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O Tannenbaum, 2018 Edition

Gotta love ze Germans. As Christmas approaches and the effects of “Diversity” and “Inclusion” are once again felt, the German protection against the Problems the Germans themselves have created becomes very festive.

I am sure most Germans do not see the irony of this: as a foreign religion threatens the civilization and values their traditional religion has created, they react with cosmetic, sentimental ornaments representing exactly the religion and values they are abandoning.

Alas, Christianity – or Western civilization come to that – will require a bit more to be preserved than barriers masked as Christmas trees.

The more we wait, the steeper the price for its defence will be.


Nowhere To Hide?

The fifth biggest US Diocese has been literally assaulted by several dozen (I have read around, up to Sixty; some of them FBI) law enforcement officers. They have brought away a quantity of documents, computer and such stuff.

This will be fun.

An operation of such scale clearly indicates that there is a lot of smoke and the prosecution is intentioned to find the fire. I think they suspect a vast net of enablers during the facts, and of helpers after the facts. It is also clear that the police is after confidential material, whose recipients might have been the Archbishop or, who knows, bib wigs in Rome?

That would be even more fun!

As I have often stated, every decent Catholic should support this wave of investigations without reservation. The scale of evil and complicity within the Church is too big to allow any sort of mental reservation; there is just no way the police will not do a better job than the Church would have done.

No doubt, the investigations will draw further attention on what we already know: the vast majority of paedophile priests are homosexuals, and probably so are many of those who protect them. An operation of such scale will help to make this known to a much wider public, showing to mainstream Americans where the real problem lies.

Galveston-Houston is the first diocese seeing such a massive action, but I have no doubt several others will follow.

I suspect I am not the only one who thinks Francis will soon have nowhere to hide.

Now that would be funniest….


53 to 47, Minus 1

This time, Mississippi isn’t burning. Actually, it is making America great again. The final tally after the elections gives us a new 53 to 47 composition in the Senate that is, in fact, everything we need in order to have the Senate go in the right direction in the next two years.

When I look at the composition of the Republican troops in the Senate, I can see only three major sneaks in the grass: Murkowski, Collins and Romney. I also doubt they would present a compact front against us in the decisions that matter most now: judicial appointments. Collins made a lot of grandstanding but in the end did not dare to go against her party. Romney is hopefully smart enough to understand he cannot afford to betray in an eventual Kavanaugh-2 scenario. Murkowski is up for (hopefully not) reelection in 2020 and, if Palin decides to candidate, will likely have her butt kicked out in the Primaries.

Still, even with all three daring to vote against, say, the next appointee to the Supreme Court, the 50 votes that appear very likely, plus Mike Pence, would be enough to push through every appointment.

Things are, therefore, very fine in the Senate.

However, I have a lingering fear that we might be about to discover that Justice Roberts is the greatest soyboy on earth.

Roberts’ recent (and very rare for a Supreme Court justice) criticism of President Trump’s perfectly legitimate attack to an Obama-appointed feminist judge might, conceivably, have been just a move to show the Country he has “independence of judgement” before actually siding with the right side in matters of abortion, first and second amendment, national security, etc. However, I see it as more probable that the guy will now be too scared of the responsibility of being the one who tips the scale on the side of sanity and decides to become the new “swing vote”, Kennedy-fying himself out of sheer inability to face the pressure. Has he not, in the end, done the same in the matter of Obamacare?

So we have a 53 to 47 but, more likely than not, no all-out attack on the insanity of modern times. A third Trump Supreme Court appointment would help greatly, and we are now perfectly positioned for it.

“How do you feel today, ma’am?”*


*(you know whom I mean…)

Bizarro World




A recent headline (warning: the page always has inappropriate content) informs us that the famous “seven sisters” story (the hypothesis that we all descend from a very limited number, possibly only seven, of mothers) has now been reduced to its unavoidable conclusion: not seven mothers, but one.

Plus, as an added bonus, we get the “scientific” confirmation that a catastrophic event, which wiped out most of humanity, took place a long, long time ago.

You don’t say…

When I read the headline and the article, it gave me another shudder thinking of the evident inversion of truths, of the literally fake reality in which our world lives.

Truth is reality. Truth is the only reality there is. Everything that deviates from truth is, in the end, a mere fantasy, the biological and historical equivalent of abstruse conspiracy theories.

God made us. He made us to know him, to love him and to serve him in this world, and to be happy with him forever in the next. 

This is the reality. The rest is fantasy.

