Hail Mary, Full Of Gratuitousness and Beauty

Witchcraft ferula

As happened some days ago with the terrifying episode of the witchcraft ferula, Pope Francis has given us another example of his utter lack of most elementary intelligence, coupled with an arrogance that defies imagination.

This excerpt from his latest book shows first of all that Francis has lived an entire life without knowing what Grace is. Seriously, this is stuff every Catholic boys knows perhaps not in elementary school, but certainly at Confirmation.

But then again this appalling ignorance shows the arrogance of the man. A man who does not care to show the world his ignorance of Catholicism, because to him it is far more important that you know how much he despises it. The man who has already objected to the Our Father now tries to remake the meaning of, very likely, the first praying words learned by every Catholic little boy and girl all over Catholicism.

Let me repeat this point so that it sinks in: it is very clear to Francis that he does not understand the basics of Catholicism. What he wants you to know is that he cannot even be bothered to learn anything about it, because he despises Catholicism so much that he wants you to know it is not worth the effort,  and it is utterly inferior to his  own blather about everything.

This is a consistent feature of this papacy: Francis explains to you what Catholicism really means, and it is never what Catholicism has always meant.

I am more and more persuaded that this man never had any faith. Born of a poor family and with little prospects in life, in a Country with paucity of opportunity and in which family, money and connections are pretty much everything, the man decided to scrounge an existence by attaching himself to a powerful and rich order; a course, this, that he deemed vastly preferable to a humble existence perhaps, at some point, graced (see what I am doing here?) with a wife and children and to be lived in humility and faith in the Lord. A course, however, even more understandable is he is, as he might well be, homosexual. In all cases, there can be no doubt that to a power crazed man like this one the possibility to enter an order that did not require power, money or political or other connections, but made one respected and one day, possibly influential, was vastly preferable to the existence of a lowly employee, married or not.

This explains both Bergoglio the Jesuit and Bergoglio the Arrogant. He lived out of the Church whilst he despised Her with a passion all his life. When he was put at the top, his lifelong resentment and his stellar arrogance created exactly what we are seeing now: the man who wants to explain to us, out of his own appalling ignorance, what “full of Grace” means.

It is so embarrassing it makes one cringe. But then again by now we are accustomed.

Hail Francis, full of shit.

I hope you die soon.




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  1. Mundy.You write very well-as usual!If Bergoglio were to die anytime soon then the great unwashed Catholics would proclaim him a Saint.Now,for me,i want him to continue to be the festering boil that he is in order for Catholics(Tradition)to grow and spread.At the moment Bergoglio is the best thing going for Tradition in that it is the antithesis of The True Faith.May he return to South America and die in disgrace when God wills it to be.God Bless.

  2. With respect and as one who believes it most likely that pope Francis is a heretic, the last line lacks charity and I think it should read “I hope you convert soon”. If you want him to die so that he is damned then you are not a conservative and traditional Catholic but an ally of the devil who you know wants Francis to die like this. I hope he converts or resigns and I hope I wouldn’t feel joy if he died like this because I know that Our Lady wants his soul for Christ. I also know that you probably think me an idiot but we must encourage one another.

    • I don’t consider you an idiot, I merely consider you wrong.
      It is my right (and some theologians would say: my duty) to pray for the end of this Pontificate. I truly hope he dies today, for the good of the Church. The matter of his salvation is completely different from the matter of his death. He may, very much in theory, repent at 11:59, without anyone of us knowing, and die at 12:00. We would not know the state of his soul when he dies. But his death would be a great joy nevertheless.
      I wish him salvation. But boy, how I wish a new Conclave (and no, I don’t want “The Three Popes”. The Three Tenors were bad enough…)

  3. Unlike humans Angels say what they mean,and mean what they say.Hail Full of Grace .

  4. God could take him away as we’ve asked, but God has shown his endless and inexhaustible mercy by waiting patiently for his repentance. God is marvelous.

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