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Pope Boor The Asinine


Pope Francis, official portrait,  2018. 

The American Catholic has a short article telling it like it is about the current Pontiff, disgracefully reigning.  telling it like it is about the current Pontiff, disgracefully reigning.  

Yours truly has been saying for years what very few people either noticed or dared to write: Francis is a petty, petty man; unintelligent, stubborn, vindictive, boorish, frightfully incompetent, and extremely shallow in everything he does.

I remember comparing him – when no one else did – to those old peasants in the village – every village has his –  who think themselves smart and go on pontificating and ranting against everything and everyone, and pitied by the entire village as the old dumb wannabe smart guy. Francis was, I wrote, just one like that, who has chanced to become Pope.  

And the shallowness, the astonishing nothingness of his every thought; the inability to go beyond platitudes cooked one thousand times, coupled with the desire that all the world sees him spouting his platitudes as if they were pearls of wisdom. 

It is a pleasure to me to see that mainstream Catholic outlets now frankly, openly write the same. By the by, I have received no message blaming me for berating the Pope for years now. 

A petty, petty man.



Incompetent to the point of tragedy.

Addicted to power. 

Very stupid.

Persuaded of his own greatness as he shows that forced, public, fake humility that only betrays his own deceit. 

This is, by the way, why the Evil Clown has been used, on this blog, somewhat less and the familiar donkey way more frequently: by insisting on his program of demolition of the Church he hates, Francis has gone against the most elementary common sense. Subtlety is not for him, because he is stupid. Course corrections are not for him, because he is stupid. He had to throw out the mask and show his blank, violent hatred for the Church. Because he is stupid.  

On the rare occasions when he reacts (Barros, Wuerl) it is always too little and too late; and it is followed by such a hurricane of acrimony – publicly declared in extremely thinly veiled terms, and reiterated often so that everyone sees what an ass he is – that he must perforce lose the sympathy of even his most clerical supporters. 

No, I don’t think he will resign. But he will keep digging himself into an ever bigger hole, because he is too dumb to do anything else. 

The man has now come to the point of comparing himself to Jesus who chose to remain silent. Words fail. This is what happens when an arrogant, stupid old man becomes, out of rage and spite, totally unhinged.

Keep ranting, Frankie dear. Destroy your Pontificate to the ground. Show the world what an arrogant, dumb boor you are. Even if you are not deposed, you have become the best cure against a successor just like you. 

And oh, I almost forgot: 

Die soon. Repentant if you can and God gives you the grace (I wish even you that, and I wish it with all my heart, because your soul has infinite dignity and value) and unrepentant if God takes you by your word. I always have this image of huge boring machines now working overtime in hell, preparing a fitting abode for you; because you can be seriously unprecedented among the human guests of that horrible abode.

Keep digging, Frankie dear. 

You have become the best antidote to your own heresies and deceit. 






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