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Gayrdinal Tagle, Or: The Faithless Leading The Stupid.

Let this link sink in.

I thought the Sixties were long gone, but it is clear in some Asian Countries Sixty-Eight is raging now.

A Cardinal even mentioned as a possibility for the next Conclave’s choice (Please, Lord, no!) abandons every sense of shame and says that adolescent can teach him, and “life isn’t clear”.

My answers to the Cardinal.

First: you are a faggot, Your Gayce. Do you know that?

Second: Life is very clear, and our Catholic religion make sense of it all.

War, pestilence, famine.

Death, disease, old age.

Poverty, injustice, “inequality”.

For all of this, and much more, the Catholic Church has always provided wonderful answers, sanctioned by their coming from God, who loves us all. Countless generations of Catholics have gone through life in serenity through all their trials, and have died in the faith. They had shepherds who cared for them.

A Cardinal oblivious of the fact that the Church has the answers, and it is exactly his damn job to teach and defend them, is below even the level of childishness; he has descended into twin-turbo-faggotry.

Third: how can a man admitting his total ignorance of his job description and the fundamentals of his subject matter think he has any right to remain I do not say a Cardinal, but a priest? How can these people even show themselves in public without shame? You can take a heathen savage from the Amazonian Forest, and he would likely know more about life and death and the meaning of life than this embarrassing Gayrdinal.

“I am learning a lot”-Tagle should be defrocked and sent to some far away poor African Country, to work as a social worker whilst the Natives teach him the basics of Christianity.

This here is even worse than Francis. Yes, it’s possible! We have proof! And he is even young! Therefore, if the Cardinals elect such a tool to the Papacy prepare for a huge mess, because if Francis has not been pelted with foul tomatoes yet, this one here could be too much.

Please, Lord, save us from war, pestilence, flood and people like this little cretin.




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