Nowhere To Hide?

The fifth biggest US Diocese has been literally assaulted by several dozen (I have read around, up to Sixty; some of them FBI) law enforcement officers. They have brought away a quantity of documents, computer and such stuff.

This will be fun.

An operation of such scale clearly indicates that there is a lot of smoke and the prosecution is intentioned to find the fire. I think they suspect a vast net of enablers during the facts, and of helpers after the facts. It is also clear that the police is after confidential material, whose recipients might have been the Archbishop or, who knows, bib wigs in Rome?

That would be even more fun!

As I have often stated, every decent Catholic should support this wave of investigations without reservation. The scale of evil and complicity within the Church is too big to allow any sort of mental reservation; there is just no way the police will not do a better job than the Church would have done.

No doubt, the investigations will draw further attention on what we already know: the vast majority of paedophile priests are homosexuals, and probably so are many of those who protect them. An operation of such scale will help to make this known to a much wider public, showing to mainstream Americans where the real problem lies.

Galveston-Houston is the first diocese seeing such a massive action, but I have no doubt several others will follow.

I suspect I am not the only one who thinks Francis will soon have nowhere to hide.

Now that would be funniest….


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  1. Good! It is past time these perverts were treated like the criminals that they are!

  2. The smoke seems to be billowing out from other diocese, but perhaps those in the know will say this one is also very bad. They are probably all connected anyway, so pull one thread and it seems likely others will unravel as well. Good! We have been calling for RICO investigations, an odd place to be for faithful Catholics, but these men will clearly never police themselves nor change. Let them be reamed by a US federal analysis, that should be informative. Finally we’ll get some truth around here.
    We read about a little seminary, Holy Apostles in Cromwell, CT, and how even that little seminary with the orthodox leanings had a batch of homosexuals having sex parties with deacons and priests from other diocese. These gay men do get around! Apparently any guy will do.
    Should we not refer to them as “pederasts”, since their preferred victims are post-pubescent boys and young men? They will also jump on each other is no teens are available.

  3. Let the carpet bombing begin.

  4. It is about time for this tangled web to start unraveling. I like to think I won’t maybe savor it a bit. I may be wrong there. But I will also pray for all of us, the perpetrators, but especially the longsuffering laity (us)!

  5. The problem will become, courtesy of the US Supreme Court, that the most damning aspect of these scandals, and I do mean damning, is that they are between “two consenting adults”. Never mind that they are moral sins and no longer against the law but only against nature.

  6. I have reservations where the feds get involved because as everyone knows, they are no friends of the Catholic Church…..however… are correct in that the Church is in no way able to investigate themselves so at this point there is no choice in the matter. If they’re going to go in, which looks like they are already doing, I’m praying they get all the goods, and go in with guns loaded so to speak.

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