The Downfall

And it came to pass Francis decided to ignore the voices of reason – who suggested that he postpones the so-called Synod on Young People, which will be presided by an impressive number of old queens in purple and red – and to push on with another aggressive exercise in demolition of Catholicism.

This, the Evil Clown does not only because, as we all know by now, he hates Catholicism with a passion; but because he is so stupid that he thinks pretending that nothing is happening is, actually, a winning strategy. The man is so dumb, so arrogant, so deluded that it would be amusing if we were not talking about Holy Mother Church.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the train of clerical cover ups has left the platform more than one month ago and there’s nothing Frankie can do to call it back. At this point, if Francis were to produce himself in an obscene Lambada with Monsignor Ricca live on TV, the stunt would not move one inch the dozen or so AGs about to let a tidal shit wave of biblical proportion impact the Vatican and his wheelchair-loving Comandante with force never imagined up to a short time ago.

The mushrooms of dozens of homopaedo atomic bombs has already gone up in the skies of Pennsylvania. Francis plays with stupid synods for fake Catholics, and pretends that the fallout is not going to invest him in a matter of months. With him, a cohort of bishops and cardinals already involved in the scandals up to their bras, and with zero chances of going out of them without a destroyed reputations, with jail terms not necessarily excluded.

What cretins, he and them.

This Pontificate is now in its own bunker, and Pope Adolf still pretends that initiatives like this one will save him from total ignominy.

Not happening, Frankie.

The only interesting thing to be observed in the months and years to come will be to guess to what degree your Pontificate will be pulverised. Stupid synod or no stupid synod.


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  1. Sounds like FakePope Frank is overplaying his hand just a tad.

  2. How can we keep all the archdioceses from destroying files? Why wouldn’t they already have started this? Are they destroying files? Why not? (it’s in their interest)

    • It’s a very difficult thing to do. It’s like Hillary’s, but they would not escape punishment. It is nowadays basically impossible to tamper with emails, computer information, or even written files without the investigators knowing that things are missing and, therefore, the investigation has been obstructed. That’s many years in jail anyway.

  3. I’ll say this again; Frankie is NOT stupid. He is evil personified and this is a planned attack on the church. The Mafia is so entrenched that they at last feel strong enough to go for the coup de gra. I know you disagree with me but that is how I see things.

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