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Kavanaugh Forever

Boy, what a man we are hopefully going to have at the SCOTUS.

On the day the American Institutions touched their absolute nadir, a man arose to show everyone what great men the Country still produces. May the Lord reward both him and his family richly.

I have an urgent request as I cannot wait today’s committee vote: do I remember correctly, that the Committee vote is not binding and Kavanaugh’s appointment can be put to a general vote even if there is no recommendation from the commitee?

I have at this point no doubts about at least 50 Republican votes in the general vote, which would give Kavanaugh (and Trump) a glorious victory. But I fear Senator Flake flaking and preventing a majority in the Commitee.

Please someone confirm to me Flake cannot block the process all by himself. If it gets to the general vote, I think it’s solidly in the bag.


Archbishop Vigano’ Doubles Down

What shall I say: Santo subito!

Archbishop Vigano’s brutal second round of accusations not only confirms his charges on the Evil Clown; he also explicitly indicates Cardinal Ouellet as the man in charge of documents that can utterly destroy him.

This is the end for Ouellet, a man once indicated as a trustworthy conservative (when Benedict was Pope there were a lot of Cardinals and Archbishops playing “conservative”) and now exposed from an extremely reliable source as the Cover Up Guy In Chief.

I can’t manage to even hope that he will avoid jail.

Meanwhile, look at how smart Vigano’ is. He is living in an undisclosed location, away from Francis’ paws and from the long, carefully manicured nails of all the clerical bitches screeching against him. From there, he keeps doing God’s work, and may He reward the man richly when his hour comes.

I have said many times, and repeat today, that Francis and his effeminate helpers will not succeed in making this go away. They remind me of children thinking they can halt the tide with their sand barriers. Fools.

The unhappily deceased Cardinal Murphy O’Connor is another very heavy stone thrown at the Evil Clown, Pope Jackass The Heretic. This will be fun to watch.

Thanks, Archbishop Vigano’.

You are the best the Church has to offer, a beacon of integrity in these disgraceful times.


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