Familia Christi Is Francis’ Latest Victim

A retired Bishop, Luigi Negri of Ferrara, Italy, founds a new religious order. This religious order also celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass. Two years later, the new order already counts fifteen between priests and seminarians; a rather astonishing feat that goes to show the thirst for proper Catholicism and for the Traditional Latin Mass. 

Then, Francis strikes.  

A Catholic order cannot be allowed to prosper. Its success exposes the rapid collapse of FrancisChurch and is a clear and present danger to heretics everywhere.  The order must be chased away from its church, forbidden to celebrate Mass in public, and now imposed a new Superior to Franciscommify it. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? 

The successor of Luigi Negri, a FrancisBishop, dared to thank Francis for the persecution of Familia Christi. The reaction of the Catholics was evidently so strong that the site of the Diocese is down.

I invite all the faithful of the wonderful city of Ferrara to deny the bishop and all his priests even one penny until Familia Christi stops being persecuted.

No, it does not matter whether the priest is good or not. Starve an enemy diocese without mercy and say why.

The arrogance of this most evil of Pope and of his minions must be met with open hostility, open insult, and open financial boycott. 

Enough with wolves leading the sheep. 


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