The headline that “science” (the idol of our times) might actually get somewhat near to  what reality is has a funny and at the same time tragic flavour. We live in a world of child brains, to whom you must tell strange tales to make them acquainted with the reality of things; something akin to saying to children that hot water causes pain because Benji says so.

“Science” is, by definition, outside of the realm of reality. Science only tells you the latest fad, or the latest well-meaning hypothesis, in the possible explanation of things. Science is not only susceptible, but even meant to be surpassed by more advanced science. Therefore, science is, by definition, unable to reach any ontological dimension of truth. This is not only true for obviously bogus, fake so-called science like the global cooling, or global warming theories, or all other theories based not on scientific  evidence but on projection and manipulation of fragmentary data into a reality far too complex to be embraced by it. No, this is also true for real, serious science following the scientific method, and through which we only get to discover, in incremental steps, our own littleness confronted with the greatness of the creator. Duckduckgo around, or read “Darwin’s Doubt”, to have an example of how the invention of electronic and then atomic microscopes destroyed the Darwinian theory of evolution, albeit HomoMedia will never want you to realise this.

We call “backward” people, like our progenitors in the Middle Ages, who had a solid grasp of reality; but we believe in all sorts of idols, from “science” to “global warming”, with our increasing childishness and stupidity constantly fed by increasingly smarter phones.

Science might be near to tell us what we always knew, and were always bound to acknowledge anyway.

What an extraordinary tool, science.







An Unnecessary Clarification

I wrote yesterday:

In Italy, every university Professor is called, upon retirement, “Professore Emerito”.

This is meant to mean exactly what Benedict stated: the professor is not in charge anymore, but the honour of the position remains with him forever, it stays with him for life.

No one thinks he still has the job.


Not one.

The words and the concept are elementarily clear to every Italian, and Ratzinger has lived there for the better part of his life. It is clear enough what he wanted to say. The rest is  fluff.

This is not difficult to understand for anyone who takes the time to, actually, read.

No Italian thinks that a Professore Emerito still has the job. 


Not one. 

What the word mean, is that the man is now retired, and another one is teaching in his place.

Professore Emerito is, very simply, how you call a retired professor.

This is exactly why Benedict has chosen the title of Pontiff Emeritus, and he explicitly said that he does not want to be the one in charge anymore. He very clearly wanted to convey exactly this meaning. 

Therefore, I am (emphatically) not stating that nobody believes that Benedict is still the reigning Pope.

I am, obviously, well aware that there are people who keep floating this absurd idea.

This is exactly why I write blog posts refuting it.

I don’t like being misrepresented, and I do not think this is, whether you agree with me or not, fair to this little effort.



Archbishops Don’t Make Doctrine In Press Conferences

From a reader, after yesterday’s blog post:

Then I thought that maybe because PB intended the weird “bifurcated papacy” a dual papacy never before done in papal history, that someone might care enough to follow up on it, but we find that we are back in the same place.

The thing always comes down to numbers. If 300 Cardinals declared “heretic!”, he’d be gone already, back Buenos Aires gumming things up again. But we have perhaps, 5?
Is that enough? How many manly Cardinals do you need? We are alarmingly short on manly anything.
Can 1 manly, faithful Cardinal declare heresy and depose him? It doesn’t seem likely, but I don’t know anything. I have a feeling that if that were the case, Vigano would have already done it. But our one man had to go into hiding and toss darts from behind a tree.

Perhaps it is the right day to shed some light on this.

1. Benedict never wanted to bifurcate the papacy. Benedict never said that two people now share the power of the office. He never said that two Popes are in charge.  Understand that Benedict is deeply embedded in the Italian culture and he simply wanted to avoid what every Italian would think of him on his abdication:

[………………..] colui

che fece per viltade il gran rifiuto

“The one who, out of cowardice, made the great refusal”. This is, as every Italian child knows, Celestine V, though Dante never said so explicitly.

That’s it. That’s all there is. He is saying, as he has abundantly declared, “I do not abdicate out of cowardice. I do not throw away the honour of having been elected Pope. I merely want to retire because my forces are not sufficient anymore”.

Also: the title he chose, and therefore the thinking he used, is well-known to every better educated Italian. In Italy, every university Professor is called, upon retirement, “Professore Emerito”.

This is meant to mean exactly what Benedict stated: the professor is not in charge anymore, but the honour of the position remains with him forever, it stays with him for life.

No one thinks he still has the job.


Not one.

The words and the concept are elementarily clear to every Italian, and Ratzinger has lived there for the better part of his life. It is clear enough what he wanted to say. The rest is  fluff.

