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Meet The Child Pope And His Discredited Bishops

The Evil Clown has just given another demonstration of his immense, legendary arrogance and stupidity by ordering his US Bishops to postpone until February the adoption of measures aimed at providing a structured procedure and, in general, accountability for the behaviour of bishop.

This is not even being tone-deaf. This is, purely and simply, spitting in the face of honest Catholics the world over, something the man clearly enjoys doing.

Can you imagine Ratzinger doing something even remotely similar to this? The cries of crucifige! would be heard on Mars!

The Pope being, instead, a damn protocommie enemy of all that is good and holy, I imagine the outcry will be limited to the Catholic camp, the MSM making all they can to give this astonishing scandal as little relevance as possible, hoping that if gets forgotten altogether. Make no mistake, it won’t.

It seems to me that the man is getting even more stubborn and more childish as years go by, delighting in what even a functional retard like him must know will cause a huge outcry; still, choosing to abandon himself to his tantrum like the spoiled old brat he is.

It is particularly good, and not a little spicy, that Archbishop Vigano’ denounced Francis and invited the US Bishops to disobey to him; which, frankly, would be quite a funny thing to behold. If it happens, if would actually give another demonstration that the world, not Catholicism, is the religion of these people; who did not bat an eye for Amoris Laetitia, the heresy about Capital Punishment and all the other antics, but dare to openly disobey the Pope when the tenets of the XXI Century and the donations from wealthy sponsors are on the line.

Ass them, and ass Francis.

There is no way you can fail in your role as a bishop and remake a new virginity for yourself when the collection plate is endangered.

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