilst he still did not want to say a word about Vigano’. It went on with more rubbish on a daily basis: a meeting with Bishops on the matter if sexual abuse scheduled for next February (another demonstration of world-class stupidity) and the double whammy deranged/satanical/clericalist outbursts.

This man is destroying himself with his own hands, every day; because he has not a shred of charity and decency in him, and his arrogance and incompetence are clearly visible from Mars.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Francis dear.

We will watch in satisfied amusement as every day that has left in your disgraceful Pontificate increases the chances that your successor will be at least recognisably Catholic.

Time To Publish The 300 Pages Secret Report

In the middle of the current crisis, one of the 300 demands that should be made of Francis is the request to make the famous 300 pages secret report public.

After which, Francis’ officials should explain to, basically, the planet what has been investigated and what the results of the investigations were. Furthermore, they should explain what has not been investigated and why.

This is the Pope who was allegedly elected in order to fight corruption in the Vatican. It is only reasonable that he would, now that he is accused of being inactive, or much worse, give an account of his activity in this matter. No doubt, such a humble Pope – who likes to call himself a Bishop – will not have any problem with giving account of his activity in such a delicate matter, in the presence of such distress among the faithful.


Unless, that is, the record would show that almost nothing was done, and that the report actually contains several of the names now at the centre of the scandal; names of people protected or even promoted by what is now, beyond reasonable doubt, the most horrible Pope in history by quite a distance.

I will not hold my breath on this. Rather, I suspect we will get more blabber of the usual kind, spiced with the more or less veiled insults the man loves to throw at us Catholics.

The Movement currently in place is slowly taking the form of a huge exorcism of sort. God willing, it will become a big cleansing machine as criminal investigations are started in many US states and, hopefully, a couple of European ones (not much confident in South America, but hey…). We need to pray that this may, by God’s grace, happen.

To think that, even to this day, Francis is unwilling to give account for a vast amount of information, whose existence, though not its content, was widely published, and thinks he will get away with it is, truly, mind-boggling and gives the full measure of the arrogance, incompetence and sheer stupidity of the man.

But hey: if one rapes children and sleeps with boys and loves social justice, who is he to judge?


The Rhine Flows Into Hell



Punctually, we have the results of a study conducted by three German universities about the abuses in German FrancisChurch KirchensteuerLand. Conveniently, the researchers threw in some pre-V-II years, in order to make it more difficult to discern the pathology (the Pre V II years, with a very healthy church as a whole) from the physiology (the Post V II years, with homos systematically co-opting each others in positions of power and selecting their own for entry in the seminaries).

The main results: 

  1. Thousands of children likely abused. 
  2. Victims predominantly males (what a surprise…). 
  3. Only one third of the cases investigated internally
  4. Results: often no or very mild consequences. Usual shuffling around, too. 
  5. Documents often manipulated or destroyed 
  6. No collaboration from the dioceses
  7. Some cases recent or very recent, with possible criminal investigation in the cards. 
  8. There could be much more where this comes from. 

This is where the oh so sensitive Kirchensteuer-machine shows its real face: a money-making apparatus vastly infiltrated by perverts, with not a shred of faith or decency in sight, and bent on deforming Church teaching and praxis on several fronts: 

  1. The desecration of the Sacraments in order for the faithless paying public to keep paying them (and, incidentally, keep providing them with boys to prey on). 
  2. The normalisation of perverted, sodomitic behaviour in the general climate of “acceptance” 
  3. The complicity in the De-Christianisation of Germany as they make money out of the charity machine providing for shelter etc. 

This is the reality of the oh-so-inclusive German clergy as a whole, and we see it perfectly well not only in the Cardinals they pushed for their red hat (people like Marx and Woelki are absolutely atrocious human beings), but in the praxis spread all over the country, where the Church has done nothing to encourage to defence of Christian heritage promoted, imperfectly as may be, by the likes of Alternative fuer Deutschland.     

More than fifty years ago, Satan used the German church to unhinge the doors of orthodoxy. 

It appears he still likes his sauerkraut.



REBLOG: The SSPX On The Kirchensteuer

Mundabor's Blog

If you click here  you should be directed to the March 2012 edition of the SSPX magazine for the German Speaking countries.  

Alas, I am not able to present only a part of it as I do not know how to cut .pdf documents, but if you slide down to page 40 there is a very interesting “special” concerning the Kirchensteuer, with a detailed instruction as to what to do and even ready declarations to give to your local priest.

Just as an aside, I notice the SSPX has prospered in Germany for decades now without one Pfennig (or Cent, as the case may be) of Kirchensteuer.

