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Once In Royal David’s City

Facta, Non Verba!

Promoted by Francis

Francis dear has decided to play, for once, the part of the Catholic. 

In very soft words, and without even having one harsh word about the reality of sodomy, the Evil Clown has managed to, in fact, say that homosexuals have no place in the priesthood. 

Now, this little trick would have worked in, say, May 2013. At that point, one would still have been able to nurture some hope that the new Pontificate might turn not too bad, at least for the standard of V II. Reading Francis through Benedict, and all that.

In this Advent season of 2018, I am afraid Francis’ intervention is too little, too late, and exceedingly hypocritical to boot. 

This is the Pope of “who am I to judge”. This is the Pope who mocked journalists asking whether homo priests go around with the homo badge. This is the Pope who keeps protecting clearly homosexual or homo-enabling prelates in his own Curia (Paglia, Coccopalmerio come to mind), allows the likes of Father James “I so wish I were a woman” Martin to go around pretending to speak for the Catholic Church, has the likes of Father Rosica as press people and receives notorious homo priests for the joy of the perverts and the photographers.

Make no mistake: the realisation that homosexuality as the real root of the problems the Church is now going through (all of them: theological, liturgical, and sexual) is starting to get traction, and the Evil Clown does what he has been always doing: telling people what they want to hear whilst not caring a bit tomorrow about what he says today.

It is now too late for Francis to pretend that he cares about integrity in the Church. Francis is not the solution, he is the problem at its worst and most rotten. 

If Francis really has half the intention of dealing with the issue, let the facts speak instead of empty words: away with Paglia and Coccopalmerio, away with Martin and Rosica, away with “Tucho” Fernandez, away with every Cardinal and Bishop suspected of being one of those, then a Bishop or Cardinal must be above suspicion

Will Frankie dear do that? Of course not. Evil Clown is only able to spew empty words for the benefit of those dumb enough to believe him. Let it be known, all over the Catholic blogosphere, that proclamations of integrity whilst remaining the best ally of the homo mafia (if he is not one of those himself) is not going to wash it.

The uprooting of homosexuality within the Church goes through the uprooting of this disgraceful Pontificate; preferably with an imperfect Council or a Cardinal’s revolt, or else in the mysterious way that the Lord will, unavoidably, choose when our stupidity and arrogance in believing in the “aggiornamento” will have been punished for long enough.

If Francis believes that he can remake a new virginity for himself with empty proclamations, he is sorely mistaken. 



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