You might say that this is a very cerebral way of doing things, and that the man is making the affair unnecessarily complicated. Well you know what? The man is cerebral, he is complicated. Always was.

2. It never ceases to amaze me that a power hungry archbishop gives a press conference and puts in the mouth of the Pope something he never said, and suddenly it becomes Catechism for the entire planet. Gaenswein was obviously making a power play, stating that he wants his voice to have more importance.

Who the heck is Gaenswein? Can he formulate some new doctrine? Heck, not even Benedict could formulate a new doctrine of the Papacy! Can we please stop fishing for interviews and press conferences to try to invent abstruse arguments about something that was never stated?

3. One Cardinal could not declare a Pope heretic and validly depose him. Athanasius ignored Honorius and refused to give him obedience, but he never deposed him. There would have to be a number of Cardinals that make the exercise such that they can say that they legitimately represent the Church. How many is that? Let the cardinals come out and the faithful will be able to gauge whom they represent. But it certainly can’t be one, or two, or three. It would need to be more than individual dissent, however right. It would be a revolt against heresy from the inside of the Church.

4. Vigano’ is not a Cardinal, he is an Archbishop. Bishops can certainly depose a Pope. But again, they would have to be many, certainly more than, say, one or two dozen Cardinals. They would have to be enough in number that they can believably present themselves as the protectors of Catholicism. They would, methinks, have to be supported by a number of believable, sound Catholic theologians. They would likely have to be sponsored by at least one Government, both paying for the substantial expenses of an imperfect council and giving the Bishops the relevant structures, buildings, administration staff, permanence and visibility. Poland, or Hungary, or even Italy come to mind. The theologians who defied John XXII clearly had the Crown of France behind them.

It is important that bishops and cardinals speak out. The Lord will do the rest in due time. When the time is right, we will discover that Providence has arranged for the means and the ways.  It is not for us to state a number, or the criteria to make things sufficient to depose a Pope. It is not possible or expedient to say in abstract “we need at least 15% of the living cardinals representing all Continents”, or stuff like that. We need to trust that, when a challenge is mounted, true Catholics will easily recognise whether it is the true expression of the Church or not.

But it must start from someone. It must start from someone like Athanasius, who does what is right because it is right, not because he knows it will succeed.

Where is our Athanasius? I don’t see him anywhere.

We need to pray harder for one.



Why I Do Not Think Monsignor Bux Is Helping (Though He Certainly Wants To)

Pope Francis in a pensive moment


Monsignor Bux, one of the few straight Catholics remaining around the Vatican, has publicly questioned whether the matter of the validity of Francis’ election should not be deepened.

The good man does not seem to have deep-seating reservations about the election in itself, reservations about which he obviously remained silent for years. Rather, he hints fairly transparently at the expediency matter: it is easier to get rid of the Evil Clown through the way of the illegitimate election than through any other way.

I allow myself to disagree, for the reasons that follow.

1. The matter of the validity of the election of a Pope is a mine field of procedural, subtle distinguos. It is made much more difficult from the obvious fact that Benedict does not question Francis’ legitimacy. It is difficult even to think of an “antipope” to whom the alleged Pope is not even anti; that is, in no antagonism or conflicting claim whatsoever. You simply can’t reasonably claim that a Pope who wanted to abdicate just did not want to.

2. Alternatively to and together with the “Benedict did not know what he was doing” argument, to start the procedural quibbles now means to undermine every future papal election. By every new election, one or three cardinals violating the secret of the conclave and stating that yes, they reached agreement to allow the election of Pope Pius XIII would, then, allow liberal cardinals to promote, and the press to ask, the deposition of said Pope Pius XIII. This causes infinitely more damage than a couple of old fags plotting to have a Pope agreeable to them; something, by the way, which has always happened and will always happen, because this is the reality of human nature. It really took a V II Pope of the naivete of JP II to establish stupid rules everyone but him knew would never be followed, opening a can of worms of gigantic proportions for the joy of the lovers of quibbles and enemies of reality. Still, as always, ecclesia supplet and the Pope will always be the one whom the entire Catholic planet sees as the Pope; or, if you prefer, common sense will always prevail. Mind, the same applies if one uses the argument that Benedict never really abdicated: around half the Cardinals are illegitimate ones.

