FrancisCertification: Go Ahead, Make My Day!


Great news from the otherwise predictably stupid document closing the predictably stupid Synod: the official FrancisCertification of Catholic Internet content is in the works!  

This is really, really funny. The Catholic Fagarchy currently in power plans to reveal to all Catholics worldwide which sites are officially certified as “FrancisCatholic”. It is not known yet whether pictures of naked men will have to be there (the involvement of Fathers Rosica and Martin has not been detailed), but there is no doubt a substantial amount of FrancisGayness will be a requirement for the not-so-coveted certification.

Aleteia, Patheos, Crux and all the other rosewater “wannabe Catholic” sites – which are correctly Catholic only by mistake, or on occasion of important festivities – will, no doubt, proudly show their “FrancisCertificate” in a prominent spot of their homepage, thus outing themselves as toxic to every Internet surfer sincerely interested in Catholicism after a short period of orientation about the Catholic sites available. 

We – those who take Catholicism seriously – will soon have our own “Not FrancisCertified” logo, also prominently displayed on our homepage. Ideally, some Gaynisterium at the Vatican will run a list of sites and blogs officially considered “fake”, thus greatly increasing the prestige of those authentically catholic sites and blogs therein contained.  Not sure it will happen, but one can hope.

This will be great, great fun.

Really, the Gayrdinals and Gayshops have shot themselves in the bra with this. If they call authentically Catholic sites “Certified Catholic” they will have to explain why those same sites relentlessly attack Francis & his high-pitched troops of Gay Deceivers. If – as it is far more likely – they don’t, they will expose themselves as fake, subversive and, most of all, horribly stupid to all those really interested in Catholicism.

Look, dear Gayrdinals: the time when people cared a straw about what you considered Catholic has long gone, and it has gone exactly because of your demonstrated, appalling lack of Catholicism. As things stand, being “approved” by you means being suspected of paedophilia or, at least, sodomy by the right thinking crowd. 

But you don’t get it, because you live in a stiletto-plagued, Catholic-free zone.

So go on.

Put us in some “condemned list”.

Make my day.





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  1. Boy, do we terrify them or what?

  2. Speaking in the terms of “some STRANGE schism”…
    The question is not so why the schism, but is more why the ‘strange one’?
    Well… because it is not really schism, concluding here goes about the heretical apostates and true haters and enemies of the Church,… and secondly because they are still occupying the Church’s buildings still pretending they are those who are representing the Catholic Church.

  3. I wonder who thought up this great idea? Spadaro? Martin? Rosica? or maybe a combination of the truculent Modernist Franco Dictatorship who can’t keep on topic if it is going against their agenda, making two synods on the family into diversity & accompaniment by allowing LGBT & unrepentant D&R to receive HC while in grave sin, & on hearing the youth’s desire for Tradition changed gear & made their synod into bishop synodality for allowing just about everything non-Catholic from a married clergy & ordination of women to an ecumenical mass, rainbow cross & wiccan stang. With the betrayal of Chinese Catholics, innumerable priests suspended, others in hiding & withdrawn faculties, an old man excommunicated for upholding the real Catholic Faith & interdicts on Infovaticano & Raymond Arroyo they now have the temerity of proposing a certificate of authenticity for Catholic websites. Times are getting interesting!

  4. Hilarious! Yes, M., in FrancisPervChurch you will be assigned the big, yellow KK for Kryptonite Katholic. The KK really will mean Koherently Katholic! I’m with you, Louie Verrecchio, the Remnant, One Peter Five, etc.

    I do wonder where the SSPX and Father Z will land? I love them.

  5. Suppose Ann Barnhardt will pass muster?

  6. I think you should apply. Perhaps they will “approve” everyone. Afterall who are they to judge?

  7. This makes me wish I had a blog, just so I could be un-liked by Francis. It will certainly improve traffic on your site, as well as other un-certified sites. Wouldn’t it be depressing to win approval, despite working really hard on Catholic site?

  8. Hahaha….I think Fr. Mark Goring’s videos will not receive the Vatican’s seal of approval…

  9. Great remarks. But is it not more probable, in the long term, that the Vatican will instigate Western governments to shut down all NotFrancisCertified Sites because of their “hate speech” and anti-LGBTQ&c language? This I consider the real danger, that the officials of the Church will join the liberal elites in destroying the Freedom of Speech and Religious Liberty. This is something which could easily happen in Canada and Europe.

  10. Oh that’s going to be so handy. Because, you know, sometimes I’m at a Catholic site and I’m like “are these the good guys or are these the bad guys?” and now they’ll just be a decal. Thanks Bergoglio!

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