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Say Hello To The Cirque Soleil Mass

The devastation caused by this Pontificate does not seem to abate. Actually, my impression is that as the scandals deepen, the Evil Clown might be tempted to make a “forward escape” and double down on the “innovation”; hoping, in his immense stupidity, that the wreckage of the Church will make people forget the countless abuses, cover-ups and homosexual infiltration for which even he himself has to answer.

I read with dread that a new “youth Mass” is about to be unveiled. I have no doubt it will be obscene. But one who does not genuflect in front of the Blessed Sacrament can’t be expected to care for the Mass, can he….

Francis is like a South American Dictator who, faced with accusations or corruption, proceeds to a currency reform propelling inflation to 3000% a year. It’s just that way of thinking: ignorance mixed with arrogance, and all of it wrapped in stupidity.

Francis is, as always, wrong.

The secular world out there does not care for the Liturgy. It cares for paedophile priests. Francis could transform the Mass into Cirque Soleil and at this point it would merely register on the liberal media before the next wave of revelations from the numerous investigations ongoing forces them to put the homopaedo scandal front and centre.

The secular world is a monster with two heads. The first wants to destroy Christianity using FrancisChurch. The second wants to destroy the Church Herself. We have had abundant evidence in the last months that the second head wins every time, and the attacks on Francis will become more and more obvious as his stupid behaviour makes him useless – actually, counterproductive, and poisoning – as the beacon of a “new”, “listening” Church.

An aider of paedophiles isn’t a great ambassador for liberal reforms, is he now?

And so this Evil Clown goes around hating the Church and everyone who loves Her, and trying to destroy as much as he can in the time left to him. It is as if God were now not only punishing us with a bad Pope, but stomping our backside with a Francis, and deservedly so.

At this point, those who still have not understood what an Evil Clown this guy is stink of Reprobation to the very sky. So if you still are one of those cretins calling him “sweet Peter on earth” you better be very worried.


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