3. Monsignor Bux’ way is in no way easier than a proclamation from the side of the Cardinals of papal heresy. Actually, it is more difficult and infinitely more messy. What is easier, to persuade a Cardinal to go against the Pope because of obvious heresy, or because of a procedural quibble? What would the faithful more easily understand: that the Cardinals want to depose the Pope because he is a damn heretic, or that they want to depose the Pope because three or four old fags bragged about their own vote-swaying ability and/or the man who wanted to adbicate was wrong about his very will to abdicate?

4. What happens when Benedict dies (which can be any day now): will they decide that at this point Benedict has most certainly relinquished the keys of peter to Francis, or will every Cardinal not so inclined become, as he well should at that point, a de facto Sedevacantist? What will, then, those very same factual Sedevacantists do when a new conclave is elected: reject it because many of the Cardinals were appointed by a Pope whose elections might be procedurally null and void, or who was not the Pope because Benedict was the real one? And the conclave next? And the next? Does Monsignor Bux understands that he is, albeit unwittingly, undermining the legitimacy of every future Pope in the eyes of the very Catholic faithful?  

This all just makes no sense. It is like having an elephant in the room and, instead of proceeding to remove the elephant, engaging in endless sophistry about whether the truck driver who transported it had a valid driving license. Remove the damn elephant, for crying out loud!

The Pope is a heretic. This is the problem, and nothing else.

You deal with a heretic Pope the way this was done in the past: you challenge him and, if he does not recant, you depose him and let the mess ensue that God obviously has decreed should ensue, then open strife is infinitely better than acquiescence to a heretical Pope. After which, let everyone call “schism” as much as he wants: there will be those who are with Christ and those who are against, period.

Monsignor Bux’ hypothesis does not help, and it makes things worse.

The solution to the current heresy is the challenging of a heretical Pope as heretical.

Not difficult to understand.

Nothing new, either.







Friends In High Places

I was reading one of the several great books I have from the great Dominic Garrigou-Lagrange, and one part struck me with renewed impact: whenever we ask a Saint for his intercession he will, provided our petition is a legitimate one, intercede for us with Christ. Every. Single. Time.

Now: I knew this; as, I am sure, many of you know. But the consciousness of certain facts of our wonderful Catholic religion slide in the background with the time, and they need – at least as far as I am concerned – to be periodically refreshed and given new life.

Think of it. Think of how big a deal this is. Do not fall for the Protestant “Christ is my buddy” ruse. Catholicism is a huge cooperative endeavour, and it is meant to work that way.

Make it a habit to confide your sorrows and direct your honest, legitimate requests to your favourite Saint, and of course to Maria Mediatrix, every day. Bask in the beauty of this daily consolation. Let your hopes, your aspirations and, if need be, your tears reach those in Heaven who love you and whom you trust. They will hear you every single time, and they will not fail to help you every single time.

Remember: you have friends in high places.


Gayrdinal Tobin Has No Explanation

Gayrdinal Tobin (he of “Nighty-night baby, I love you”-tweet fame) was accosted by a journalist asking him about both the tweet and the Italian actor who has been living at his rectory until people found out.  

Not surprisingly considering the way these people feel completely insulated from us (straight) mortals, the man still had not even a fake excuse as to exactly why an actor would live in his rectory. I know, it is difficult to even invent one; but you would think the man feels the need to fabricate something to give at least an appearance of decency.

He doesn’t.

The lack of even the pretence of an explanation is, to me, indicative of the mentality of these people: they feel unassailable.

When a Cardinal invites a young, attractive Italian man to live in his own place, imagine how many people must know. Gayrdinal Tobin obviously did not care about any of that. It is not only the sodomy in itself; it is the chutzpah, the almighty arrogance of thinking he can just do what he wants and does not own an explanation to anyone – much less to God in Whom he obviously does not believe -.

The same mentality is at play in this impromptu interview. The man is sent out in order to give the thinnest varnish of decency to the matter; but clearly, Gayrdinal Tobin does not feel that anything more than this is required. He does not owe any explanation to us straight underlings as to why he had a male mistress living in his own rectory, nor does he have to prove that a clearly homoerotic tweet was not sent to him.

This guy needs to be added to the very long list of Gayshops and Gayrdinals who needs to be defrocked when sanity comes back. The shame of the Church in the early XXI Century will be remembered in one thousand years, just as we remember today the degree of corruption pervading the Church in the time of St Peter Damian.

