“Tropical Trump” Wins, Losers March

Great news yesterday morning (here in Europe) as Bolsonaro’s victory was officially announced.


Bolsonaro’s socialist opponents have pledged to take to the streets on Tuesday in force to express their opposition to his election. Many are fearful he will roll back the legislative accomplishments of former administrations with new policies such as the expansion of the military, cracking down on crime, expanding gun rights, pulling Brazil out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and blocking all attempts to legalize abortion.

(Great platform, Jair!)

This reminds me of the “not my President” pathetic children’s tantrum after Trump was elected. This is, also, another demonstration of the innate inability of the Left to simply respect Democracy.

Nowhere, in any Country where I lived in Europe, have I witnessed mass protests after an election. By definition, democracies call for everyone to accept the result of a fair vote. The idea of protest against the winner is, in fact, a protest against democracy.

Nor have the Brazilian leftists anywhere to hide: Bolsonaro has won with such margins that there is no doubt where the Country wants to go, and it is: as far away from Venezuela and as near away to sanity as possible.

We are seeing this more and more often: when all traditional German Parties pledge to not work against Alternative fuer Deutschland what are they doing, but undermining the very principle of Democracy as they declare a Party a non-Party and their voters non-voters? Granted, in Germany you don’t have mass demonstrations to protest the AfD going double digits just after a general election, but the underlying contempt for the worries of millions is just the same.

Losers keep losing, and marching. Sanity keeps coming back one election at a time. Yes, the road is a long one, but one cannot avoid seeing a Great Awakening going on, and may it long last.

For now, let us pray for a Great Sanity Offensive.

And let us enjoy the show of losers marching….





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  1. AfD became a political force after Merkel’s catastrophic immigration policy. Now she has decided to retire because her party has lost a lot of followers. Germans have woken up to the problems caused by this very arrogant Chancellor.

    • she is not retiring yet, she wants to cling until the next election. I doubt she will manage it, because at this point she is a dead Chancellor walking..

  2. Unrepentant Dilettante

    Hello, Mundabor. I’m Brazilian and Bolsonaro is excellent news all around.

    During the campaign, he signed a pledge with Dom Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, which I translate below. You can find a picture of the original, in Portuguese, in the link:

    “I, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, in the condition of candidate to the presidency of the republic in the elections of this year of 2018, pledge the public commitment to, if elected, defend and promote:

    – the full right to Life, from conception to natural death, fighting every law or decision favoring abortion, euthanasia, research with human embryos or human cloning;

    – the true sense of Matrimony as a union of a man and a woman;

    – the Family, constituted according to the Church’s teaching, and its right to educate the children;

    – to respect to the Catholic Faith and all its symbols, rites, manifestations and temples;

    – to fight gender ideology;

    – [to support] confessional religious schooling;

    – to fight the liberalization of drugs and prostitution;

    – to fight poverty and all forms of slavery;

    – to improve health, education, housing, basic sanitation, the environment, justice and security;

    – clean and honest administration of power and public resources;

    – to fight judicial activism, characterized by the usurpation of the attributions of the Legislative Power by the Judiciary Power, with the prosecution of those who act in this way.

    I pledge, in this way, the commitment to use all my strength to enact and/or sanction laws and acts, in general, destined to promote and further guarantee the inalienable values and rights specified above. Consequently, I pledge not to allow or to do all in my power so that laws and decisions, of whatever nature, contrary to the same inalienable values and rights, are enacted and/or sanctioned.

    Rio de Janeiro, October 12, 2018”.

    Just a few quick points:

    – the mention of “judicial activism” is because the Left has been using the courts to find “rights” in the “penumbras” of legislation to promote the decadent agenda, bypassing Congress, just like they did in the U.S.

    – unfortunately, the institution power of the Church here is fully on the side of the Left. The Brazilian Conference of Catholic Bishops issued statements of thinly veiled criticism against Bolsonaro and support for his communist opponents. And one communist priest, lamentably, received the Left’s candidates for president and vice-president at Mass and gave them communion, this when both are public atheists and supporters of abortion.

    – Bolsonaro received over 2/3 or the evangelical vote but just 46% of the Catholic vote, while the Left was crushed by the evangelicals (maybe it got 15%) but still got 40% of Catholics.

    – a funny detail to finish: Bolsonaro’s middle name is “Messias”, Portuguese for “Messiah”. Let’s hope he lives up to it! The Lord knows Brazil needs it.

  3. Bravo for Bolsinaro and for Spain! We observed his win in the states and felt the same way each time a populist wins in Europe, elated. Yes this is a win for the people, and it is long past time the people rose up and stated, we do not want to go down your globalist road any longer. Donald Trump is having an impact on the world, a very fine impact.

    In the states we see the Democrats more unleashed every day. Despite the shootings of the Jews in PA, despite the desire of the insane left to blame President Trump for the violence (this has no bearing on reality), an actor, James Cromwell, just made a name for himself by declaring if the Democrats do not “win” in our upcoming midterm elections “there will be blood in the streets”. Yet the Democrats gaslight us constantly by saying Republicans do not denounce violence. It is a Bizarro World where up is down and down is up. They deny reality every day. The media backs the Democrats.

    Your comment on the fact that they are actually subverting democracy by not accepting the results of a valid election are on point. Comment boxes for media confirm what is suspected, there are whole swaths of easily led people who seem ready to do their master’s bidding, a colossal temper tantrum that would easily get lots of people hurt, at the least. The Democrats have stoked up anger, resentment, and venom, and seem increasingly ready to use it against the people they cannot control due to the election of President Trump. They had 8 years of unlimited power under Obama, they want it back any way they can get it.

    There has never been such an atmosphere in the United States. It is such a parallel to the church. It is as if one half of the people have nothing in common with the other half and they have become like strangers.

  4. Man, I’m happy.
    As a brazilian who live in Rio, I can’t believe my eyes, as people chanted hymns and celebrated yesterday the victory of sanity and the defeat of the socialists, communists and Castro’s widows.
    Thank you and your readers for your prayers for my country, a Terra de Santa Cruz (our second name: Holy Cross Land).
    I read this earlier:
    That’s the Wall St Journal Editorial Board article about the elections result in Brazil. A good start to understand what happens here, for foreigners.

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