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Fake Stories: Is The Vatican Murking The Waters?

In the last day or so two stories have emerged which them proved to be “fake news”: the one with the financial irregularities in Bergoglio ‘s old diocese and the one with the homosexuality and paedophilia of his Private Secretary.

As both of them turned to be false, yours truly cannot avoid suspecting that the fake news have been, actually, planted by Vatican operatives in order to murk the waters, with the homopaedo apparatus then screaming to the skies that you see, it’s all calumnies!

If this is so, sorry to burst these idiots ‘ bubble but it does not work that way.

Firstly, I will continue to publish everything that Gloria TV deems fit to publish; and if the occasional goose slip through, tough luck….

Secondly, the news has been published because it is highly credible. A Vatican in which it is credible that the Private Secretary of the Pope may be homosexual is discredited enough whether the actual news turns out to be true or not; bearing in mind, of course, that if not the fact should be published with the due relevance, as I have done in my blog. I even cancelled the blog post, though I doubt that I have an obligation to do so.

Thirdly, these people are stupid if they think that thousands of Catholic blogs will now say: “oh, we have published a couple of stories that turned out to be fake. Better concede defeat and forget the whole affair then”…

Not happening.

The world has changed. This is never going away, no matter what diversionary tactics may be thought out by these PR prelates in their gay saunas.

We stay on the ball.


Homopaedo Feeding Frenzy: Instructions For Use

The Homopaedogate should really become a feeding frenzy, at least if we had some journalistic integrity remained here and there.

It should be, at this point, like fishing in a barrel: how many bishops and Cardinals, how many Vatican Monsignors have been disseminating evidence of their behaviour in the last years, certain or impunity? How many “saunas” around the Vatican (apparently there are several of those: market economy at work…) have “secrets” that can be very easily unlocked? How many Vigano’ situations have happened in the past? In the modern world, written communication is everywhere in paper or electronic form, and no intelligence agency can manage (provided at the Vatican they even cared) to destroy all of it, including all email communications.

Then there is all the stuff that must have emerged outside of Catholic channels: say, investigations about other matters that chanced to involve a homo priest, of journalistic research let die because not explosive enough.

Then there is all the stuff that can be easily unearthed by talking to decent people who knew about situations and rumours and can put one in the right direction.

Seriously, this kind of investigative journalism does not require any investigative talent.

This should be a turkey shooting by now; and perhaps the shooting has already started, and we are merely waiting for the couple of days or weeks necessary to deliver a neat package.

I am pretty sure more will emerge. If you think of this, a Vatican that dares to employ a Father James Martin in the light of day must have so much rubbish going on in the dark that it is hard to even imagine it.

Come on, decent investigative journalists still remaining: this does not seem to be rocket science at all.


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