It is good that these perverts are so stupid that they do not even feel the need to give some covering to their perversion. It will make it so much easier to get rid of them when the time comes. It will also make it much easier for countless prosecutors in the US and elsewhere to understand the net of complicity and mutual blackmail that has kept the homo lobby together for several decades. It is clear that one like Gayrdinal Tobin will never be able to do anything sensible against any pervert, communist or thief among the clergy of his diocese. He will also have to toe the liberal line in order to avoid waking up one morning and find oneself outed by the people he has displeased. His disgusting proclivities will make him totally unable to work as a priest, much less a bishop or cardinal.

Nighty-night, Your Gayce.

We want you gone.






Make Purple The New Orange.


I have written very recently a blog post wondering whether the corrupt, faithless US Bishops would side with the Pope is his stonewalling of the investigation against PervChurch,or would do the liberal thing and bow to the world, defying his order.

Turns out they choose to stonewall with the Pope. 

Now, in my simple world “transparency” means that you make things transparent. Something very bad has happened, and it is therefore fitting that the background of the events be revealed as much as possible. You would think that people talking all the time about how they failed the faithful and promising to engage for them at every breakfast, lunch and dinner time would get this.

Er, no. Transparency is something you talk about. That’s it.

Now, everyone with an IQ bigger than the size of his shoes knows that the Bishops aren’t avoiding to release information so that they can investigate more thoroughly than the public could do. No, they are keeping information away from you so that they can a) protect the vast number of people implicated in the protection and enabling of Cardinal McCarrick, b) avoid the unearthing of a vast, vast homosexual clerical net inside and outside of the Vatican,  and c) pretend that they are acting against clerical abuse when they are, in fact, consolidating it and helping it to fester inside and even at the very heart of the Church.

If you thought that the US Bishops would put themselves at the head of the movement (not because of concern for the victims or desire to do Christ’s work; but merely in order to avoid the donations drying out) curb your enthusiasm, because I don’t think that this is going to happen. These people are, evidently, too compromised to risk any degree of openness.

The solution, at this point, is the handcuffs. I hope AGs all over the Country will soon start to treat the US Bishops like the organised criminal ring they are. Let them feel the cold metal on their wrists, and see whether this helps to, as they say today, “facilitate” a change of attitude.

Make purple the new orange.

The total rottenness of this papacy is perfectly mirrored by the total rottenness of our bishops and Cardinals. With few exceptions, they are complicit in everything that is disgusting within today’s Church. We should call for the destruction of this evil cabal of perverts and their enablers, and welcome the uproar and scandal that would cause. This is the sort of scandal that actually helps repairing the Church.

Lock them up.

They will sing like gay canary birds.





Meet The Child Pope And His Discredited Bishops

The Evil Clown has just given another demonstration of his immense, legendary arrogance and stupidity by ordering his US Bishops to postpone until February the adoption of measures aimed at providing a structured procedure and, in general, accountability for the behaviour of bishop.

This is not even being tone-deaf. This is, purely and simply, spitting in the face of honest Catholics the world over, something the man clearly enjoys doing.

Can you imagine Ratzinger doing something even remotely similar to this? The cries of crucifige! would be heard on Mars!

The Pope being, instead, a damn protocommie enemy of all that is good and holy, I imagine the outcry will be limited to the Catholic camp, the MSM making all they can to give this astonishing scandal as little relevance as possible, hoping that if gets forgotten altogether. Make no mistake, it won’t.

It seems to me that the man is getting even more stubborn and more childish as years go by, delighting in what even a functional retard like him must know will cause a huge outcry; still, choosing to abandon himself to his tantrum like the spoiled old brat he is.

It is particularly good, and not a little spicy, that Archbishop Vigano’ denounced Francis and invited the US Bishops to disobey to him; which, frankly, would be quite a funny thing to behold. If it happens, if would actually give another demonstration that the world, not Catholicism, is the religion of these people; who did not bat an eye for Amoris Laetitia, the heresy about Capital Punishment and all the other antics, but dare to openly disobey the Pope when the tenets of the XXI Century and the donations from wealthy sponsors are on the line.

Ass them, and ass Francis.

There is no way you can fail in your role as a bishop and remake a new virginity for yourself when the collection plate is endangered.

Apocalypto, XXI Century Edition

A Dutch “doctor” is going to be prosecuted in the Netherlands, a Country where the practice of euthanasia has been legal since 2002.

The details I have read were quite something: old patient suffering from dementia is given a poisoned coffee by Dr She-Goebbels. As the poor patient makes resistance to further “treatment” (possibly noticing the effect of the poison, or somehow sensing Dr She-Goebbels was in “executioner mode”) , Nazi doctor asks Nazi relatives to restrain patient whilst she finishes the job. It truly is like a scene from “Frantic”.

