Hitler, My Foot

And in the end, he did it.

Francis broke the last taboo of political discourse and called his Catholic enemies friends or enablers of Hitler.

I thought calling “walls” un-Christian was the bottom, but the man somehow manages to find a new low every couple of weeks.

For the record, populism in various guises gave us Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. It also gave us, in a way, Joan of Arc. But in the end, it is not about labels.

The populist movement we are witnessing now is the result of artificial, bonkers policies which a limited cabal of elected politicians is trying to impose on their voters. These policies are so out of touch with common sense, so imbued of a mixture of kindergarden do-goodism and surrender (for a price) to globalist enterprises that it is no surprise at all that, at some point, the voters start to wake up and react to the madness.

They also see very clearly where the interest of their alleged “betters” lie. In Germany, former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder accepts an extremely well paid job for a company controlled by Gazprom. In the UK, failed wannabe fag Nick Clegg cashes in his check with Big Globalist Brother and takes a job as PR Honcho at Facebook. The elected politicians will ruthlessly lick the boots of big corporations, preparing a golden retirement for themselves whilst they ruin our Countries and threaten our Christian Civilisation. Merkel, always the hypocrite, says when she retires she wants to open a restaurant. We shall see.

Francis does not get this, because he is dumb. He has strained all his scarce neurons in his youth learning a destructive ideology and is now unable to see past it, not even after decades of failure. And he hates you, he hates you as a Catholic with a hatred I bet not even five and a half years of insults can convey.

You are the Hitler, Frankie dear. You, not we, are the menace to Christian civilisation. Leave Trump, Salvini and Orban alone, do us a favour and retire back to Argentina, where you will be able to play armchair revolutionary all you want until Satan comes by to collect you.

Hitler, my foot.



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  1. Catholics are on to him.

    While this guy is busy dismantling the Catholic Church, the faith, and Christendom, little girls in Florida are falling into Satanism, the actual worship of Satan.
    Two little girls, aged 11 and 12 years old, were planning to kill their weaker classmates who wandered into the bathroom, and drink their blood, and eat their flesh. Then they were going to commit suicide “so they could go to Hell and be with Satan”.

    Where are we, that mere babies would turn to Satan and plot such evil against their friends. Police were “shocked” by what they found, weapons and plans.

    The world is suffering because the world needs Christ. And we have a pope who is set on auto-pilot destruction. What on earth can happen next. Anything.

  2. “Francis does not get this, because he is dumb.”

    Wrong. Francis does not get this because he does not care. Neither do his supporters in the Catholic media. He, they and the hierarchy (at least in the developed world, which includes the Vatican) sold out long ago to the satanic paradigm governing what Scripture calls “the world.” Read the following to understand how and why this happened:



    • Why are people so slow in understanding that the man is stupid? How could he be more stupid than he already is? That he does not care is obvious. But he should have the smarts to not let it appear.

    • If it’s stupidity, remember that God will allow a “great deception” to take hold during the “last days.” That deception would be divine judgement for rejecting the Source of all Truth. If that’s true, then how horrible it will be for industrialized Christianity as a whole (let alone the Catholic Church) that has fallen into apostasy.

    • I can’t imagine Francis going anywhere near the great deception standard. At this point, he can’t even deceive my cat.

  3. Arrogance makes them so stupid that they, creatures lie themselves that they can defeat their Creator.

  4. Why retiring Francis to Argentina? Show some mercy on us!

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