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There’s Nothing More Catholic Than Walls

I can’t believe the amount of rubbish I am reading about the alleged plight of the members of the “caravan” now trying to subvert sovereignty and logic with a well-orchestrated, obviously well-funded March Through Mexico. If they are so desperate, how can they march through such an immense Country? If they are persecuted in their own Country, why not seek asylum in Mexico? If the situation is so dire, why almost no women and children among them?

The reality is that in fact there is almost no pretence anymore that these people need “asylum”. The motives are purely economic (for the marchers) and political (for their globalist sponsors and the Democrats), and everyone knows that, though the asylum stuff is mentioned here and there for the benefit of the dumb.

There is nothing wrong, and much right, with having frontiers and walls. Rome, the very epicentre of Christianity, never considered them “unchristian ” in any way, shape or form. In all Christian ages, all over Christianity, boundaries of all sorts, clearly including walls , were considered the way to go to protect those inside the community from threats coming from outside. Invasion through peaceful means is still an invasion, with the difference that the invaders do not even need to use weapons. The Barbarians would have been extremely happy to enter the Roman Empire as “peaceful asylum seekers”; however, not even the late Roman Empire was so dumb to allow them to enter at will in the name of “brotherhood”. Perhaps they had bishops who believed in God instead of atheist fags dressed in purple.

From the Leonine Walls to the countless example of fortified cities in Christian Europe, walls have always been a staple of Christian civilisation. A bishop telling you that boundary control is unchristian is a bishop who betrays Christianity himself, and deserves to be parachuted in the midst of fanatic Muslims in order to experience “meeting the other” in a very personal, authentically Christian-free way.

Who knows, it might give the one or other a keen appreciation of structures meant to keep the undesirable out.


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