Why I do not agree with everything they write (they seem to mean the Kirchensteuer would be right if it was used correctly as everyone has the duty to contribute to the church’s maintenance; which is wrong or at least…

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REBLOG: Austreten! Time To Leave The Kirchensteuer-System

Mundabor's Blog

The Weathervane strikes again

Let me tell you this: the pronouncement of the German church about allowing communion to protestant is going to come. I know how gregarious the Germans are, and how they always end up supporting what the majority has decided. It’s the new post-Adolf religion, and no one questions it.

This is why Francis is now asking for a unanimous decision about this sacrilege. He has clearly already been told how things will end.

I do not know what other proof people need to persuade themselves that vast parts of (soon, very probably all of) the Church in Germany have become official enemies of Christ.

When you have a Cardinal opposing the Crucifix in public buildings and promoting sacrilege, what is more to understand? When you have bishops who are such cowards, and so greedy, that they acquiesce to the request of institutionalised sacrilege for the sake…

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REBLOG: Meet Cardinal Marx, The Kirchensteuer Prostitute

Mundabor's Blog

This known prostitute was seen near Munich's Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

This known prostitute was seen near Munich’s Hauptbahnhof, satisfying his clients against payment of the Kirchensteuer.

With every months leading to the Synod, the minions of Satan get more aggressive in their -it seems to me – increasingly more desperate battle to satanise the Church. A battle which, from what I see (I have no time to report about all) does not seem to be going well at all for them. This makes our little Kirchensteuer whores somewhat nervous, then if this occasion goes by they might be really in trouble, and who knows whether another occasion will present itself at all. Make no mistake: there are billions of Euro at stake.

Cardinal Marx (rapidly ascending to the head whore in the Kirchensteuer brothel, and recently more profiled than the old Mistress, Cardinal Kasper) is now on record with another interview, expressing a worldview that would sit well in a…

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PervChurch: The Solution

Bomber Formation


It fills this old heart with joy to see how Francis’ PervChurch is now retreating on all fronts after the pathetic, completely asinine attempt to counter Vigano’ with silence from above and slander from below has gloriously – though very predictably – backfired.

Every day we have more signs of a crumbling wall. It is as if Francis and his old cronies were trying to hold the huge, crumbling wall with their own backs. Hey, Frankie: holding walls is (cough) “not Christian”, eh?

We are now informed that Cardinal Wuerl is going to fly to Rome to discuss his future with His Evil Clowness. Wait: was he not there last week, or thereabout? Has he not presented his resignation three years ago anyway? Oh, I understand… what has changed is that the first time Francis was still thinking that it was possible to hold the “nothing to see here” line, but now he has realised that Wuerl must be jumped from the window; therefore, he tries to do it in as dignified and PR effective a way as possible.

It will be another epic fail. At this point there is nothing Francis can do to take the stink of shit out of him. His pathetic attempts – which will come, be assured of that – to say that he was not informed will be met with rage and laughter, particularly on the back of his defence of Bishop Barros and his stonewalling after Vigano’s accusations.

Decent Catholics now root for the Attorneys General all over the US. The time for mafia commissions investigating the mafia has gone. Let all be uncovered, let those who need to go to jail go to jail, let priests, Bishops and, if appropriate, Cardinals see a jail cell from inside. It will be a much more effective remedy against the satanic homopaedomafia than one thousand “internal” committees with “lay participation”.

And please, please: let this, in time, become a RICO matter; then it seems clear enough that what was at play here was a net of powerful people promoting each other to protect each other.   

The solution for PervChurch is not “introspection”.

It is carpet bombing.



Provolo Institute: Watch And Cry



You will need some prayer before seeing this. It is the astonishing tale of satanic cruelty, perpetrated for decades, to deaf children in both Italy and Argentina, by the same priests shuffled from one Continent to another and allowed to keep abusing children wherever they are sent. 

Besides the astonishing evil showed by Don Piccoli, even in his now apparently rather deranged state, what stuns here is the concrete possibility that these abuses are continuing to this very day, and the even more probable possibility that they have been occurring within the 20 years of the statute of limitation, with the Italian justice inactive and the Vatican (this means: Pope Francis) actively covering this up. 

Concerning Francis, the cover up appears to be confirmed by a letter from Archbishop Becciu, who states he has discussed the matter with him, with measures being examined.

In pure Francis-style, nothing happened.

Francis can, in this matter, not saying that Becciu did not inform him properly. He spoke with emissaries of the victims himself, with pictures and witnesses proving it.

