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“Tropical Trump” Wins, Losers March

Great news yesterday morning (here in Europe) as Bolsonaro’s victory was officially announced.


Bolsonaro’s socialist opponents have pledged to take to the streets on Tuesday in force to express their opposition to his election. Many are fearful he will roll back the legislative accomplishments of former administrations with new policies such as the expansion of the military, cracking down on crime, expanding gun rights, pulling Brazil out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and blocking all attempts to legalize abortion.

(Great platform, Jair!)

This reminds me of the “not my President” pathetic children’s tantrum after Trump was elected. This is, also, another demonstration of the innate inability of the Left to simply respect Democracy.

Nowhere, in any Country where I lived in Europe, have I witnessed mass protests after an election. By definition, democracies call for everyone to accept the result of a fair vote. The idea of protest against the winner is, in fact, a protest against democracy.

Nor have the Brazilian leftists anywhere to hide: Bolsonaro has won with such margins that there is no doubt where the Country wants to go, and it is: as far away from Venezuela and as near away to sanity as possible.

We are seeing this more and more often: when all traditional German Parties pledge to not work against Alternative fuer Deutschland what are they doing, but undermining the very principle of Democracy as they declare a Party a non-Party and their voters non-voters? Granted, in Germany you don’t have mass demonstrations to protest the AfD going double digits just after a general election, but the underlying contempt for the worries of millions is just the same.

Losers keep losing, and marching. Sanity keeps coming back one election at a time. Yes, the road is a long one, but one cannot avoid seeing a Great Awakening going on, and may it long last.

For now, let us pray for a Great Sanity Offensive.

And let us enjoy the show of losers marching….





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