Absurd And Patethic

Even with my year long experience of the worst of British politics, I never thought I would see the like of what we are experiencing now in the matter of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

After the first fantasy accuser (Dr. Ford) was exposed as, well, a drunken slut, another friend of the bottle, a Ms Ramirez, comes out after the eleventh hour and claims that, around 34 years ago, when he was, like, 18, Kavanaugh might , at a drunken party, have “exposed himself”. Apart from the fact that this story is being debunked with even bigger speed than the first, if this is the moral standard I suspect 100% of the Democratic senators, members of the house and federal judges should resign yesterday.

It is utterly unreal. At this point it is just the dems throwing excrement around and hoping that something, something at all might stick. Absurd and pathetic, and I hope that the Dems will actually lose votes in November over exactly this.

The last “witness” has consulted for 6 days with a Dems friendly lawyer before speaking out, at the end of which she still is afraid of making an overt accusation. Basically, it boils down to “it was a third of a century ago, I was so drunk I can’t even remember, but I will do all I can to smear the man, short of losing my house”.


In the meantime, dozen of women vouch for the total integrity of the man. Can’t wait for the vote to come and please, no more delays. Let every Senator, including the ones facing re-election in November, say where they are on this to the entire nation.

And in future, let us hold every Democratic candidate to the same standard they want applied to Kavanaugh. This is the party which still honours Bill Clinton. Unbelievable.


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  1. They have to protect their highest sacrament: abortion.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    You’ve said it truly, Mundabor. This whole circus is insane and a disgrace. Who would have thought the Democrats could go so low? They’re despicable. And it is obvious that all these complaints are political weapons, as they all were made to Democrats, not to law authorities.

  3. The same thing will happen when there is a Democrat President and he/she/it nominates a Supreme Court Justice or anyone else that requires a committee hearing in public. This time, the Republicans will have all the fun. These two parties are mirror images of one another. So now, so-called conservatives are angry with the Left because they have denied Kavanaugh the presumption of innocence and the right of due process of law. Yet, one must remember that it was conservatives (and Republicans together with Bush) who pushed the Patriot Act, a vile piece of legislation that overturned centuries of Anglo-Saxon common law (due process, presumption of innocence, right to fair trial and representation of counsel). When you demolish pillars of the common law, don’t be surprised that it comes back to haunt you and your nominees. You reap what you sow. Please don’t think I am on the side of the Left. I am on the side of none of these crazy people.

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