One perfectly reads the mind of the Evil Clown: past investigations covered by the statute of limitation and no new investigations currently ongoing, ergo: who cares a straw if children have been atrociously abused up to a few years ago and possibly are still abused. 

Who is he to judge?   

Pray for the poor children. Reflect that it is only the advancement of cures for deafness that allowed them to denounce the abuses of which they were victims.

Pray, in your charity, also for the criminal priests involved and the Evil Clown who clearly protected them. We will also go to our judgment one day, and we do not want the devil to get one more soul than God has decreed he should get. 

And now if you excuse me, I feel sick.


Why Francis Will (Likely) Not Abdicate

As Yours Truly had predicted, the attempt of the Evil Clown to hush the scandal is failing miserably. In fact, it is clearly backfiring, as the cover up line called from the very top has helped to amplify the scandal and to keep the discussion firmly on the lines drawn by Archbishop Vigano’: the homo corruption had the protection of the highest rank in the Church, and the Pope should go just like his homopaedoabetting Cardinals.

Still, Francis will, I think, not resign. Let us see why.

Firstly, the man has no shame. More than five years of Pontificate have shown us that the level of brazenness he possesses is basically unknown among public figures in the Northern Emisphere, and likely equalled only by South American politicians and amateur military rulers. The way he tried to present himself as the poor lamb of a persecuted Church he exhibited in the last weeks is fully in tune with the character.

Secondly, the man clearly loves power above all things. He will always prefer to be in charge and hatred than to be forgotten and at least halfway respected for a late, but decent decision. He clearly does not believe in God, and will therefore not have that kind of motivation, either.

Lastly, I think the fear of jail (and be that in a ptivate home dye to hus advanced age) also plays a role. Who is a former Pope? A simple bishop? Would he enjoy diplomatic immunity? If yes, who says that his successor is not to deprive him of it, and just deliver him to the Italian or the US Justice as the criminal enabler of a vast paedophile ring? A ring he might have not literally led, but enabled for years in order to profit from the net of alliances it provided him before becoming Pope, and to which he was inextricably linked after March 2013? Stranger things happened at sea, and I have seen in my lifetime Nicolae Ceaucescu going from a strong leadership to the execution wall in a matter of hours. The extradition of a disgraced ex-pope, possibly even defrocked and reduced to a common criminal, is a more than realistic outcome in this scenario.


No, Francis will not abdicate. He will die in disgrace and swear horribly against us all as he does so. But this is the more reason to incinerate his Pontificate and make of it such a planetary embarrassment that, when the time comes, the Cardinals will give us someone who, bad as he will most certainly be, will nevertheless represent a great progress compared to this Nuclear Catastrophe; with the added bonus of some of the homo mafia in the meantime made harmless, or defrocked, or in jail.

This Pontificate will burn.

The Bride of Christ will go on as long as the sun rises.


Homopaedo FrancisChurch: Here Comes The Road Roller

Road Roller

I might have lost something, but last time I looked the Attorney Generals of the States of New York, New Jersey and New Mexico had announced a sweeping investigation concerning all the activities of all the Catholic dioceses in their own State concerning the dealing with abuse cases. I do not doubt that more States will follow.

I wonder if Francis is so stupid that he does not understand that at this point there is nothing he can do to stop the road roller. However, Francis’ problem is now not only one of understanding, but one of complicity. 

As the various investigations involve and (not unlikely) destroy people like Wuerl, “Bad Tobin” and Farrell – all of them prime candidates for the road roller; all of them Cardinals; the last two given the red hat by Francis! –  more and more people will be tempted to ease their burden with both the US justice and the public opinion by revealing the involvement of the Vatican in the cover ups, and the indirect encouragement of illegal behaviour put in place by looking the other way and pretending it never happened, as it was obviously the case with Francis and McCarrick.

Furthermore, if (and I am eagerly awaiting the day) things go so far that RICO charges are brought against several Prelates, it is very reasonable to assume that the one or other will start to sing like a canary bird just to avoid dying in jail, revealing everything about a net of protection of homopaedopriests straddling the Atlantic Ocean and going all the way to Rome. Even a man as stupid and as far away from reality like Francis would, at that point, understand that he is finished as a religious figure whether he abdicates or not. I wonder whether the likes of Paglia and Coccopalmerio enjoy diplomatic immunity? And what happens to Francis is he abdicates and comes back to be a normal bishop? Will he be arrested and estradited to the United States as a member of an organised criminal organisation?

