Te Deum Laudamus

Posted on October 6, 2018, in Traditional Catholicism. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Now it’s time for a Republican State to pass an abortion ban, a Republican governor to sign it, and a test case to be presented to the new Supreme Court.

  2. Beautiful!

    Yes, let us thank Our Great God!

    God Keep Mr Kavanaugh and his family.

  3. Good night Mundabor,
    I ask you and your readers to pray for Brazil.
    Tomorrow, Brazil has general elections, and after 23 years of socialists and communists in power, we do have a chance to elect a conservative president, pro-Trump, pro-Salvini, anti-Chaves/Maduro, anti-Cuba. He is not perfect, but has christian views on family, abortion and perversion. The left-wingers and social justice warriors call him a homophobic, nazist, facist, woman hater, etc, because they can’t call him a corrupt politician. He comes as a hero, after surviving an attempt to his life last month, but we only want a patriot, who loves country and God. Tomorrow it’s october 7th, the feast day of Our Lady of Rosary, the day a christian fleet defeated the turks in Lepanto. We hope Our Lady save Brazil once again from the communists.

  4. Amen! We must never tire of winning.

  5. Breitbart News has a very good summary of the winners and losers in this chapter of American history by someone named Nolte. (I tried to copy and paste but was unsuccessful, M). Even Jeff Flake Comes out smelling like a rose.

    Much to be thankful and hopeful about this October day.

  6. I will pray for Brazil, and all of our Catholic civilization. I thank our generous God for holding down the vicious, rabid dogs who so want to see failure. ( I can’t imagine what they look forward to…?) I really didn’t know if this vote could happen because the enemy is so loud and pushy. I am hoping that ‘average nice people’ will realize that the Left wants blood. Thank you, again, for your great analysis and insight on the election.

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