Episcopalis Communio is The Next FrancisFraud


Will he be invited to the next synods? 


Pretending that nothing is happening, Francis has released a new Apostolic Constitution regulating the way synods work. The new Papal Excrementation is called Episcopalis Communion. (EC)  

As is to be expected in the case of a tool like the disgracefully reigning Pontiff, it is a subversive document 

The most important aspect (and, again, typical of Francis’ arrogance) is the idea that a synodal document, once released and published, should now be considered part of the Ordinary Magisterium. In a word, Francis is trying to confer more authority to the heretical blather that is sure to come out of the two next synods.

The problem with that is that no heresy can ever, pace Pope Francis, be part of the Ordinary Magisterium. The man is basically ordering the Catholic world to believe that 2+2=5  once he has published the new addition on the Osservatore Romano

The thinking reflects the same attitude we see in everything Francis does: ignore the criticisms, pretend everything is fine and go on full steam towards the wall. 

It will not fly.

One small obstacle for Francis is that EC introduces a new, dangerous element in the next papal heresies, and no Cowardinals a’ la Burke will be able to say that the new document is only a private reflection of the Pope without any demand that magisterial value be assigned to it. This will require of Burke and Co. to invent new excuses for their unavoidable, practically already guaranteed inaction. I am sure they are already working on it, and I trust they will find something the Pollyannas who still support them will be only too happy to believe. 

A much bigger obstacle is the fact that as Francis goes deeper into obvious heretical territory, he makes is more likely that his “teaching” will be blatantly ignored by most bishops, and rapidly put aside when he (please, Lord!) finally croaks. The fact is, you can’t just impose heresy on one billion Catholics and thousands of bishops. They will be too weak to oppose him, but they never be strong (or interested) enough to enforce obvious heresy. I am, I am sure, not the only one who notices that the current Pope seems to be the most ignored in the V II era in the homilies at mass, with every half decent priest busily trying to make you forget who is the current Pope. 

The biggest obstacle, though, will not come from the inside of the Church. It will come from the small army of prosecutors about to reduce this Pontificate into very finely chopped mincemeat. When the synods take place, the outcry from the current investigations will completely drown any heretical cacophony coming from the Evil Clown and his cohort of demonised homoprelates. 

Only an incompetent ass like Francis can believe that the current scandal is soon going to die. What will happen is that it will gather even more strength in the months to come, creating a tidal wave that will cover this pontificate in mud in such a way that this will be the only thing seven billion people think whenever they hear the words “Pope Francis”. 

The man has put himself squarely against every true Catholic on the planet and almost all anticlerical forces in the press. Some will try to minimise his troubles, but there is no way they will resist the outcry caused by the violation of the last taboo (paedophilia) coupled with the greatest temptation for the press (attacking the Church). 

If Francis had a properly functioning brain, he would reflect that the world press hated Trump to a man, and still could not avoid giving him a huge resonance box. There is no way Francis can escape the tsunami, and it does not matter how much he pretends that all is fine. 





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  1. He has said before that the more effective the resistance to change, the faster and more insistent the application of change will have to be.

    Obviously, he feels threatened because he is moving aggressively fast now.

    The only problem with that is with the loss of subtlety everyone can see what he is doing.

    God is forcing us all to make a clear choice, for or against heresy; with the eternal spotless Church, or with this new globalist, humanist, satanic thing.

    We cannot claim the excuse of ignorance. We will stand before God without excuse. “Choose ye this day …”

  2. For the life of me, I can’t understand how Francis would promote people like McCarrick and several others who are obviously reprehensible people. I understand the people around the popes don’t give them all the information they need, but such obvious criminals like Daneels etc.,, surely Francis knew something. I suppose his emphasis on Mercy is too much to use as forgiveness for these people.

    I’m wondering who will be the next pope? I quite like Cardinal Sarah.

  3. Indeed. The arrogance of the Evil Clown is astounding. I think this man is going to come to a very bad and public end. Kind of like Arius, who died in a public toilet with his stinking bowels hanging out of him.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be anywhere near a large gathering of him and the rest of the Church leaders for fear of being part of the collateral damage (viz. October synod). Not that I hope for such a disaster; after all, God can accomplish his will in many, less dramatic ways and I’d much rather see an impressive about-face and conversion from the current claimant to the Bishopric of Rome. But I’ve never witnessed someone so blatantly seduced by the modern zeitgeist and intent on giving a middle finger to the Creator of the universe. God sees all but waits, but even His patience is not infinite.

  4. My concern: Are there still enough people in the Church — clerics as well as lay people — who have enough knowledge to recognize heresy when it manifests itself? Our times seem to be characterized by a collapse of catholic knowledge and catholic intellectual culture, even among scholars.

  5. Kathleen O'Regan

    Amen to that. It’s a new day, a new day. We will resist this NewChurch with all we’ve got, regardless of the outcome. We’re not having it, and if we, ordinary Mass attending Catholics, feel this way, then millions feel this way. We are delighted to be part of the Resistance. A clearer enemy than this pope and his lot of cohorts, could not be found.
    May God give us the victory, and soon!

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