Be it as it may, I see a huge road roller now starting to move; and whilst it will take years before it has completed its work, the fallout will start impacting the Vatican very soon. The investigations will provide wonderful career opportunities for several AGs, opening to them a possible path to US Senate seat, gubernatorial appointments, perhaps one day even more! There is no way the States involved will let this fall to help the liberal narrative or in exchange of some short-term favour. This are the investigation of a lifetime. 

Francis, who was so stupid that he went on record saying “I will not say a single word on this” after Vigano’s accusations and surrounded himself with obvious homos like Ricca and (make no mistake) Paglia and Coccopalmerio, will find it very difficult to persuade anyone that he is anything better than a miserable, godless scoundrel. He dug his trench himself, now it will be very difficult to get out of it; the liberal press may try to let the scandal go away, but with several AGs working on this the probabilities are very little that the road roller does not roll directly over Francis’ belly.

The road roller will very likely flatten this Pontificate to a thin sheet of excrement.

I wonder when Francis gets it.

I’d love to see his face when he does.







Dems Prepping For Defeat On Kavanaugh

Angry Dems have made of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing a circus. Main attractions, a Muslim “feminist” activist and an actress looking for more notoriety and contracts.

The circus was admittedly orchestrated by a Dem Senator. I hope there will be disciplinary measures for such a lack of respect for the Institutions in a man with such a prestigious role in it.

Still, all this inordinate screaming tells me something else: defeat is very probable for the Democrats. So much so, that they feel the need to transform Senators into street activist and Alinskyite agitators in order to try to mitigate the backlash coming on them by a great number of nutcases more and more removed from the basic reality of things. 

I would be very surprised if Kavanaugh were not to be confirmed for lack of votes. I also have no doubt that if Kavanaugh were forced to renounce because of some old tape or tweet, Trump would give us a more conservative one than him and raise hell in the weeks to the elections. Actually, if I were (quod Deus avertat!) a Democrat, I would wish this issue not to be part of them at all. 


Screaming losers. But losers still.





Shitting On The Monument



This article on First Things starts pretty well, but then degenerates into an almost endless bloviation about the weakness and dirt of the Church. The author, obviously a case of bad conversion, needs to reflect on a couple of things, and I would like to help him in that.

Firstly, the Church is not the “soaring baldacchini of Bernini”, and J.S. Bach was actually a Protestant. Whilst the Church is aesthetically wonderful, she is not and cannot be reduced to that.

She is the Bride of Christ.

When the principles are properly understood, the rest follows. The Church is beautiful in Her Indefectibility and in Her being the absolute Embodiment of Truth. She is also a bearer and creator of beauty, harmony and wonder throughout history, but this is not the substance of what She is.

The Church is, also, run by humans, and she says nowhere (nor has any Bernini’s baldacchino ever denied) that her leaders will not be bad, or very bad,  or outright evil, in whatever measure God’s Providence may allow.

God allows bastards to run the Church, as He did several times in the past. The Church still survives (as she always did in the past) and will, one day, shine again in Her Majesty, revealing all Her beauty and shining in all Her glory to the Elects. A better demonstration of Her Divine origin and scope cannot be found.

This, my friends, is the Church.

She is not even Sparta. She is infinitely stronger than that.

Not Wuerl, nor McCarrick, nor the Evil Clown, nor all the other bastards can ever be what defines Her. Actually, we look at the devastation brought on the Church by those and countless other evil men, and we still all know that the Church will survive them as She has survived everything else; and we are lost in wonder, amazed at Her strength and magnificence, still shining below the thick strata of homopaedo mud.

The glorious churches you see everywhere in Rome are not there to state that the Church will never have McCarricks and Bergoglios among Her clergy. They are there to scream that She will survive all of them, that She will sweep them aside and shine on, as glorious and magnificent as ever; as the Bride of Christ no bastard will ever be able to destroy, though the Lord may allow them to sully and scratch her.

If you don’t understand this of the Church, you have understood nothing. If you understand this, no McCarrick will ever make you doubt Her.

Shine on, Holy Mother Church! We know you are as beautiful as ever, as strong and as glorious as your thousand churches, as solemn as your Masses, and that you will always remain so.

Wuerl and Co. make me think of vagrants shitting on a huge, beautiful monument.

Yes, what they do is disgusting, dirty and stinky.

But their shit does not really change anything permanent in the beauty and greatness of the monument, and in a Divinely Instituted one at that.






Cardinal Cupich Gets The Priests He Deserves.

This here is truly shocking even for FrancisChurch.

Let this sink in: two homosexual priests from the diocese of Cardinal Cupich feel so protected and safe with a homo-abiding Cardinal as their Ordinary that they forget all sense of I do not say decency (they clearly had none before) but even prudence.

