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Bomber Formation


It fills this old heart with joy to see how Francis’ PervChurch is now retreating on all fronts after the pathetic, completely asinine attempt to counter Vigano’ with silence from above and slander from below has gloriously – though very predictably – backfired.

Every day we have more signs of a crumbling wall. It is as if Francis and his old cronies were trying to hold the huge, crumbling wall with their own backs. Hey, Frankie: holding walls is (cough) “not Christian”, eh?

We are now informed that Cardinal Wuerl is going to fly to Rome to discuss his future with His Evil Clowness. Wait: was he not there last week, or thereabout? Has he not presented his resignation three years ago anyway? Oh, I understand… what has changed is that the first time Francis was still thinking that it was possible to hold the “nothing to see here” line, but now he has realised that Wuerl must be jumped from the window; therefore, he tries to do it in as dignified and PR effective a way as possible.

It will be another epic fail. At this point there is nothing Francis can do to take the stink of shit out of him. His pathetic attempts – which will come, be assured of that – to say that he was not informed will be met with rage and laughter, particularly on the back of his defence of Bishop Barros and his stonewalling after Vigano’s accusations.

Decent Catholics now root for the Attorneys General all over the US. The time for mafia commissions investigating the mafia has gone. Let all be uncovered, let those who need to go to jail go to jail, let priests, Bishops and, if appropriate, Cardinals see a jail cell from inside. It will be a much more effective remedy against the satanic homopaedomafia than one thousand “internal” committees with “lay participation”.

And please, please: let this, in time, become a RICO matter; then it seems clear enough that what was at play here was a net of powerful people promoting each other to protect each other.   

The solution for PervChurch is not “introspection”.

It is carpet bombing.



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  1. Kathleen O'Regan

    Oh, let it be!

    I think at this point, it is not even a matter of saving the Church. Yes, on the one hand the church is perfect and inviolate, but that church is invisible, and few of us experience that church. You have to be in some rarified atmosphere I suppose. The church we see is a nightmare, a corpse with a vampire guarding it menacingly. It is impossible for us (but not for God) to imagine some scenario by which the church can even be salvaged. These men have so wrecked the brand, so besmirched the reputation, so thoroughly made it crystal clear they have two major intentions, killing Catholicism and sodomizing boys, that it is impossible to take them seriously at all. They have made the church look to be an international child sex trafficking ring more than a church. Well, at least they have been uncovered, at least there’s that. No more pious hands in prayer and making faux religious statements and nobody smirking.

    Yes we want RICO, and when it is announced we shall dance. We want state to state investigations, we want these bishops to get theirs, and we want to see that satanic link go all the way up to Rome. Out these evil child molesters and liars.

    We may never, and probably will never, get our church back. Outside of divine intervention it is hard to imagine any scenario, so now at this point it is simply to deny them comfort. Let them not relax as they continue their lavish lifestyles with fine food, first class airfare, and all the rent boys they can find. Let them be nervous. We will always be watching them, outing them, talking about them. We will take photos of them and post them and share information among ourselves and keep informing the world about what they do. It won’t be quite as easy as it was.

    You know, there is a growing wave of an evil so horrible, it is very hard to even contemplate for a moment, a growing call for pedophilia to be legalized. People are calling for those “minor attracted” to be accepted and not stigmatized. No doubt these people are inside our church.

    It is a tragedy that good men will have to be hurt in this cleansing process. There just seems no way around that.

    • I have let this comment pass, but I don’t like the vaguely blasphemous, if probably only despondent, tone.
      The Church is there still, shining now as much as ever. A lot of priests keep doing their job as well as they can. This is only a layer of excrement over a wonderful diamond.
      Grow (figuratively) a pair and stop talking of the Church Christ made in apocalyptic tones.

  2. Agree.
    Today I’ve realize for the first time, that now we are at a war similar to the vision of the saint Ignatiuos spiritual exercises, with our Lord on one side over a horse an Satan covered of smoke , confusion an darkness on the other.
    And now I begin to see that in the battle , that Bergoglio is starting to lose his main generals and colonels.
    And regarding they are little rats that want to escape from the ship in one way or another, we can imagine that the beginning of the end is coming .
    He is now facing and abyss, as I was told by a really saint Jesuit , a rare traditional one, who knows him very very well for decades in Argentina.
    This Jesuit told us that when he promised to pray for the pope, Bergoglio answered :
    “Yes , I know you will pray for me to go to hell”.

    This Jesuit told me in a lunch , with my cousin and my uncle, in November 2015 , that when he went to Rome at the begging of the pontificate , Bergoglio told him to get inside the Papamovil during a “Wednesday Catequesis”. ( he was very ashamed for having to do this)

    But then , this Jesuit ( he is 86 now) told us, that he felt something similar to a vision in the papamovil, that the man he had beside him ( Bergoglio) was a man that was facing an abyss.
    I was impressed and kept this personal story in my memory, and now I think I can see the meaning.
    May be I am stupid but I feel full of hope NOW.

    Sorry for being that long, could not find a shorter way.

  3. Teutonic Warrior

    I want to see this house of cards fall so bad! The evil intent of these prelates is finally coming out. The Novus Ordo sect is gone. STOP PLAYING WITH THE WORLD! This is where all this modernist thinking leads you. Return to the traditions of the Church.

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