Pope Francis The Deranged

He had already done it two or three days ago, accusing those who accuse Bishops and unearth scandals to make the work of the devil. It did not get huge traction as not many people now care for the rambling of the guy in the midst of much more momentous news braking daily.

Yesterday Francis did it again, and this time Breitbart gave it bigger relevance. It is, in fact, huge.

What we have here is a man who is so imbued with the worst sort of cleticalism that to him, wanting to expose extremely sinful criminal behaviour is the work of the devil. This is at the sane time clericalist, more than vaguely deranged, satanical and suicidal at the same time. The man is embarrassing himself so much that, soon, even his Argentinian cobbler will deny ever knowing him.

Note a pattern I have highlighted very often: an incompetent, not very intelligent man reacts to a crisis with more incompetent and stupud behaviour. The tragedies of the countless victims are not in the least on his mind, and every lip service he pays to them is contradicted immediately thereafter. The astonishing accusation that to unearth filth would be a satanical activity turns upside down every concept of Christian behaviour, showing that the man never knew where the most basic morality even begins.

The man is so incompetent, so stupid, so obviously panicking, so out of his depth, so arrogant and, last but not least, so satanically evil that it is a pure joy seeing him dig the grave of his Pontificate day after day, with an increasingly more erratic behaviour. This is Elon Musk on steroids, but without the billions and with way more accusations of criminal behaviour about to go down on him like several tons of bricks.

And the best fun is that the crisis does not impact a cool thinking, intelligent, rational man. It impact a cretin of such planetary dimensions that you can count on him to always do the absolutely worst he could do in the situation. It started with Bishop Barros and it went on with the refusal to comment on Vigano’ on the aeroplane. Then we had the embarrassing appeal for the oceans whilst he still did not want to say a word about Vigano’. It went on with more rubbish on a daily basis: a meeting with Bishops on the matter if sexual abuse scheduled for next February (another demonstration of world-class stupidity) and the double whammy deranged/satanical/clericalist outbursts.

This man is destroying himself with his own hands, every day; because he has not a shred of charity and decency in him, and his arrogance and incompetence are clearly visible from Mars.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Francis dear.

We will watch in satisfied amusement as every day that has left in your disgraceful Pontificate increases the chances that your successor will be at least recognisably Catholic.

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  1. Yes, Francis has now become the best friend of Church reformers as he demonstrates it’s need daily. Let him irrationally pontificate daily as the Church burns down around him.

  2. The meeting called to discuss ‘child abuse’ among the bishops, next February, will correspond with the feast of St. Peter Damian, scourge of homosexuals. This represents either deliberate mockery, or is an unintended sign.

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