This is what Post-Christian Europe has become. Can you imagine a family in, say, 1958 – any family whatsoever, and be it the most wicked in the Netherlands – where the family helps the killing of their own relative by the hands of a state doctor?

People talk a lot about “humanity”, or being “humane” to people. The word is deceptive.

It is Christ who gives us our “humanity” in the way it is intended here. Without Christ, humans become literally inhumane. From the practice of the Suttee among the Hindu to the atrocities of the Aztec “religious” practices, ending with the Gulags and the Holocaust, we see time and again of what atrocities humans become capable, whilst considering them part of the orderly life of “decent” people.

Meet Apocalypto, XXI Century.

Where people think they are so much more advanced than their Christian forefathers, whilst holding their elders so that the doctor can kill them.


More Evidence That The Elections Were Good News

I have written only yesterday about what a positive outcome the Mid Term election have had for us. I have mentioned, among other things, possible new appointments for the Supreme Court, now made much easier than when you have to depend for reptiles a’ la Collins and Flake to push the vote through.

Wednesday wasn’t an easy day for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and God knows she does not have very many of those left.

In the morning, she must have woken up to the news that Trump has the Senate now even more in his grip. Farewell, residual hopes of being able to retire knowing that another feminist witch will take your place. Plus, it will not be easy to retake the majority even in 2020, with Trump himself on the ballot box. This makes for likely another four years of waiting (and a lot of sleeping…).

Bad, uh?

In the evening, another sign of how fragile the situation of the Dems has become. She fell in her own office (not, mind, on the stairs. She fell on a level surface) and fractured three ribs as a result.


What this tell me, and everybody else, is that the woman is too fragile to exercise her duties. After the healing process (which will be long and painful; broken ribs are a nasty business) she will have to go on almost in zombie fashion, outing herself even more as the selfish, partisan liberal activist all reasonable people know she is; or realise that her time as a judge is up, and she will not have the opportunity to pick a time convenient to her for her retirement.

Once again, we see how important it was for us to not only retain, but strengthen our majority in the Senate. Let us count:

Bader Ginsburg: 85 and three broken ribs.

Breyer: 80.

Sotomayor (the wise wide Latina): 64, but rumoured to have massive diabetes issues.

These are three low hanging fruits Trump might be able to pick and take away from the enemy.  Plus:

Thomas: 70 and a great man. If he were to resign this would give us more dominance still, and a conservative on his seat for likely several decades. But it does not have to be, as the man could likely weather another 6 years of Trump and (God Forbid!) 8 years of some Democrat president and still be able to resign with the right conditions.

It is truly great that we could make our position in the Senate stronger, and it was very smart of Trump to make of the Senate one of the central points of his electoral campaign.

We might have truly great days ahead of us.





Good News From The Ballot Box

No, it wasn’t the historic triumph that would have consigned Triumph to the legend of the United States. But it wasn’t bad at all. Actually, for a Catholic, it was great news.

I thought Trump could keep the House even after being elected with a majority in both of them. But this is because I have great confidence in the exceptional capacity of this man, not because it would have been a defeat if it had gone otherwise. Miracles don’t happen every two years, apparently.

In recent times the feat has proved very difficult. Clinton got elected in 1992 with both branches of the Congress and lost both in 1994, leaving more than 50 congressmen on the ground. Obama got elected with both branches in 2008 and was trounced in historic fashion in 2010, losing more than 60 congressmen and several senators. Besides the obvious mistakes they made, it is not easy to persuade the electorate to leave all Washington power in the same hands with a first mandate president. It requires a massive ability to swim against the tide.

Trump almost achieved this, as the differential in house seats is due to a small oscillation of votes the wrong way. It could have been a total triumph. It still was a very satisfactory evening for us, much better than for the Democrats. Astonishingly, even they understand it. We are not euphoric. They are somewhere between disappointed and depressed.

For us Catholics, the most important issue is to do with judicial appointments at the Supreme Court and below. In that regard, we are now in a much stronger position. From what I read around, it would even appear that the dynamics of the 2020 elections make it probable the senate majority will be maintained beyond that date. This means, assuming a victory of Trump in 2020, four more years of sound judicial appointments, including any seat on the Supreme Court that should become free.

Breyer is 80, Bader Ginsburg 85. You do the math.

