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Why Francis Will (Likely) Not Abdicate

As Yours Truly had predicted, the attempt of the Evil Clown to hush the scandal is failing miserably. In fact, it is clearly backfiring, as the cover up line called from the very top has helped to amplify the scandal and to keep the discussion firmly on the lines drawn by Archbishop Vigano’: the homo corruption had the protection of the highest rank in the Church, and the Pope should go just like his homopaedoabetting Cardinals.

Still, Francis will, I think, not resign. Let us see why.

Firstly, the man has no shame. More than five years of Pontificate have shown us that the level of brazenness he possesses is basically unknown among public figures in the Northern Emisphere, and likely equalled only by South American politicians and amateur military rulers. The way he tried to present himself as the poor lamb of a persecuted Church he exhibited in the last weeks is fully in tune with the character.

Secondly, the man clearly loves power above all things. He will always prefer to be in charge and hatred than to be forgotten and at least halfway respected for a late, but decent decision. He clearly does not believe in God, and will therefore not have that kind of motivation, either.

Lastly, I think the fear of jail (and be that in a ptivate home dye to hus advanced age) also plays a role. Who is a former Pope? A simple bishop? Would he enjoy diplomatic immunity? If yes, who says that his successor is not to deprive him of it, and just deliver him to the Italian or the US Justice as the criminal enabler of a vast paedophile ring? A ring he might have not literally led, but enabled for years in order to profit from the net of alliances it provided him before becoming Pope, and to which he was inextricably linked after March 2013? Stranger things happened at sea, and I have seen in my lifetime Nicolae Ceaucescu going from a strong leadership to the execution wall in a matter of hours. The extradition of a disgraced ex-pope, possibly even defrocked and reduced to a common criminal, is a more than realistic outcome in this scenario.


No, Francis will not abdicate. He will die in disgrace and swear horribly against us all as he does so. But this is the more reason to incinerate his Pontificate and make of it such a planetary embarrassment that, when the time comes, the Cardinals will give us someone who, bad as he will most certainly be, will nevertheless represent a great progress compared to this Nuclear Catastrophe; with the added bonus of some of the homo mafia in the meantime made harmless, or defrocked, or in jail.

This Pontificate will burn.

The Bride of Christ will go on as long as the sun rises.


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