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Dems Prepping For Defeat On Kavanaugh

Angry Dems have made of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing a circus. Main attractions, a Muslim “feminist” activist and an actress looking for more notoriety and contracts.

The circus was admittedly orchestrated by a Dem Senator. I hope there will be disciplinary measures for such a lack of respect for the Institutions in a man with such a prestigious role in it.

Still, all this inordinate screaming tells me something else: defeat is very probable for the Democrats. So much so, that they feel the need to transform Senators into street activist and Alinskyite agitators in order to try to mitigate the backlash coming on them by a great number of nutcases more and more removed from the basic reality of things. 

I would be very surprised if Kavanaugh were not to be confirmed for lack of votes. I also have no doubt that if Kavanaugh were forced to renounce because of some old tape or tweet, Trump would give us a more conservative one than him and raise hell in the weeks to the elections. Actually, if I were (quod Deus avertat!) a Democrat, I would wish this issue not to be part of them at all. 


Screaming losers. But losers still.





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