Yes, losing the House will be a nuisance. If the Dems decide to be stupid, we will have two years of tantrums and committees making a lot of noise and producing nothing of substance, after which it is likely the American people might well put an end to their very thin majority as Trump leads the Country to a landslide in 2020. If they decide to be reasonable, we will have some form of collaboration on taxes, health care and co that will not impact what is most important to us: the religious issues like abortion and the perversion of family and marriage.

The Wall can be dealt with with executive orders if Trump decides to do it. A great tax reform has already been passed, that will be the legacy of the Trump years in economics matters. The individual mandate is a thing of the past. It’s not that you need any great new legislative accomplishment to keep Making America Great Again.

To look at the new freedom Trump has, observe how Sessions was made to resign yesterday already. You may or may not disagree with him on the qualities of the man, but he moved now because he now knows that his replacement will sail through the Senate hearings without too much fuss and with the votes already in the bag. Three months ago, it would have been another Circus Schumer.

This was not the great news we were hoping for. But it is good news nevertheless. Trump can swim against the tide, in the presence of an extremely hostile press environment and ostracised by the Tech Giants, and deliver for us.

What he can still not do is deliver miracles on a consistent basis.

For that, however, you should not blame him, but the American people.




Trump @ War: The Movie

A film by Stephen K Bannon


Amazing Grace

During a medical emergency at a Trump rally in Missouri, the crowd spontaneously started to sing Amazing Grace.

Instead, Democrats think they are “punished with a baby”.

The vote is today.

Please go and vote not only for those wonderful U S of A in which you are privileged to live, but for us Europeans and for all decent people everywhere, because a successful Trump Presidency generates the Salvinis and Bolsonaros we so urgently need. 



Before The Vote

The election day is rapidly approaching and it seems to me that, like in 2016, massive gaslighting is going on. Make no mistake: the polls will be slightly “adjusted” to make them more in line with what those who have eyes to see are seeing on the ground, but the attempt to demoralise Republican voters is going on until the very end.

My suggestion to my readers is that they do not focus on polls anymore (biased almost always anyway) and focus on the growing data available from the early vote.

Without being complacent, I would say they are more than good.

I would like to suggest to my readers two sites I have found extremely useful to follow the intricacies of the early vote and to immunised against the liberal poll propaganda machine.

The first is the excellent Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse, a site run by a man (who writes under the name of Sundance) who should really be in office. I spent the election night following this site, and it saved my sanity in those difficult ours, unmasking the lies of the official media several hours before the facts caught up woth them all (includes Fox News, of course).

The second is the Twitter feed of the excellent Larry Schweikart.

Mr Schweikart does not really care much for polls, but for the data on the ground, and he is very good at finding and analysing them.

Please write in the comment section internet sites you know that focus specifically on early vote/election data, so that come Tuesday we have more ways to avoid the gaslighting.

Good people need to go to vote. They really do.

However, if things keep going this way I make an easy prediction: several more Senators and we still get to keep the House.

Pray, but vote.




A Reader On DJT


I received this comment from reader Kate R.

I found it so beautiful that I think it deserves a blog post all of itself.

Kate R. is writing about Donald John Trump.

He is a force of nature, and we thank God for him daily. His daily itinerary is on our news feed, and how he does all that he does, well it can only be God Who sustains him. It is a constant schedule of demanding activities. I wouldn’t last one week and I’m significantly younger than he.
We knew God gave him to us. He was an answer to prayer and exactly what we needed. We wouldn’t change a thing about him. That he is a conservative is unbelievable. That he is complete man of the people, he CARES, is incredible. That he loves our nation and people is undeniable. He wants to do good. And he can, he has unparalleled tenacity, the ability to just shrug off, at least publicly, hateful people who want to thwart him. We are concerned about civil war in these United States. We’ve never seen the venom and threats we do now, even from insignificant Hollywood worms. How dare they. President Trump was validly elected. Sixty three million Americans voted for him, and he is still filling stadiums with 20,000 needing to be turned away!
God bless him and keep him, may He continue to protect and guide him. Amen. And may Americans still be smart enough to realize real danger is now coming in the form of the Democrat party, which should better be called the Communist Party.

It occurs to me that I do not pray enough for the health and success of this great man.

And it seems to me that the world is only now beginning to discover that this man truly is a legend in the making.

Indeed: God bless him and jeep him, may He continue to protect and guide him.



The Struggle Never Ends: Appeal To All My US Readers


Help him to help you 


I must admit: since the confirmation of the great Brett Kavanaugh I have been breathing a lot more easily. Firstly, because this will make “change” (the real one) much easier, particularly if Justice Roberts doesn’t start to move to the left, fancying himself the new “swing vote”. Secondly, because the obscene circus created by the Democrats has actually worked for us, helping many Americans to understand what a bunch of ruthless, bastard, mob-inciting and mob-driven demagogues and opportunists now controls the party.

