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God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The Inconvenient Host

Francischurch truly is something. 

An accidentally dropped Host is recovered and handled in the proper way, after which it appears that… it starts to bleed. 


We will never know.  A potentially bleeding host is an inconvenience for the Diocese of Buffalo, awakening the possibility, frightening to them, that there might be a God after all, and that He may have targeted Francisbishops like Bishop Malone and his auxiliary, Bishop Grosz. 

The linked article states that the priest witnessing the potential miracle, Father Loeb, promptly informed both Malone and Grosz, and that both told him to get rid of the  Inconvenient Host. It truly is the stuff of nightmares. 

The linked article has two pictures of the host, by the way disposing of the fantasy that the host was “dissolved”. I do not claim to know what has happened from two pictures, but it seems to me we can safely exclude that they might be the result of manipulations from Father Loeb. In sane times, an investigation would have been in order.  In the insane times we are living, the possibility of a miracle is a distraction from social justice, global warming, inequality and all the other FrancisCults currently being followed. 

I wonder how much an investigation would have cost. Not much, I am sure. But I also wonder what signal this would have sent to the faithful out there: that Christ might have chosen one of the most notorious dioceses in the Country to send a message that He is among us, in the midst of troubles, and with many losing faith.

I do not think that faith should ever be based on miracles. But there can be no doubt that the proper investigation of potential miracles is due not only to their potential Maker, but to all those faithful who could find their faith revived and invigorated by them. 

The message that this episode leaves in me is very simple: 

“Miracle? We don’t do miracles in FrancisChurch.  

Get rid of that host. 

It might make us look bad”. 


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