Fake Stories: Is The Vatican Murking The Waters?

In the last day or so two stories have emerged which them proved to be “fake news”: the one with the financial irregularities in Bergoglio ‘s old diocese and the one with the homosexuality and paedophilia of his Private Secretary.

As both of them turned to be false, yours truly cannot avoid suspecting that the fake news have been, actually, planted by Vatican operatives in order to murk the waters, with the homopaedo apparatus then screaming to the skies that you see, it’s all calumnies!

If this is so, sorry to burst these idiots ‘ bubble but it does not work that way.

Firstly, I will continue to publish everything that Gloria TV deems fit to publish; and if the occasional goose slip through, tough luck….

Secondly, the news has been published because it is highly credible. A Vatican in which it is credible that the Private Secretary of the Pope may be homosexual is discredited enough whether the actual news turns out to be true or not; bearing in mind, of course, that if not the fact should be published with the due relevance, as I have done in my blog. I even cancelled the blog post, though I doubt that I have an obligation to do so.

Thirdly, these people are stupid if they think that thousands of Catholic blogs will now say: “oh, we have published a couple of stories that turned out to be fake. Better concede defeat and forget the whole affair then”…

Not happening.

The world has changed. This is never going away, no matter what diversionary tactics may be thought out by these PR prelates in their gay saunas.

We stay on the ball.


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  1. Forget fake news, red herrings, insults etc. It is imperative for PF to answer +Viganò’s serious allegations in his Testimony made under oath before a US court official who is awaiting that response. No answer means guilty & then the case has to be thoroughly investigated & sentences passed if a violation of US/International Law has been determined. +Viganò, it would seem, has plenty more to follow-up on his statement so it will be necessary all such information coming from both sides be verifiable.

    It would also be worth examining if the Dubia could be dealt with in a similar manner as it’s 714 days now since he received it. Such ignorance & stupidity from a man who thinks he is superior to God & refuses to bend the knee at the Consecration but does so to wash the feet of immigrants.

  2. Kathleen O'Regan

    That is exactly what occurred to me, these could be planted fake stories. There is nothing too low for these types, and they grow of course more desperate, so we can look forward to more acts of desperation. If they can sow skepticism on the part of the average Catholic, the one who would really rather not know about any of this, that would be delightful for them. They know hard core Catholics are on to them, but they don’t care about those, they are probably somewhat worried to panicked the average Catholic may be on to them, and containment is in earnest. Therefore, release the dogs.
    It’s too late. They can only slow down the inevitable.

  3. The homo network could teach tricks to the Devil.


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