Thug Cardinals


Cardinals supporting the Pope in a moment of relaxation.


Cardinal Ouellet has answered to Archbishop Vigano’ and his answer is, if devoid of facts against the good Archbishop, even more spiteful than you would expect.

The main takeaway is that Ouellet does not deny the truthfulness of Vigano’s main charge: McCarrick was ordered to live a retired life by Benedict, and this was relaxed by Francis. However, he says he has not found any official document prescribing such behaviour (something, by the way, Vigano’ never maintained), which then would make Francis’ allowing McCarrick to fly around the world suddenly OK.

The Cardinal also launches a series of insults against Vigano’, culpable of just having listened to what the Pope said and having faithfully reported it, drawing the consequences from the events and asking such a shameless scoundrel to do the only decent thing and abdicate.

The Cardinal, and the Pope, thus stand naked in front of the just man they accuse and insult.

Note here: Vigano’ clearly reported that the Pope himself introduced the argument, asking him what he thought about McCarrick, to which Vigano’ responded with a clarity and energy that could never justify inaction.  Therefore, Ouellet’s argument, that there were no official document mandating restrictions in McCarrick’s life and movement is no less than an admission of this willed inaction after the clear warning of the Archbishop. 

Cardinal Ouellet is a rotten man; a man who, like many others, pretended to be somewhat conservative when this was convenient to him, only to sell out and become a part of Francis’ heretical machine when the heretics came to power. The very fact that Ouellet openly insults Vigano’ without being able to disprove any of his very reasonable statements, and actually providing evidence of Francis’ scandalous inaction, is a clear indication of the extent to which this man has sold his soul to Francischurch; but then the man also defended Amoris Laetitia and other heretical stunts, so this is par for the course.  

The only argument that Cardinal Ouellet can try to make is this: Vigano’ is a complete liar; one who would invent a total lie out of thin air for the pleasure of taking down a Pope. One who would report conversations that never took place for reasons no one really understands. One, basically, not better than any pussy hat feminist inventing bogus charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

However, this one is not a pussy hat feminist, but an extremely respected man of God. He does not allege facts happened who knows when and where, but certainly decades ago. He reports date, place and exact content of his conversation with Francis. His accounts of the harsh confrontation with McCarrick by the previous Nuncio are substantiated by the Monsignor who was present at it. His account is recent, detailed, corroborated and very credible.

What has Cardinal Ouellet to oppose to it? Something along the lines of “you are a liar and an enemy of the Pope”. In fact, this is the only way anyone could believe Ouellet: persuading oneself that Vigano’ is a pussy hat clerical feminist harpy, suddenly starting to screech against Francis with bogus accusations.

A good man on the one side, a shameless thug on the other.

Pray for the end of this pontificate, and of people like Ouellet infesting the Vatican.



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  1. PF fits the description of the un-canonically elected Destroyer Pope forecast by St. Francis of Assisi whose name he has used to discredit that magnificent saint. Why hasn’t a council been called by now to tell us not to follow this evil NWO Modernist disaster?

  2. And at least one priest, Fr. Mark Goring, of the Companions of the Cross is responding. He says as a shepherd, he has to protect his flock from wolves…

  3. Angela Sullivan

    Strange that Cardinal Ouellet has a brother who is a convicted Pedophile and Ouellet was in favor of a rentry program for pedophiles!

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