Kavanaugh Forever

Boy, what a man we are hopefully going to have at the SCOTUS.

On the day the American Institutions touched their absolute nadir, a man arose to show everyone what great men the Country still produces. May the Lord reward both him and his family richly.

I have an urgent request as I cannot wait today’s committee vote: do I remember correctly, that the Committee vote is not binding and Kavanaugh’s appointment can be put to a general vote even if there is no recommendation from the commitee?

I have at this point no doubts about at least 50 Republican votes in the general vote, which would give Kavanaugh (and Trump) a glorious victory. But I fear Senator Flake flaking and preventing a majority in the Commitee.

Please someone confirm to me Flake cannot block the process all by himself. If it gets to the general vote, I think it’s solidly in the bag.


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  1. I heard Flake’s on board with BK.
    Wasn’t that hearing some spectacular theatre? One for the ages certainly! Lindsey Graham’s speech was epic.
    My confidence in the system is restored. Our prayers were answered in an overwhelmingly abundant way.

  2. May I recommend the site Zero Hedge for live coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee voting on BK this morning? The site is good for so much non-fake news.

  3. A positive vote of the committee is not necessary! Also, Flake has come through and just announced that he will vote for Kavanaugh!

  4. Mundabor: Rest easy; Flake has just announced that he will vote for confirmation. Let’s just pray the full Senate vote goes that way as well.

  5. Sorry, pretty sure the committee is a choke point that has to be navigated before he goes to the full Senate.

  6. The Committee’s vote is non-binding on the rest of the Senate. And…in reality, there is NO REQUIREMENT that an actual Committee vote even take place.
    The Senate’s job is to Advise & Consent. That’s all. These Committees and the like are not mentioned in the Constitution and are merely Senatorial traditions. Most of which need to be flushed down the toilet.

  7. Senator Flake said he will vote for Kavanaugh so the nomination will proceed to a vote by the entire Senate.

  8. Update: Flake flaked. But BK was voted out of committee and his confirmation goes to Congress. Flake is calling for FBI investigation but only Trump can order that. It’s not over yet.

  9. Mundabor: I am sorry to have to report back that Flake voted to send the nomination to the floor but is demanding a weeklong FBI investigation, proving again that I’m right in my thinking that all politicians are whores. We Americans need to start demonstrating in the streets. We want due process and we want the Clintons investigated. We have become a banana republic: best politicians money can buy; cross them and die! Oh wait! Sounds like the Vatican!

  10. Yes, the Judiciary committee vote not to confirm would not preclude a roll call vote on the floor of the Senate. However, it’s something of a moot point now, with the FBI investigation about to begin. No one knows where that will lead or how long it will take now that the door has been opened. I can tell you that feminists are elated over this development.

    • Thanks to you and all who have answered. I had read about Flake voting for Kav and was relaxed anyway, but then Flake flaked and the two bitches followed him. Whores.

  11. The committee vote is just a recommendation. About the perfectly named Flake- it sounds like he and the two squishy female Republicans made it clear they wouldn’t vote for Kavanaugh unless an FBI check was done, but that once cleared they would vote for Kavanaugh.
    Of course, never mind that the Demonrats have no intention to let the FBI check get finished. My biggest hope is that it causes a red wave in November. There’s a lot of palpable anger on both sides over this. I can see a lot of street violence from the Left once Kavanaugh is confirmed. I keep warning people to stay frosty, because I think it’s going to get really ugly in this country.

  12. Kathleen O'Regan

    I do not know, but it seems to be the thinking that he will be confirmed and that they could vote right now if they wanted to. Flake had indicated he would vote for him.
    My concern is impeachment afterward. Naturally the Democrats will do it, as committed to destruction as they are. I have no idea what that means though.
    This is an attack on due process and America’s entire system of justice. If we now adopt guilty until proven innocent, we’re toast. It is obvious it is not Judge Kavanaugh that must be destroyed, but America herself. The Democrats hate this country with a white hot heat. What frightens me is the same thing that frightened me about the church, not that there are some solitary destroyers, but the question of how many will support it and just go along.
    God bless Brett Kavanaugh and his family and God bless America.

  13. The delaying game that Demoncrats and deep state RINO are playing with sole purpose is to bargain with PDJT who should withdraw disclosed information on their indictment files which show they have committed crimes of treason, corruption, sodomy, pedophilia and cannibalism and willing to trade for BK confirmation. No withdraw from PDJT it means they automatically loose the seats in senate and would be prosecuted. USA is a God’s nation.

    • Yeah, I have read they made to him this proposal. But it was a naive one. Trump does not make prisoners, and he is not interested in appeasing anyone. When the information about the “Russian” events are declassified it will be a huge party.

  14. Flake’s a Mormon. Not very bright.

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