However, all this will count for nothing unless people actually not only go out and vote, but encourage their friends and family to do the same.

Early voting is underway in many States (and, from what I can follow, things are actually going pretty well; particularly if you look at the actual early vote statistics and ignore the fake news aka polls; but hey… don’t say it around too much…), but in order to make of this a victory it is really necessary that the a massive push follows the encouraging early data.

I define victory as: a) solid majority in the Senate that makes us not dependent from snakes in the grass a la Murkowski and Collins, and b) at least a tiny majority in the House that prevents the Dems from staging the next circus with endless investigations against Trump. This seems well achievable to me (and more than this could be achieved) if there is a real mobilisation of the sane part of the Country.

In the end, we must realise that the struggle never ends. The glorious victory in 2016 must be protected and helped to consolidate. The enemy is almost as strong as ever, and he is certainly more determined to destroy everything we hold sacred than he ever was.

Please do what you can to persuade one person besides you to vote, offer to accompany/drive them to the polling station if you can, phone/text/app those you know or suspect uncertain or not motivated. 

A lot is at stake, and even a man of amazing energy and purpose like Trump will find it difficult to make America great again whilst fending off the countless committees and various initiatives led or encouraged by screeching harpies (talking to you, Maxine!) with the sole purpose of making life as hard as possible for him.  This is as un-american as it gets, and every decent American should feel his blood boil at the very thought of the likes of Pelosi and Waters working against American values day in and day out; profiting that many have the right thinking, but were too lazy to get up early and go to the polling station before driving to work, or the like.

The entire world looks at the United States. The election of Trump already brought to Europe such a yield of sanity that it would have been difficult to imagine just a couple of years ago. The continuation of this process will not fail to have a ripple effect in Europe. If, God willing, abortion is curtailed in the US in the next 5-10 years (how do you feel today, Msss Bader Ginsburg? Yes? Are you sure?) I can’t imagine that Europe will be many years (five, ten at the most) behind.

Please vote and make people vote.

MAGA/KAG, one good Catholic at a time.


Gaynod: The Takeaways

So, what has the Gaynod just given us?

Firstly, it has given us the pathetic spectacle of a bunch of sad puppets of a mad Argentinian dictator going around with their rhetoric of “listening to the young” and “walking together”, abdicating to their role as shepherds as they extol the virtues of being, actually, clueless, because not instructed by those who should do so. Gayrdinal Tagle actually choking the tears as he explains to us the shocking revelation of talking to young people really says it all. Freddie Mercury himself would have considered the spectacle too gay for words.

Secondly, it has given us the – broadly speaking – utter failure of the vast push on perverted behaviour that was, most certainly, intended as the main scope of the entire exercise. Not, mind, because of the faint meowing of those bishops who, at times, still remember that they are supposed to be Catholics and are, at least, straight; but rather because in the current climate of widespread revolt against HomoChurch, the Evil Clown has deemed it more expedient to postpone that for a bit. This is what he customarily does, by the way, as we have seen with the first Gaynod he called: he does not dare to run too big a risk, and is content with demolishing the Church one bit at a time if there are no feasible alternatives.  Yes, there is in the final document some faint echo of what the Synod was supposed to become, but it isn’t much and it’s not worth reading anyway.

Thirdly, the Gaynod has given us another glimpse of the stupidity and effeminacy of this sad bunch of cretins: the blood-curling video of them “spontaneously” “dancing” at the end of the Gaynod actually perfectly describes how these people see themselves: a bunch of old men without anything to say, much less to teach; conscious of how deeply despised they are; unable to understand what their role and function is supposed to be; ashamed of their position of primacy in the Church, a position they know perfectly unjustified; terrified of doing anything that could seem stiff or unkind; and trying to be “relevant” by actually pretending to be what they are not: young, and connected to the people.

What a bunch of sad, old queens. It is as if the old men at the Politburo had danced with a bunch of factory workers in order to show that they are near to the Proletariat; only, even those corrupted individuals were far too intelligent, and far too manly, for something like that.

Forget the Gaynod in all, but the mockery of those who deserve to be mercilessly punished for their dereliction of duty, when not utter betrayal of all they should stand for.  Focus on what is important now.

Over to you, Attorney Generals of the United States of America.

Let us get on with the serious business.




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