Therefore, and certainly in a sort of uberperverted behaviour going beyond even the sodomitical habit, they park their car in a busy street in Palm Beach, near a children’s playground, and start to perform oral sex in a car without tinted glass.

It is not only the disgrace of sodomitical priests at play here. There is so much more. There is a clear sense of expected impunity; there is an obvious desire not only for sodomitical sex but for a public one, and – these two here being what they are – the additional kick they likely got from being near children also came into play. 

It does not end there, either. The police was called and they were so engaged in their “public performance” that they did not even notice the officers, who had to tap on the window to make the two aware of their presence. 


Who knows what goes on in the head of these people. Obviously dressed in civilian clothes (you see, we do not care for formalities much these days…) they possibly thought that the police would have just ordered them to go away; or perhaps their homo addiction is so strong that they just did not care about the consequences. However, I cannot avoid thinking that people who do such things on a public street do so because they are accustomed to an extremely high degree of impunity for homosexual behaviour in their own diocese.  Even homo priests don’t get up in the morning and decide to do such things. Methinks, it takes a long time of impunity and of boundaries pushed further and further, with the ordinary turning a blind eye to all sort of things.   

These are men with consecrated hands, who can serve Mass and stay near children. The mind boggles.

Cardinal Cupich has taken (no doubt, only because forced by the publicity) some disciplinary measure, albeit the defrocking of the two does not seem to be in the cards for now.

Still, the Cardinal can’t be allowed to get away with so little. It is obvious that his attitude towards homosexuality is directly linked to the behaviour of his priests; priests who feel that their sodomitical behaviour is covered up and, if not positively encouraged, certainly not condemned by their own Bishop.

Two priest caught in a blowjob in a busy street, in broad daylight, near a children’s playground.

We must live in the Age of Francis.





Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Take 1


Take 2



Fake Stories: Is The Vatican Murking The Waters?

In the last day or so two stories have emerged which them proved to be “fake news”: the one with the financial irregularities in Bergoglio ‘s old diocese and the one with the homosexuality and paedophilia of his Private Secretary.

As both of them turned to be false, yours truly cannot avoid suspecting that the fake news have been, actually, planted by Vatican operatives in order to murk the waters, with the homopaedo apparatus then screaming to the skies that you see, it’s all calumnies!

If this is so, sorry to burst these idiots ‘ bubble but it does not work that way.

Firstly, I will continue to publish everything that Gloria TV deems fit to publish; and if the occasional goose slip through, tough luck….

Secondly, the news has been published because it is highly credible. A Vatican in which it is credible that the Private Secretary of the Pope may be homosexual is discredited enough whether the actual news turns out to be true or not; bearing in mind, of course, that if not the fact should be published with the due relevance, as I have done in my blog. I even cancelled the blog post, though I doubt that I have an obligation to do so.

Thirdly, these people are stupid if they think that thousands of Catholic blogs will now say: “oh, we have published a couple of stories that turned out to be fake. Better concede defeat and forget the whole affair then”…

Not happening.

The world has changed. This is never going away, no matter what diversionary tactics may be thought out by these PR prelates in their gay saunas.

We stay on the ball.


Homopaedo Feeding Frenzy: Instructions For Use

The Homopaedogate should really become a feeding frenzy, at least if we had some journalistic integrity remained here and there.

It should be, at this point, like fishing in a barrel: how many bishops and Cardinals, how many Vatican Monsignors have been disseminating evidence of their behaviour in the last years, certain or impunity? How many “saunas” around the Vatican (apparently there are several of those: market economy at work…) have “secrets” that can be very easily unlocked? How many Vigano’ situations have happened in the past? In the modern world, written communication is everywhere in paper or electronic form, and no intelligence agency can manage (provided at the Vatican they even cared) to destroy all of it, including all email communications.

Then there is all the stuff that must have emerged outside of Catholic channels: say, investigations about other matters that chanced to involve a homo priest, of journalistic research let die because not explosive enough.

Then there is all the stuff that can be easily unearthed by talking to decent people who knew about situations and rumours and can put one in the right direction.

Seriously, this kind of investigative journalism does not require any investigative talent.

This should be a turkey shooting by now; and perhaps the shooting has already started, and we are merely waiting for the couple of days or weeks necessary to deliver a neat package.

I am pretty sure more will emerge. If you think of this, a Vatican that dares to employ a Father James Martin in the light of day must have so much rubbish going on in the dark that it is hard to even imagine it.

Come on, decent investigative journalists still remaining: this does not seem to be rocket science at all.


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