Francis Questions His Own Canonisations


Oh, it’s his fault now… 


Oh, the irony!

Pope Francis the Heretic is no trying to deflect the blame for the McCarrick & Co. HomopaedoScandal from himself and to direct it towards the man he himself has just canonised.   

Mind: I am, like most real Catholics, persuaded that Francis’ Pontificate shows that those theologians who have always denied the canonisation as total certainty, as a sort of infallible statement that the canonised person is in heaven, are right. There is no other way to reconcile, otherwise, the Papal Moonbattery (inter alia) in matters of canonisations with the existence of a valid Papacy. In time, a healed Church will examine the matter of Francis’ canonisations and will probably toss them away en bloc, as it does not make sense to try to save the one or other strawberry from an otherwise clearly poisoned cake. For the moment I, as many others, refuse to consider the statements of a clearly heretical Pope as binding on myself in everything that is not in accordance with what the Church has always believed.

However, we must note the following:

  1. The extreme cowardice, a new low point even for Francis, of accusing dead Popes for his own criminal negligence and cover-ups.
  2. The inherent stupidity of the accusations now being concocted against JP II. Firstly, everyone who was breathing at the time could clearly see that “gaga” was the first word coming to mind whenever one saw the man on TV for at least the last ten years of his Pontificate, actually more. Secondly, whilst JP II was certainly too naive and innocent at times, and perhaps easily persuaded by people he should not have trusted, it is preposterous to think that JP II could promote McCarrick to a Red Hat in full knowledge of his acts. Thirdly, whilst there is no evidence whatsoever that JP II did this, we have a very compelling testimony, from a person above suspicion, with dates and exact reporting of actual conversation with Francis himself, that Francis did exactly this.
  3. As the Evil Clown tries to save his own Pontificate from exploding, he sinks it himself. What is a Pope worth, who first canonises one of his predecessors and then proceeds to besmirch his memory and show how un-saintly he actually was? What does this say of Francis’ canonisation process in particular, and of the way this Pope operates in general? If this is not a complete declaration of ineptitude and moral bankruptcy, what is?
  4. This is another evidence of the Pope’s atheism. If Francis had a shred of faith he would either not proceed to the canonisation of a man of whose saintliness he is not 100% persuaded, or he would never think of besmirching the memory of such a man. No, these are the actions of a faithless thug, surrounded by homos and seeing them – provided he is not one of them himself – as the basis of his own power, to be protected at no matter what cost.

This stupid Pontificate is now clutching at straws in order to save itself from certain drowning; and, the man being stupid, it is sinking in a way that makes it look exactly that: stupid from the beginning to the end, from paying a hotel bill for a hotel belonging to him to the wheelchairs, the humble cars, and all that stupid stunts only an idiot can think will help him in the long term.

I thank Providence for the way it is showing us what a toxic Pontificate we are dealing with. We must accept the punishment the Lord justly sent us as the deserved wages of more than half a century of rebellion. We keep our fidelity to the Church, and we deny our allegiance to any statement of this despicable man that does not reflect what we are obliged to believe anyway.

And we welcome, we welcome every new way in which Francis is atomising his own Pontificate as a little step toward the sanity which, one day, will not fail to return.





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  1. What are to make of all those bishops who every day place the name of Francis in the canon of the mass and are in communion with this heretec?

  2. I don’t see it as a reversal for Bergolio, but consistency. Blowing up the canonization process is just another accomplishment for the revolution.

    But I do not understand a few things you have said here. Can you please clarify for me?
    Why do you say “gaga” was the first word coming to mind when seeing JPII for the last ten years of his papacy? The jury is still out in my mind on him, and so I am intensely interested in why you say that.

    Do you think that JPII did not know of the homosexual and predatory actions of McCarrick?
    Thank you. I’m absolutely interested in your thoughts.

    • I think he was gone many years before he died. It is ludicrous to think that his disease would not impact his ability to reason. I also cannot imagine he would willingly cover up for McCarrick.

  3. Teutonic Warrior

    Francis is the worst! But John Paul II was also a modernist Pope who sinned against the faith; ecuminism. Definitely not a saint.

  4. I wonder if there will be a background check instituted in the selection process of future popes. …

    I’ve read that if the conclave cardinals knew PF’s history he would never have been selected.

    I am however grateful for this papacy in one sense. It has allowed the wolves to discard their sheep disguise. Yes, Cardinal Ouellet, you are a wolf…no doubt about it.

  5. One thing I can see in Ouellet’s defense. For a wolf, he has very skilfully let the cat out of the bag. Maybe he was genuinely attacking Vigano, but he has absolutely verified him. The only choice remaining to be decided is whether Ouellet was negligent in not informing PF of the sanctions that he admits awareness of, whether they be formal or informal, or whether he actually did so inform the pope…

    There are situations in which we are advised to be as innocent as a dove and as clever as a fox. Of course, some people are just plain stupid.

    • No, the man is not being clever, he is being a bastard. His attacks on Vigano’ are personal, and his support for AL tells you everything you need to know about his true colours.

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