Homopaedo FrancisChurch: Here Comes The Road Roller

Road Roller

I might have lost something, but last time I looked the Attorney Generals of the States of New York, New Jersey and New Mexico had announced a sweeping investigation concerning all the activities of all the Catholic dioceses in their own State concerning the dealing with abuse cases. I do not doubt that more States will follow.

I wonder if Francis is so stupid that he does not understand that at this point there is nothing he can do to stop the road roller. However, Francis’ problem is now not only one of understanding, but one of complicity. 

As the various investigations involve and (not unlikely) destroy people like Wuerl, “Bad Tobin” and Farrell – all of them prime candidates for the road roller; all of them Cardinals; the last two given the red hat by Francis! –  more and more people will be tempted to ease their burden with both the US justice and the public opinion by revealing the involvement of the Vatican in the cover ups, and the indirect encouragement of illegal behaviour put in place by looking the other way and pretending it never happened, as it was obviously the case with Francis and McCarrick.

Furthermore, if (and I am eagerly awaiting the day) things go so far that RICO charges are brought against several Prelates, it is very reasonable to assume that the one or other will start to sing like a canary bird just to avoid dying in jail, revealing everything about a net of protection of homopaedopriests straddling the Atlantic Ocean and going all the way to Rome. Even a man as stupid and as far away from reality like Francis would, at that point, understand that he is finished as a religious figure whether he abdicates or not. I wonder whether the likes of Paglia and Coccopalmerio enjoy diplomatic immunity? And what happens to Francis is he abdicates and comes back to be a normal bishop? Will he be arrested and estradited to the United States as a member of an organised criminal organisation?

Be it as it may, I see a huge road roller now starting to move; and whilst it will take years before it has completed its work, the fallout will start impacting the Vatican very soon. The investigations will provide wonderful career opportunities for several AGs, opening to them a possible path to US Senate seat, gubernatorial appointments, perhaps one day even more! There is no way the States involved will let this fall to help the liberal narrative or in exchange of some short-term favour. This are the investigation of a lifetime. 

Francis, who was so stupid that he went on record saying “I will not say a single word on this” after Vigano’s accusations and surrounded himself with obvious homos like Ricca and (make no mistake) Paglia and Coccopalmerio, will find it very difficult to persuade anyone that he is anything better than a miserable, godless scoundrel. He dug his trench himself, now it will be very difficult to get out of it; the liberal press may try to let the scandal go away, but with several AGs working on this the probabilities are very little that the road roller does not roll directly over Francis’ belly.

The road roller will very likely flatten this Pontificate to a thin sheet of excrement.

I wonder when Francis gets it.

I’d love to see his face when he does.







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  1. This is what divine intervention looks like. A total devastating wipe-out. Deo gratias. The Catholic Church will survive: smaller, wiser, poorer, politically powerless, holier.

  2. If PF does eventually abdicate (whether voluntarily by choice or involuntarily by his natural death), perhaps two of my recent prognostications might come to fruition:
    “Where once it was a given that following the Ratzinger and Bergoglio Papacies a continuing Modernist Pope of like breed would be elected, in my opinion that certainty is not now quite so…certain.”
    “Perhaps a Athanasius Cardinal Schneider or a Bernard Cardinal Fellay is not so far off…”
    And to take the above a step further, perhaps a Papal Tiara is not so far off for either one of the above MEN or, at the very least, one of like credentials. Thoughts, anyone?

  3. If PF can agree a deal with RICO to save himself from indictment, he will have no compunction in handing over the Vatican files & instruct the Episcopes to do likewise, as he has no interest in saving the CC. He is an out & out Modernist wth no love (nor belief) in God or Hell. Such an investigation might solve all his problems & those of the St. Gallen mafia. The silent Cardinals will have to start breaking rank & oust him before this happens. They all have something to hide which will come out in a RICO investigation anyway. If they have any belief in God amongst them they will do the right thing & call a council to denounce this Apostate. If not, a formal schism is bound to occur.

  4. We call it a “Steamroller” here in the States…reminds me of the final scene in a Fish Called Wanda!

  5. It’s one thing to die in prison as a martyr. I’m sure Archbishop Viganó anticipates this with *true* serenity.
    It’s quite another to die in prison for perverse sex crimes and RICO theft crimes from Christ’s Holy Bride. That is a fearful thing. “Sing”, they will, a most morbid dirge.

  6. Imagine about 7000 plus or minus sodorapist priests and homopredator bishops and cardinals, and their enablers and those who shuttled them across state lines to provide cover for past and future crimes, now stirpped of all personal land, real estate, wealth, and cash,without a personal chef, in prison.Tried and convicted, or plea bargained, for the crimes against at minimum 25,000 victims, about 80% of them young men. You can include some laity. lay,chancellors and nuns, seminary gatekeepers who shunned those who opposed women priestesses and homosexual sex as virtue, who were also complicit. The faithful will never get their billion$s back, used to pay victims and their attorneys. Then imagine Jesus’s Church with most of those in Holy Orders acting in persona Christi once the church is cleansed of this demonic infestation. Hopefully our children and grandchildren will live in such a purified church. Guy McClung, Texas

  7. The present hierarchy is acting like the mafia by committing and/or covering up sexual abuse and financial crimes, with their own law of “omerta”, and protection of their own. So it’s only fitting that they be prosecuted under the RICO Act, intended for organized crime leaders, if it comes to that. If the US bishops had done their job of protecting their flocks, it wouldn’t have been necessary for state justice departments to get involved in the first place. Sometimes it takes a road roller to do the job. And that road could lead straight to “Don Jorge” himself.

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