Journalists Who Shut Up

We were just given another example of how sheepish and easily controllable mainstream press is.

On his return flight from the Baltic Republic, Pope Francis simply ordered that questions about Vigano ‘ and his shameless silence about his accusations be avoided.

Journos all complied, obviously in order to avoid not being invited on the next occasion. Journalists who shut up on demand are no journalists.

The mainstream press has become a bunch of order takers, and they are surprised that their credibility and readership is in free fall.

The only acceptable behaviour for any decent outlet would have been to refuse to have journalists on the plane on such conditions, making clear that there is a huge elephant in the room and they will be interested in hearing what the Pope has to say when he addresses the issue of the huge elephant, and not before.

This way, they all help Francis in his (stupid) attempt to make the issue go away.

The decay of democratic institutions all over the West is perfectly exemplified by the decay of a press choosing not to pose the hard questions.

The alternative media are the future. The mainstream printed press will go the way of the dodo, deserving every step of it.


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  1. But they are not real journalists. They’re PR people. They care more about “access” to their celebrity icon, whoever that may be, than finding the truth.
    What is a real journalist? Someone who has skin in the game (as defined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb). Someone willing to put his life, reputation, and job on the line. There’s hardly anyone like that anymore because most “journalists” depend on a pay check from an equally compromised a media company that is nothing more than a PR firm. Indeed, far too many “journalists” condone and promote wicked men and companies under the guise of real journalism. The “journalists” who quote verbatim from PF’s airplane theology are shills. They’re no different from the “journalists” caught shilling for Monsanto.

  2. Rush Limbaugh refers to the press as ‘stenographers.’

  3. Kathleen O'Regan

    Putting my tin hat on, they are all in this together. The media asks no hard questions of Democrats nor church leaders who support their favorite cause, homosexuality. Compare Donald Trump’s treatment with Barack Obama as new presidents. Trump is slammed on every possible thing, while Obama was asked questions about his daughter’s new puppy.
    The people who write for media today are not journalists, but propagandists. Certainly we cannot trust them anymore. They are plants and they’ll do as they are told.

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