Nobility In FrancisWorld, Or: Digging One’s Own Grave.


The Queens, Live in St. Peter, Rome, 2010.

Pope Francis The Evil Clown has finally accepted the resignation of Cardinal Wuerl. Only, in a way, he hasn’t, because the man remains in place trying to ensure that his successor ruins him as little as possible. Already this tells you all the stupidity of a Pope who still does not get that this is not the time for empty words and little clerical amateur maneuvers.

It gets worse. 

You have a Cardinal who is behinds decades of cover-ups concerning his own perverted priests, and clearly a pervert himself according to now multiplying reports from serious people. What does a stupid Pope does? He praises the “nobility” of the man in admitting his “mistakes”.

Wait a moment there. The man even set up an entire web page trying to do exactly the contrary! His admission of guilt is not the result of a sudden change of heart, it is the result of a mountain of evidence accumulating against him!  The hypocrisy and clerical thinking were seldom more evident than in the case of this miserable old queen. That this should be deemed worthy of praise is another indication of the moral bankruptcy of a Pope who, I am now pretty sure, did not live one day of his own miserable life as a honest Catholic.

In FrancisWorld, “nobility” is when your desperate, weeks-long attempts to deny a mountain of evidence against you finally end in inevitable defeat. Go figure.

I also note that the Cardinal has not been forced to admit his homosexuality, thus continuing a cover up of the real cause of his being entangled in a net of paedohomo connections with men who could have easily ruined him and who could, for this reason, ask or demand the protection of the powerful closeted Archbishop and then Cardinal.

In a word, Francis keeps doing what every other prelate with an IQ lower than his shoe size would do: he keeps denying, minimising, obfuscating, and praising the culprits. The man must think he still lives in Argentina.

What is fun in all this tragedy is to see this old commie digging his own grave day in and day out, adding a new error every day to the old ones; unable to change course because too dumb to do anything else than what he has always done, and unable to accept the reality that he is being judged  (see what I am doing here?) as one of the dumbest, most corrupt, most horrible Popes in history.

Keep digging, Frankie dear. Go on now, canonise “Che” Guevara! Won’t be so much worse than Paul VI or Romero!

It’s not only that you have no clothes. It is that you stand in the middle of the crowd in your lewd nakedness, and insult those who say you are naked telling them they are making the work of the devil.

Go on, Frankie dear. Keep demolishing your Pontificate.

It will be sad, but also fun, to watch.





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  1. Most of the current crop of prelates are blackmailable, even, and especially, Francis. He, having the most to lose, keeps this in mind when he is forced to take action against one of his own. In the case of Prima Donna Wuerl, Francis accepts the resignation because he has to, yet lays on the over the top praise to ward off retaliation. At least that’s what it appears to me. Also, he couldn’t let a crisis go to waste without sticking it to faithful Catholics once again. There’s no “nobility” in any of these characters. Francis, although he is dumb, is a cagey old Machiavellian for sure.

  2. More from a true young shepherd…he will not be silent. The Church is at war with the enemy from within…

  3. +Vigano responds to Ouellet…the courageous shepherd posts again…twice in one day

  4. Teutonic Warrior

    I love it! “The emperor has no clothes” but the blind flock need to stop following this pide pipper to hell. This false Pope is teaching heresy, false ecumenism, and blasphemy. I pray more Catholics would awaken from their stooper and see the truth; this man and the whole novus ordo religion is teaching a different gospel. This is the religion of man!

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