Shitting On The Monument



This article on First Things starts pretty well, but then degenerates into an almost endless bloviation about the weakness and dirt of the Church. The author, obviously a case of bad conversion, needs to reflect on a couple of things, and I would like to help him in that.

Firstly, the Church is not the “soaring baldacchini of Bernini”, and J.S. Bach was actually a Protestant. Whilst the Church is aesthetically wonderful, she is not and cannot be reduced to that.

She is the Bride of Christ.

When the principles are properly understood, the rest follows. The Church is beautiful in Her Indefectibility and in Her being the absolute Embodiment of Truth. She is also a bearer and creator of beauty, harmony and wonder throughout history, but this is not the substance of what She is.

The Church is, also, run by humans, and she says nowhere (nor has any Bernini’s baldacchino ever denied) that her leaders will not be bad, or very bad,  or outright evil, in whatever measure God’s Providence may allow.

God allows bastards to run the Church, as He did several times in the past. The Church still survives (as she always did in the past) and will, one day, shine again in Her Majesty, revealing all Her beauty and shining in all Her glory to the Elects. A better demonstration of Her Divine origin and scope cannot be found.

This, my friends, is the Church.

She is not even Sparta. She is infinitely stronger than that.

Not Wuerl, nor McCarrick, nor the Evil Clown, nor all the other bastards can ever be what defines Her. Actually, we look at the devastation brought on the Church by those and countless other evil men, and we still all know that the Church will survive them as She has survived everything else; and we are lost in wonder, amazed at Her strength and magnificence, still shining below the thick strata of homopaedo mud.

The glorious churches you see everywhere in Rome are not there to state that the Church will never have McCarricks and Bergoglios among Her clergy. They are there to scream that She will survive all of them, that She will sweep them aside and shine on, as glorious and magnificent as ever; as the Bride of Christ no bastard will ever be able to destroy, though the Lord may allow them to sully and scratch her.

If you don’t understand this of the Church, you have understood nothing. If you understand this, no McCarrick will ever make you doubt Her.

Shine on, Holy Mother Church! We know you are as beautiful as ever, as strong and as glorious as your thousand churches, as solemn as your Masses, and that you will always remain so.

Wuerl and Co. make me think of vagrants shitting on a huge, beautiful monument.

Yes, what they do is disgusting, dirty and stinky.

But their shit does not really change anything permanent in the beauty and greatness of the monument, and in a Divinely Instituted one at that.






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  1. Great post Mundy,great post!So true.

  2. Thank you for this response. I agree completely..

  3. In this fallen age, why do we have to state what is obvious even to this thick Calvinist?

    I am praying for you all. That you remain faithful, though your colleges of bishops and cardinals have far to many liars, traitors, and worse.

    For I expect that there will be a purge, and then a revival, or the end.

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