The Day After The Great Victory: Reflections From The Brink Of The Abyss


The morning after (in Europe) and I feel like Trump after being sworn President. I have said, and repeat here, that this was as important as having a Catholic as Pope, because this can actually do more to cleanse the Christian West than, at the moment, even a Catholic Pope would.

I disagree with some of the “winners” of this article.  

It seems to me that the generally excellent Nolte is infected by the “all is well that ends well”-mentality that is so easy in these moments.

Flake was a flake, a coward as always, and a very hypocritical one at that. The idea that a Senator should change his mind because two feminist witches scream at him on an elevator is below kindergarten level, and I actually think it was staged. Nolte’s argument, that it was the right thing to do because of the polls, is monstrous; it is exactly the same logic followed by the Democrats.

Senators must do what is right, screw the polls today, tomorrow and forever.  

A just man was crucified for another week whilst her reckless accuser accumulated $1m on several go fund me accounts. Libelling people now makes you a lot of money. Hey, the polls say it’s fine.

Nor do I want to call Senator Collins innocent or even honest. Every word she said on the press conference could have been said one week before. She played a shameful game of self-aggrandising, by keeping all the Country in a suspense and then doing the only decent thing to do. She did that which dozens of her colleagues on the Republican side did without looking for a stage, without trying to look as the Saviour of the Fatherland at the eleventh hour. It is good etiquette and good against the Democrats to praise her now; but I hope that the Republicans never forget that this is a woman who first fuels a witch hunt, and then needs a week to discover that perhaps witch hunts are a tad wrong.

I hope Murkowski disappears into irrelevance as soon as possible, and that she gets recalled (I understand this is possible in Alaska) or substituted by the Governor (I understand this is, in theory, possible too). Compared to her, Stormy Daniels is a Catholic school girl. Her constituents held in utter contempt, she can even hope, now, that she will not have to suffer any consequences. If Alaskans keep her, they deserve her.

I despise Manchin, too. He has spit directly in the face of the voters of West Virginia, making extremely clear to them that they count for almost nothing, and he will throw them a bone only if this does not put him in a conflict with his real masters in Washington.

The lesson also applies to Heitkamp in North Dakota, McCaskill in Missouri, and Donnelly in Indiana. There is nothing like a moderate Democrat and if you vote for them, you poison your Country. I have a strong suspicion that all of them voted no to Kavanaugh because they know their scant chances of reelection are not worth the brownie points they can earn by toeing the Democrat line. Once again, their voters are irrelevant, only their own careers matter.

And as we are there, let us not forget those voters in Alabama who, too precious to vote for Roy Moore, allowed Doug Jones to be elected. How did Doug Jones vote? Thought so! Talking about cutting one’s nose to spite the wife. 

US voters must stop seeking for perfection where victory is at hand. They must stop condoning  atrocious political behaviour.  They must, now, never forget and, starting in November, punish the party of the modern Salem Witch Trials (and the KKK, and Bill Clinton, and much beside).

And please stop praising Collins and Flake. They were part of the problem, and of the insanity, until two days ago; and I suspect they have backpedalled in the end only because they had nothing else to do if they want to have a future in politics or lobbying.

God bless America.

And God bless Justice Kavanaugh and the great, great Donald John Trump.




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  1. Yes, Yes, let us pray that asap Jorge be gone and we do in future for a change get a Catholic pope. Amen.. Guy McClung, Texas

  2. I believe you are Italian, and I am impressed by your knowledge of American politics and players. A sorry bunch, are they not. But, as Mitch McConnell said of the Democrats “Maybe I ought to thank them”, because the Grand Old Party has found a reason to stiffen up the spine. Threats to the Republic have a way of doing that. The Democrats are diabolically influenced, there is no doubt, they smell the blood of babies in the water, and they want to make sure it keeps flowing. Brett Kavanaugh, is a threat to that river. This is about abortion, but it is also about the Communists who Sen. Joe McCarthy knew were here, and he tried to do something about it, but was roundly mocked and is still roundly mocked, by those who “know better”, and now look, they are here in droves and our young people are being taught by them.
    President Donald J. Trump. Other than George Washington and to a lesser degree Ronald Reagan, he is the most unique, superlative, outstanding president we have ever had. He is a one of a kind individual, completely singular, there is nobody else like him and likely there never will be. Unlike most people who speak of him, I want to say I do not hold my nose to support him, don’t want to distance myself from him, his words, his behavior, in any way. He is a gift from a good God.
    The Democrats are in full destroy mode. They are fine with tearing apart the Republic, it doesn’t matter if there is civil war and people are hurt or killed. In their relentless quest for regained power, it doesn’t matter. Didn’t Stalin say one death was a tragedy, millions of deaths were a statistic?

  3. M, What’s you have said about PDJT it’s really a profound wisdom, only righteous man has. As you have seen the Senate confirmation turned into the witch hunt trial; first to destroy BK and family; second to play a delay game that intended to stop POTUS Trump of draining the swamp by releasing FISA files that contains all the names of politicians, high government officials, globalists’ elites and many more as US traitors, corrupters, pedophiles, sodomites and criminals; third and a wicked one is to keep human sacrificial ritual, abortion alive that if BK becomes the SCOTUS judge, Rose vs Wade would be overturned and homosexual marriage as well. The freemasons in NWO know very well that PDJT is a pro-life man, a man is chosen and anointed by God, a precursor to destroy evil forces to save USA and the world. If you paid more attention on what’s he’s concerned and acted, you would see right way that his first priority is morality to bring USA and the world back to God. Certainly he’s quietly helping exposing and prosecuting all the sodomites in US Catholic Church first and then Vatican. That’s mission from God. God is marvelous!

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