Daily Archives: September 17, 2018

Dumb And Francis

Francis dear went to Palermo and told us that Clericalism is a “perversion”.

Er, no.

The word perversion, in the contest used by Francis, is exclusively reserved to sexual deviancy . Sexual deviancy is exactly what has demolished this disgraceful Pontificate.

The pathetic attempt of this stupid man to persuade us that homosexuality is just a problem like any other, and homosexuality on a par with Clericalism, fails – like so much of what Francis says – the “seven years old” test. It’s just extremely dumb blabber assuming he talks with five years old children.

To my knowledge, no one of the journalists present asked His Asinineness whether he puts Clericalism on par with homosexuality, whether he thinks that Clericalism calls to Heaven for vengeance, or whether he thinks that clerical priests should be defrocked. Perhaps the questions weren’t allowed, but I would not be surprised if they were and no one addressed the new elephant in the room.

Francis has sycophantic journalists listening to him, and thinks that all the planet is just as servile as they are. In this is, I think, one of the keys to understanding the glorious failure of this Pontificate.

Keep making an ass of yourself, Frankie dear. No one will ask you uncomfortable questions on the spot; but the world will most certainly notice what a fraud you are, and what a dumb one at that.


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